Monday, 9 April 2007

The one with.. one of those moment I just feel like blogging.

Here comes the moment I feel like diverting away from work for a while.. and venting out my feelings into writings.. heck, in a nutshell, I feel like blogging.. :P

And there’s no particular topic, none whatsoever, other than about myself.

Weekend was pretty tiring.. and to some extend I would say sucks too. Next weekend is going to be my final class session. People say don’t worry about tomorrow’s problem now, but really, I cant help it from getting panic – will I make it for the final exam this time around? Sigh. There wont be any lecture, instead the first half an hour we are going to have our final test (am so worry to death because the final test covers those topics I’m really weak at) and the rest of the class is going to be our group presentation session. I’ve done my part so far; only thing is this time around the group I am in is a bit of laid back. I am not sure who’s going to prepare the slides, and who’s going to compile the report. Well, whatever it is like I said, I’ve done my part and that should do. Selfish? So what’s wrong if I don’t want to take lead? I am here, ready to take instruction for me to do the needful. That does not mean I’m being selfish, right? Well it better be!

Oh yeah on a separate note, I went to KLCC on Friday to check out for the eye products at those branded beauty product counters. Clarins, SK-II, Biotherm, Clinique, so on and so forth. Yeah, no doubt their sales promoters did a very good job in making me feels that i REALLY need to use their products to treat my dark circle.. I was tempted straight away at that very moment. But really, is using the branded stuff going to make any difference as compared to those on-the-shelves products? I mean, gone were the days where I was so excited to have my own income that I splurged on those high range branded stuffs and yet having the nothing-to-shout-about results. Nowadays I find myself getting settled with the low to medium range of products, and at least I can see the value for the money I spent. So yeah, back to my main question, is using the branded stuff really important? I am still holding myself from spending on those.. I shall see how once my bio-essence finishes. Then I will take on from there. Will do some detail monitoring in terms of the before and after test - will keep it posted here in my blog.. :P

Alritey, I’ve lost my chain of thoughts.


  1. just buy the damn product la..everyone recommend you clarins d..

  2. ye lah ye lah.. i'll buy soon ok. after i finish the bio-essence. but if not workable, am so gonna get you to redeem back my money. muahaha. :D