Friday, 13 April 2007

The one with.. holiday bonanzas..

Am at home today, so I get to spend some time reading newspaper. One thing that captured my interest was the report on how Malaysia is having too many public holidays. And that, according to the report, is affecting the economic development and productivity. And to my surprise, most of the public comments shown are in agreeable with that. (Maybe they purposely disclose those agreeing only kot? I don’t know.)

I mean, seriously, hello? Wah I never thought there are so many dedicated employees here in Malaysia. An obvious sign of modern slavery? I mean, come on, give yourself a break. One thing for sure, I do know that I need a break. Why cant people view the extra holidays as compensating those extra hours spent at work without having the OT allowance claimable? And also those times when part of the annual leaves had to be spent at home doing the leftover workloads? Or having the annual leaves cancelled even because something urgent came in. Reality speaking, I am sure that’s the normal working environment for most of the professions here in Malaysia. Auditors, accountants, doctors, lawyers, IT people, engineers, architectures, to name a few; they are all 'expected' to work beyond required normal working hours – well, if not everyday, maybe on certain days. But still, ish, I don’t understand lah. Why is that an issue in the first place? Hmmm. Maybe I am too self-centered when it comes to masalah negara. Maybe.

So I better not to argue more. One thing for sure, I could not be any happier with the given 26th April, 1st & 2nd May hols ! :)

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