Friday, 27 April 2007

The one with... [blank]

Nothing much in particular.

I'm going for study leaves soon, so i have to clear a lot of things before i go. So scared if things go out of my hands. Sigh.

Anyways. Had a good day off yesterday. Woke up early to accompany Parveen to pick up this one Indonesian maid i normally used to clean my house once in a while. Parveen needed her help so i've arranged for it since last Monday. Supposed to pick her up at about 9am, we reached at 9.15am and she was no where at sight. Waited longer until 9.30am, i finally gave her a call. A guy who claimed he was the husband said that his wife is at home, and that he wasnt with her at that time. So i told about the arrangement and he said he will give her a call, and he'll come back to me. Not long after that, he called me and said the wife was unreachable. EeeEEeeeeEe!! Geramnye! I mean, its fine if it was for me.. but it involved my friend.. boleh pulak dia fly kite. errghhh. Parveen said it was ok, but i wasnt. So on the way back, we decided to have breakfast first.. i quickly called my mom, and got her to call one of our neighbour to 'borrow' her maid. Ahhh, thank god i managed to get Parveen a replacement. Phew. So after had nasi lemak (so nice after so long not having one.. hehehe), Parveen sent me back home, and she happily proceeded with her spring cleaning activities...

Alip was at home, her mother wasnt on leave. So all day i spent time with him.. So nice! watched a lot of cartoons until evening.. =)

Later at 6.30pm, Kerol came and picked me up with his new car. Bestnye the smell of new car.. made me feel like having one too. huhu. banyak la duit ye nak tukar. Anyway, we decided to go to the uncommon place, so we went to the Mines. hmm, didnt really like that place, maybe sebab JARANG gile pegi sane. bought new piece of uncommon cloth, something looks like a dress, very girlish type; thanks to Kerol - he liked it so much, he paid for it. thee hee hee. then we went to watch Wild Hogs. whoaa, i wasnt interested when i first saw the trailer, but after watching it, i must say, damn hillarious and entertaining. A must watch! =) Thats the thing i notice when they dont really make such a big huha about a particular movie. We cinema goers wont expect so much. Unlike those kononnye big hit movies with too much advertisements and promotions, i always end up feeling disappointed after watching them. Like i said, its the expectation they need to play around with.

alritey.. too much ramblings already. Going out for lunch at sOuLed out soon! yumms.

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