Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The one with.. panic.. panic..

Isk. I just so happened to realise that the junior who’s helping me with both of my current assignments is going for her study leaves starting from tomorrow and will be back in early May. And the manager of one of the job pulak is going for her holiday starting next week and coming back to office mid May. And me myself, if things with my class go well, I’ll be on my study leaves starting early May. Sheeeesshhh. My life’s so gonna be screwed soon. Well, actually it had started already earlier. I was rushing the whole day reviewing my junior’s work so that she can do the necessary amendments. Oh yeah few hours were actually taken up just to discuss whats for freaking lunch! Coz today we thought of ajak-ing others in the group for lunch as well, since somebody was voicing his doubt how come 'the gang' always go lunch together2 without getting others to join. So yeah, to cater the needs of an army troop, we had to consider everyone. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, halal, non-halal, not so far because some people had meeting after lunch hour, not so expensive because its mid month already, and the list goes on. Thank god we didn’t have to take dinner together, else that’s gonna be another freaking brain cracking session! lol.

Anyway, at 5.30pm I had to excuse myself to go for my toastmaster meeting (phew i’m done with my 5th speech, half more to go!) and I was back at 8.00pm. Felt so bad having to make my junior to wait for me, so we worked until 9.45pm like that and in the end I told her that I’ll get somebody else to help me with the amendments. Its like not nice like that making your junior to stay back for you (read: I’m a very good senior :P ). Some more she stays in Subang and she travels by public transport. (hmm on a second thought, was I being too nice??) So anyway I gave her a lift back to the commuter station, which is not far from office, then on the way back when I passed by the office, I was like, heck I have so much to do and tomorrow I have got other things to be done as well. So yeah, I stopped by and decided to continue work. Seriously, I have no peace already, must do the max I can do for today. And the reason am blogging now coz I’m taking a break to eat, damn hungry didn’t have dinner yet.

Kerol is out stationed for 2 weeks, so he’ll be away even during the weekend. Isk. So sad… Whats more with this weekend is my first free weekend after 7 weeks occupied with classes.. And in view of his increasing work requirement also, finally he bought a car. To me which means an additional commitment coming in our way. huhu.

Alritey. I’m having panic-attacked.

Oh yeah, its 10 minutes to 12am - marking the start of 19 April 2007. Happy Birthday Oya !!!! =)


  1. remembered the three words..i respect you..can work until 12am..alone?

  2. lilia,
    i nak merasa naik keta baru jugakk, bolehh??? :)

  3. Joe, what needs to be done, needs to be done, so no choice lar even having to work alone. anyway, those ppl from personal tax were there still even after i went back home. have you done your tax form??? ;)

    Tina, isk keta i you tak pernah naik lagi tauuuu.. you dah nak naik keta baru.. ish ish ish.. ini tidak adil! (nada abdul wahub) :D

  4. done d!..after another hour of going up and down, yeap true..wat needs to be done..has to be done..mayb my title of my next speech la ok?

  5. thank you!! appreciate the thought =) i'm 25!!! huhuhu...

  6. im bored..1.5 hrs till my 2 wks of study blog blog..its friday!