Wednesday, 4 April 2007

The one with... the dark circle..

Once upon a time…

On the first day at work,

But now…

After three years of working,

The dark circle is like a feature of me (quoted from someone. heh.) Help! I so need a product that can help me to reduce the dark circle, that can do wonders given the same level of lifestyle, i.e. dont drink enough water and consistent late nights either at work / home (studying or watching tvs). and that i dont have to apply so much layer of concealer, so much so until i look like.. err.. a panda wannabe?

So far i've tried few products, none giving the satisfactory results. At the moment i'm using the bio-essence, it has been 3 months i think. but, like i said, nothing great about it. I'm thinking of changing, but i have no clue. A friend of being in the same boat suggested the nivea's one. Hmm..

I am still keeping my options open.



  1. haha..if u wan to spend then better use the high range least u knw if tat doesnt works..nuffin will work..go for sk2 or clarins la..the clarins 1 actually helps ler..

  2. i've tried clinique and estee lauder before.. hmm.. sk2, a bit too much. but we'll see how. i dont mind having to pay extra to get rid of it.

  3. lia,
    i have been using clarins for the past few months and i'm telling you, they actually work.. sangat best.. a bit pricey but i am very sure you can easily afford them.. do try them out.. u wont regret.. eceh..mcm sopkesperson utk clarins la plak.. ;p

  4. tina,

    thanks babe.i'll check out the clarins eye products then. soon. :)

  5. alamak...!!!!
    (sambil menepuk kuat dahi..!!! pekkk!!! )

  6. to encik s0ulz.. ape yang tepuk2 dahi nehhh.. ngeh ngeh ngeh.. eh bile free eh? jom gi KLCC jom. dia nak beli belt kannnnn.. ;P

  7. i suggest u use water color or poster color. mix it until u get a nice tone color of your skin. apply to your eyes twice a week. or maybe we should arrange a holiday to Redang with Kurinamians... what say you??

  8. fieza,

    hahaha... water color and poster color huh? i'll wait for you to try to see the effectiveness, then i'll follow. heh.

    ngaaa~~! Redang sounds so tempting! cemane nih nk gi desa waterpark / sunway lagoon pun takbleh blah lagi, whats more with Redang... huhu.. do something fieza, gi la jadik project planner. aku support 100%. =)