Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The one with.. life goes on..

This is going to be a quick one. Just thought of blogging (read: procrastinating) for a while despite the fact that the only reason I decided to come back to work after dinner was to continue my work.

Yes, I went out for dinner and now here I am back at work doing my second shift. Oh well sometime you just have to deal with things and move on with life.

It’s a matter of one’s choices and this is mine. Some people may prefer to continue their work at home, but that is so against my principle. No matter how busy I am, I WILL TRY NOT to continue doing my work at home. Reasons being, first thing first I really cannot do work at home – too much distractions.. and secondly, I just cannot bear the thought of how would my mom feels having me coming back home, and yet still have to do work instead of spending some time with her. So I’d rather having her seeing me coming back late, because then she knew that I had work to do in office. And that whenever I’m back and she’s not asleep yet, I can just go and join her watching TV or, have some talk with her while I do my ironing for tomorrow’s working attire.. Its like I’m putting myself in her shoes you see.. The same thing would apply if ever my mom is working.. I would have felt frustrated to see her coming back home but still spending her time finishing the office work..

Anyway, today was a bit tiring. I started off the day with an internal training, i.e. training for my department only. Normally one can take training quite lightly, but NOT WHEN the boss is joining too. Well, so much so, managed to learn new things from the training. There goes the first half of the day. The second half was filled up with the forever mounting work. Sigh. So many things to do, yet so little time. Time passes by so quickly it was already 6pm when I was asked by Jean what would be the time to make a move for our dinner. Today is Parveen’s birthday, so we have planned to give her a dinner treat at Kampachi Japanese Restaurant, Equatorial Hotel.

So went there with the rest of the office gang, with Joe cannot make it at the very last minute. hahaha, that’s something new about him. Normally it was him who complaints about people doing the last minute cancellation. So I guess now he understands that sometime workloads can be very unpredictable. Right Joe? =) Anyways, had a good time having dinner with the gang. Food was so-so given the fact how pricey the meal was (very!). But then, again and again, it’s the company that matters. We even had the traditional candles blowing by the birthday girl.

So yeah, basically that’s about it for my day today. There are few more things to be settled in office in view of the fact that I’ll be on leave this Friday. So technically I only have tomorrow left for me to get things done. Kerol is still at work too. He’s going to come and fetch me soon. This is so nice. =) Had some deal that he'll be sending me off to work and later picking me up also for these 3 days (yesterday, today and tomorrow). Oh I like the feelings. heh.

Alritey back to work, that is.


  1. life is so ironic isnt?? being the most free 1 of all..and getting stuck in office till 8.30..

  2. yeah lor, some more you were the first to confirm.. :D life is so ironic indeed..and a bummer too, to some extend. suck it up and move on! :)

  3. without you, there were no pictures of food, not even a single pic. what a miss!

    hey, there will always next time.

  4. comes lets flood the comment box..then look as if got alot of visitors..mana tahu just the 2 of us..worse still got sametime dont wan to us..

  5. which do you prefer?
    having a work that allowed you to go back as early as 4.30(12.30 every saturday), and having not that good salary...
    (still boleh mkn la n jln2.ckp2 la org kata)
    and approval on every leaves that u apply...
    to work as u r now.. and of course with a good range of salary rite

  6. well babe ... awak tampak sungguh ketara among your friends with the bright blue colour, saja nak enterframe yek .....

    owh, I bawak je balik kerja, but never did I have the time to do them. nor do I have the time to chat with my mom. balik je baring atas katil. paling rajin, okayla, I tukar baju. if not, I bukak je, tak sempat pakai baju tidur. hahahahahaha ...

  7. fieza,
    really, if i were to answer your question, i would say i'd rather get settled for a basic, not for perfection. gaji banyak, but its taking toll on life pun, whats the point? anyway, biase lah manusia kan, never satisfy with what they have.. kan?

    ye saye tau saye tampak tersangat ketara berwarna biru.. kawan2 saye memanggil saye 'orang maxis' haritu.. because we were all using maxis line. so jika orang digi berwarna kuning, maxis punye berwarna biru. i will follow youuuu.. :P

    and heh, me also sometime tak sempat nak tukar baju tidur.. u r not alone babe. eh, NZ, when la?