Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The one with the.. kids.

Isn’t this so poor thing?

Hot water spilled onto his body when he was eagerly and impatiently insisting his mother to prepare him the milk. His mother had just finished pouring hot water into the milk bottle when he furiously grabbed his mother’s arm, causing the mother to lose control over the milk bottle. Oh well, accidents do happen. Alip is a ok now, he was happily running around in my house this morning when I walked out of the house to go to work. I asked him to show his wounded tummy, hence the picture shown above. I asked "Sakit tak?". He answered "Sakit" in a very weak tone, and then went running to disturb the other boy. Talking about kids and their problem-free lives hah? Really hope that the wound will heal soon, and the scar too.

Anyway, this kind of thing really makes me feel ‘scared’ to have my own. I mean, they are not baby doll you see, they are human being! A small little creature who needs and requires your 100% attention. (Oh, please pardon me for my immature remarks). But really, we never know what they are thinking right. Especially when they are at the stage where they cannot talk and all. How on earth to understand what they are going through? I got irked everytime I'm having all this kind of thoughts. Anyway, yes, lets not worry about tomorrow’s problems today. I am so gonna count on the mother’s instinct inside me when the time comes. If it ever coming la, of course. Now its still too early to talk about this. Heh.

Anyway, talking about kids, my heart goes out to the family of Muhammad Nazrin Shamsul Ghazali (Yin). It has been 10 days since the five year old boy was lost while on a shopping trip to SOGO in the city centre with his family. Let us all hope and pray for his safety, and that he will return back (or be returned) to his family one day. Soon.


  1. wow... somebody has been having "maternal instinct" lately... hehehehe... petanda ke?

  2. haah..shall we say a very 'motherly lilia'??..hikhik..x lame lagi la tuh

  3. hahaha.. bengong. you know i am not anywhere near there ok. doink~

  4. ooopsie. the earlier reply was meant for Oya.

    anyway, the same message should go to Pae also actually. heh.

    ppl, focus ppl. please.

    kesian kat Alip kan?


  5. naah..ppl dont get diverted with lilia's statement..alip is secondary things.the main focus here is ... heh, I’ve mentioned before..haha (saje nk usik lilia..seronok)

  6. hahaha.. hampeh. mentang2 baru abis final year.. (other viewers must be thinking si Pae ni baru abes uni kan.. kekeke). eleh, perasan muda lah tuh.

  7. have had the same experience with Alip when i was a kid. Hot water spilled onto all over my body. sent to the hospital and was wrapped up like a mumia. sound funny. i dont remember anything actually. just heard the story from my parents. luckily i got no scar.

  8. hope Alip wont have any scar like you too! :)