Monday, 23 April 2007

The one with.. the time management..

Why am I still at work during this hour?? Why? Why????

Yada yada the key issue here is: time management.


Fair enough, I have no one else to blame but myself. Ultimately its all about how one manages his / her own time. BUT.. (yeah I believe there's a but), I feel that the cause can be extended to the whole chain of other people in the eco-system, so to speak. From the top to the very bottom, from the bottom back to top, external parties to internal, so on and so forth.

It's a never ending issue, isnt it?

Enough said, getting my ass back to work now. Going for dinner soon with Parveen.

Oh yeah talking about dinner right, for those who doesnt really know me, I always have dinner outside after work before heading back home. Mom doesnt really cook because there's only herself, me and my sister at home. The rest of the family members are staying at some other places - working (dad) and studying (lil bro and sis). So normally if there's no other plan, I'll have my dinner with Kerol. Every now and then, especially now that Kerol is out stationed right, suddenly it occured to me, if I were to ask any of my friends to go out for dinner, will they say I took them for granted? Cause I have that fear you see. I always have the idea that they will say, "Oh now that your bf is not around only you want to ask me out". I believe that true friends wont, and shouldnt, have such an assumption, but again you'd never know. People talk. Not that I have encountered any such situation. But this dilemma has been playing in my mind ever since I started working and even more after I started to have a bf. I am so sorry if any of my friends have ever felt that way. But trust me, at this age, a friendship should be nourished based on a mutual respect and understanding. Its the quality of time spent that counts rather than the quantity. Thats how I view my friends, especially those who already started to have their on family. Respect one's way of living. Understanding one's life commitment. Balancing time between works, family, bf, study, time for ownself, and friends from different walks of life - now that is a real time management challenge. Anyway, to be on the safe side, I'd rather skip dinner or settle for maggie mee or cereals and that I reckon as, time for myself. heh.

Am I thinking too much? :P Hmmm.


  1. are u working late tonite as well?? need to drop by to print out some notes..well 200pgs more like it..

  2. well, it happens to nearly everyone who has a bf, lia... been there, done that... don't worry, i understand... and i'm sure other people too... so why not take this time to chill out with ur 'taken for granted' friends... hehe...

  3. Joe, you really came in yesterday? I didnt stay THAT late.

    Oya, thanks.. i know you are one of those who understands :) and heh yeah i know, tonight's plan is on okey. Dont worry. see ya!

  4. u cant read properly..i ask u in today...aiyoyo..

    i guess not now la..since u hav 'tonite plans'

  5. ohhh hahahaha. yeah lor, old dy la.. :P so yeah, not staying back tonight. tomorrow perhaps. hope you are progressing well with your revision!

  6. dude,
    there's a word for us you know..the one who thinks too much..they are called GENIUS

  7. Dalie, I couldnt agree more! :D

    eh btw it has been like 2 weeks i cannot view your blog.. can see the header only. i wonder why. hmmm.