Monday, 30 April 2007

The one with... grrrrrumpy...

EeeEeEeEeeee thought its gonna be a good Monday, but turned out my gut feeling went completely wrong.

Well, had a good start initially. Woke up slightly late but I was ‘saved’ by the clear traffic. Managed to reach office just nice at 9am despite waking up at 8.10am. :p Office was empty, just like expected. But boss was around. Need to prepare a proposal for a direct review with him in the absence of manager. Had my cereal while scribbling down my to-do list for the day. All in all, things were practically good thus far.

I hate it the most, if things didn’t go the way I wanted. Erghhh.

According to my list, I first needed to call this one client in Penang to inform them that we have couriered out the report – it went to no avail. Its so damn hard to reach them, starting right from my office itself. All of the operators were on leave perhaps, nobody picked up to transfer my call (out station call needs to go through operator first). So after few times trying, I gave up, and used my own hand phone instead. Again, at the other side itself, no one picked up my call. Haihhhh everyone is taking leave ke? My last resort – sent out an email. Done.

Then, I needed to call another client located in PJ, to ask for their 2006 finalised audited statutory accounts so that I can proceed with the necessary.

Me: Hi good morning Ms. S, this is Lilia caling from [name of my company].

Ms. S: Morning. Yes. (with a very unfriendly tone ok. Menopause ke ape pagi ni.)

Me: Its regarding the [name of assignment]. I need your 2006 accounts because the other day you said it hasn’t been finalised yet. Has it been finalised already?

Ms S: Yes.

Me: Hmm, maybe you can fax to us the accounts?

Ms S: (with a very rude tone). How the h3ll am gonna fax the accounts. Got so many pages.

DUHHHH ??!!! Jawapan bodoh bangang apakah itu? Lazy ass!

I was so dumbfounded that I said, “Hmm.. nevermind. I’ll see what I can do with it”.

EeeEEeEeeee.. If, and only if, I were to follow my anger, I would have called her and blasted her big time. What, she thinks I really want to do work for her is it?! Because that was not the first time she acted very rude. In front of my manager, bukan main baik lagi. Well, I will do something.. Just wait and see. Yeah, I am pissed off.

And I think I really got carried away because I am still feeling annoyed. VERY.

Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out.

OK, am moving on to the next to-do. Keeping my fingers crossed, please, let this one be smooth sailing.

Till later.

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  1. oh well..thats life la..always got alot of bullshit people around..dont worry..tmmw onwards got 2 days of hols..