Friday, 6 April 2007

The one with.. the ramblings about work.

Never in my life have I found myself denying the relieving fact that Friday has come.. (~_+). There’s so much to do yet so little time. It feels like the given 24 hours is not enough. Is my time management really that bad? Well judge me and you would say yes by the very fact that I am blogging despite the complaining about lacking of time.

But, seriously, its like there are so many things to do until you pause for a while not knowing where to start. and that for a while time is used up to do what you are best at, i.e. ramblings. Either verbally spoken to other people around you or written, which is what I am doing now. Gosh, I seriously hate the way the manager ‘conned’ you to do job these days. They always started with “Eh, can you help me with something?”. and being realistic you would come out with “Hmm.. its kinda hard la. coz I need to do this by this time.. and that by that time.. etc etc.”.. If the things you are tied up with are that particular manager’s jobs, then that manager would say “oh yeah. Hmm ok lemme try to find someone else to do this”. BUT if the jobs you explained to that manager earlier are not hers / his, then they will always say back “oh then you can do this. coz this one is simple only, you JUST NEED TO [the work description]”. Sh*t la I tell you. I mean come on, since when one job can be very easy? Even photocopying also take up your time la! and you know la how all these in-between jobs are affecting your efficiency and concentration. I hate it the most if I am asked to do things in relation to the meeting where I wasn’t at present. You went to the meeting also never bother to include me or any other colleague you were expecting to report to you, then the next thing was you happily come back and asked me to do the notes or draft emails to client recapping the notes of the meetings or even worst, prepare slides detailing all the points discussed for some moving forward proposal to be presented to the client later. Next, even how best you tried to prepare the needful, there was 100% guarantee that your work was going to be amended. Why? Obviously the manager had the god damn better picture of what was discussed right... Why bother asking other people to do? And that was called an easy job? What you think I’m a robot or what? If really easy then do yourself lah. And there goes another revision of my to-do list. The list never gets to reduce. The items added in are always outweigh the items cancelled off. If later I cant deliver, the blame is all going to be pointed at me. Sigh, I guess thats why a manager is a manager and I remain in my position. And every single thing calls for the whole lot of chain of people, from the highest to the lowest. And the pressure is always downwards. Those at the bottom bear the most. I wonder would people below me feels the same towards me. Sigh. The fact human is always being human will always remain the same I guess. Its a what-goes-around-comes-around world hah.

I am struggling so much to be very efficient WITHOUT having to stay back. but its like I am doing my work in shifts but of course with a single pay. Geram bangat ni deh!

Alritey all talks with no action are pointless kan. Getting my ass off back to work now.

Its all in a day's work huh.

p/s: heck i cant seem to be able to enlarge the cartoon.

Pic 1: (Damn semangat starting the conversation) So i am walking down the street when a guy steps out of a dark alley, points a knife at me and says....

Pic 2: (Still semangat) Your money or your life!

Pic 3: So i showed him my [name of co.] ID badge.

Pic 4: (Wondering) Why'd you do that.

Pic 5: (Plain answer) Well it proves that i work for [name of co.].

Pic 6: (Still didnt get it) So?

Pic 7: (A close ended brilliant answer) Which means I have no money and I have no life.

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