Monday, 16 April 2007

The one with.. the weekend.

Weeee hooo.. I had my final class yesterday. It was so self relieving. The test went well and so did the presentation.. (or so I thought). Anyway, whats done is done. I did the best I could. As to whether I can take the final exam or not, I’ll leave that to my fate. Though I am putting so much high hope that I can, the fact remains the same, my fate is all already written. After class, I didn’t do much. Thought of watching movie to celebrate, but the queue was so long! And KLCC was damn packed with people. Obviously because of the PC Fair. I didn’t go there this time around, too little time and too little patient to get stuck in such a crowded place. After so much deliberation on what to do, I decided to go back home and get some sleep. I was practically all awake the night before, and woke up early for that final class. So sleep was all I need to start with.

Woke up at about 9pm, and went out to KLCC to watch Mr Bean with my family. Was not THAT funny I would say. The first movie was way better. Went to Ampang to have dinner thereafter. Didn’t eat much, was more of looking forward to get back to sleep! :P

The next day woke up early and was all ready to sort of celebrate.. hehehe.. Really, I was so happy that the class has ended. And as I truly believe that I really put my best effort this round, I want to have myself rewarded for that matter. So I had this:

Went to have lunch at Alexis with Kerol. Had fried calamari for starter, pepperoni pizza for main meal, vanilla milk shake for drink, and tiramisu cake for dessert.. I did have the pics of the calamari and the pizza, but with me in the pics, very ugly looking gobbling those foods (thanks to Kerol for the candid snaps), so yeah I decided to share only the pic of the yummylicious tiramisu cake. :)

After that, we went to One Utama. Thought of shopping for jeans and maybe some clothes, but really, the options suck! I mean, its either the clothes were too revealing for my liking, or the jeans is too simple for the price offered. My mood to shop was officially turned off the moment after we were out from the 4th outlet. Anyway, it was also just nice for us to get into the cinema. The Shooter was so cool! Only thing, it was a bit too technical, and I didn’t like the ending. But it was worth watching. A very brilliant storyline.

Alritey, that’s all about my weekend. I better go catch my sleep now. Waking up early tomorrow for yet another freaking Monday!



  1. that tiramisu looks perfect!!! waaaaa... i want to take a bite.. a BIG bite!!!! ;p

  2. u fly around 1 ar? centre hopping on a weekend? no traffic jams in the carparks?? haha despite ur stress u seem to had alot more fun then me...i was at home burying myself in books...

  3. tina,
    the tiramuse was indeed taste perfect! :) very rich u know. so once in a while can la. hehehe.

    hahahaha. yeah i was practically all over during the weekend. well, u've had fun earlier ma. the 2 hols u had, remember? i am sure the 2 were wayyyy more fun compared to shopping malls hopping. :)