Monday, 23 April 2007

The one with.. this laziness...

Its Monday and I’m feeling rather lazy. Not that I don’t have things to do, obviously, but… yeah. Just being a plain lazy-ass. Maybe its Monday? OR maybe I’ve started my work week since yesterday, i.e. SUNDAY??? yeah, I’d go for the latter for my own personal reasoning. It really is, a personal feeling, because seriously, who gives a rat’s ass I had to work on Sunday right?

Anyway, the first half of today was filled in by doing all sorts of appraisal forms. Upward (i.e. me for managers) and downward (i.e. managers for me) and I would say its more of a copy-and-paste-and-customise work. Heh. Then I started doing my to-do-list for this week and after that, wham bam the laziness came and creeping up and the first thing that tempted me was, blogging. Muahaha :D But before I could do that, people started to ask where’s for lunch. Thank god today there wasn’t so much hassle in coming to an agreement as to where to go. Everyone was ok to go to have ikan bakar at this one favourite place of mine in Kampung Baru. Yeay!

Hmm, there’s nothing much to talk about my weekend. My Gombak friends planned to go Sunway Lagoon on Sunday, didn’t realise about it until much later because couldn’t really get into the Yahoo!Group to check out for the updates. Anyway, I had to work on Sunday and Kerol wasn’t around as well, so I didn’t go.

Oh yeah by the way on Friday while trying to get hold of myself from not crying, at about 5.45pm or so I was informed by a colleague to go and remove my car from the car park. Guess what, due to the heavy rain, our car park was flooded! (Ours is those open area type). My car was one of those that stranded in the flood water and the water level, at the time I was informed, was almost reaching the lower part of my car door. What da. So there was a bit of chaos in office when everyone was rushing down to get their cars. Anyway, not all cars were affected – it depends on where they parked the car. So yeah, I had to go through the flood (the water was just at about below my knee level. Oh yeah I am 1.52m tall fyi). Yucks! The last time I went through a flood was when I was 8yrs old I think. What an incident huh.

Hmm.. come to think of it, I really shouldn’t give in to laziness huh. Sigh. work work work. Is there any work in the world that doesn’t require so much of your energy and time?? YOU WISH!


  1. heh, whatever that means. excuse my language pls. :P