Friday, 20 April 2007

The one with.. at the moment..

At the moment...

1. I am so stressed.
2. I hate doing slides.
3. I hate having to summarise notes of meeting in which i didnt go. (I wasnt being involved. Not that i didnt want to go).
4. I hate having to interpret other people's notes of meeting.
5. I miss Kerol so much.
6. I want to go Penang and meet him. The temptation is rising high! But I cant, realistically.
7. I hate having to stay back on Friday just to prepare the freaking slides..
8. I just wana....So that,SIGH.


  1. nicely done..nicely done..haha how i wish i can cry n get away wif things ar..i prob b branded as a gay and get on wif my life..anywayz you boleh one ok..cry no cry also can do it..dun miss me 2 much in office ya hahahahaha

  2. huhu.. really bummer... it's all in a day's work... nk x nk... u have to suck it up... anyway, good for u as u can acquire new skills on interpreting other ppl's meeting notes...hehe... btw, tears is a powerful weapon, but be careful not to use it too often...

  3. i got an ad!! i got an ad!! haha i m gettin paid..but probably peanuts i suppose..

  4. Oya, thanks. yeah, i know about the need to maintain the index price of tears.. :)

    Joe, you at home make sure study k (you are so gona stuff this back to my mouth soon! hahaha). and yeah, congrats about the ad thing.