Monday, 2 April 2007

The one with.. minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan..

yuhuuu i’m back.

minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan.

i drove down to JB on Sunday evening with my manager and my junior colleague. had a smooth sailing journey except for few bottlenecks at some parts of the Seremban highway, thanks to the never ending road constructions. reached hotel at about 8pm, and that’s when the minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan officially started.

i had sore throat… plus.. tonsillitis (an infection of the lumpy tissues on each side of the back of the throat)… plus an ulcer at the tonsil itself! it was a very torturing moment for me. and as if that’s not enough, i even had another ulcer at the inner side of my right cheek =( and all of that happened when i was out stationed! very very uncomfortable. i had sleepless nights, and cannot eat well too. to swallow my own saliva was already so hard, so go figure. there goes my chances to eat like a pig for breakfast at the hotel.

Figure 1: a normal view inside of our mouth.

Figure 2: inside my mouth. this, my friend, is hell.

the minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan didn’t stop there. on Wednesday i had no idea what went wrong, but my microsoft office application went malfunction. i couldn’t run my Microsoft excel! bummer. how to do numbers without excel?? and that lead to another problem, how to do my Micpa assignment without excel??!! amat membencikan!! (that’s how a Chinese friend of mine in Uni said in Bahasa when all she meant was, “i hate that!!”. heh. direct translation obviously).

reached KL on Friday evening. wasn’t able to do any revision at all. whats more with the assignment. was so tired, went to have my sleep straight away at 6.30pm only to find myself waking up at 9am the next morning. that’s the aftermath of long journey KL-JB-KL as well as the 45 mins of bumpy road from JB town to Pasir Gudang back and forth.

after took bath and unpacked my things, i gave Kerol a wake up call. we then went out to my office for me to check my office emails (thank God nothing urgent came in) and we had lunch at Madam Kwan’s. by then my throat was so much a-ok, so i had cravings for Madam Kwan’s Cantonese bihun + kuew teow. i was satisfied =) we then headed to Kerol’s office, where i struggled with my assignment and he did his work with his other colleagues. sigh the assignment was tough (consolidation sucks!). i was still no where near completion even the time was already 7pm. and i realllly need excel. so Kerol helped me with that and thank God he managed to save the standard microsoft office application into my laptop. (you see, i’m using my company’s laptop, and they really put a limitation on the can’s and can not’s to the user like me. so its hard when things like that happens). went back home later after that and continued with my assignment until 4 in the morning. ye, minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan…

just after having the 4th hour of my sleep, i had to wake up to go for my class. dragged my exhausted body and soul to the class, and so happened to find out that only 5 – 10 (out of 30) passed the 1st test. sigh. i was almost at the point of breaking down. suddenly i felt like shouting why on earth am i doing all this???!! why on earth i have so much restriction in my life?? i don’t want to do exam. i don’t want to do toastmaster speech. all i wanted is to work for a living without having to worry about all other side things. none other except for the already stressful workloads. i want to go for holiday as and when i feel like going. i dont want to be worried about apportioning my annual leaves. i want to enjoy my weekend. i want to just get settled with the necessary, not for perfection! i’ve complied with the basic needs in life – primary, secondary, and tertiary education and now a job of my choice. what more could i ask for right… by right i should go for the next level – get married and start my own family (woo hoo.. ). but here i am stuck with the ‘side things’ that in a way, yes i know, going to help to complement what i’m having now. but it calls for sacrifices. a lot of them. sigh. i am putting my effort the best i could.. i am being determined enough, at least to the best i can feel. but its so demoralizing when people say back to you “but i feel that you have not been putting enough effort into your studies”.. =( personally i feel that i’ve improved a lot this time around, but yeah except for the test. i know i didn’t do really well. but its very unfair to judge me as not putting enough effort. haiiihhh, lets wait and see for the results lah okey.

after the class, i encountered with another problem. i couldn’t start my car and the alarm went on non stop. what da??? the car park attendant helped me but it went to a total failure. he said its either one of the two things – the battery or the alarm. i called Kerol, but he couldn’t help much also, he was out of town playing water rafting. he asked me to leave my car there, and that he will help me with that once he was back later in the evening. so i went back, had some sleep and woke up again at 5.30pm to get ready to 'pick' my car. after few rounds of checking and testing, Kerol said it’s the battery that caused the whole problem. sigh. i called my car insurance agent, and they sent someone to fix for it. there goes another sum of $$$. sent my car for wash, and both of us went to Carrefour for some groceries and toiletries shopping. by 10pm both of us were all out, Kerol from his water rafting activities, and me from my minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan.

and today i am back to the normal working days.

sekian sahaja karangan saya yang bertajuk minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan.


  1. you should bcome a part time artist..your drawing skills gettin better n better...

  2. huih.. still need to draw where the ulcer and tonsil is, huh... the explanation dah cukup terang... hhehehe... anyway, how was it? hope it is better...

    and i agree with you on the “but i feel that you have not been putting enough effort into your studies”.. =( i received the email... i think that it really puts me down... =( hey, you were not there, i was the one who went to the workshops and did the test... i had enough of letdowns there without yours... erks... but still =(

  3. oya,

    a picture worth a thousand words. heh. anyway, now i am all healthy. no more tonsils. no more ulcer.. thanks.

    about the email, yeah exactly.. its really discouraging.. =( what to do... lets work towards passing the workshop.. then haih... passing the final itself plak..

    all the best.