Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The one with.. the another normal Wednesday..

I reached office on time today, just before 9am. Is there anyone bothers to acknowledge that?


Its almost 12 noon but I am just having my breakfast now, taking a break. Things were a bit rushing this morning. The manager I am working for is going for a 3 weeks leave. So she needed things to be sorted out before she goes.

Anyway, had a long day yesterday. As what I promised Oya, she gets to choose any (reasonable) place for dinner as her birthday treat. Since she is now working for an audit client located in the Kompleks Antarabangsa and plus, it has been quite some time since she last had Jap food, she chose to go for a Jap buffet. Saisaki is located in Wisma UOA, which is just next to Kompleks Antarabangsa. Well, I am not sure about others, but both Oya and I are of the same opinion that the place offers value for money when it comes to Jap food. With RM60 per person (after 15% service charge and service tax) you get to choose a wide range of yummylicious sushis, tempuras, and some other Jap foodstuff; inclusive of dessert too. I am not someone with so high standard when it comes to food. So yeah, Saisaki was fairly satisfactory to me. If you go to the normal sushi bar, it can easily costs you an average of RM20++ and you get full easily because most of the sushis are made up of more of rice than the meat put on top. Things like salmon, unagi, and all are thin slice, and expensive too. So you are left with those with veggie, tuna, and some other boring stuff. Lets not talk about the buffet offered by the hotels around ok, though I might say the one in the Legend also is not that bad for the price I have to pay. Oh well, to be truth other than Sushi King, the only 3 places I kept on coming back for Jap food are Saisaki, the Legend’s Gen Restaurant, and Sugimoto in Hartamas.

So, I met Oya after work at about 7.30pm and it wasn’t difficult at all to find a table. We had a good time catching up and taking our own sweet time eating the food. We talked and talked and talked until they announced for the last call for buffet. Heh. Well, I am the type of person who is always making sure that I eat for what I pay. Else, isn’t it gonna be such a waste? [To get worried about weight often come later :P ]

Couldnt take more pics because they told us not to. bummer. Anyway, to find out more about the place, go google for it. :)

Overall, great food, great company.

Sent Oya back home and I was planning to do some work before getting to sleep (yeah I brought back work). Had my bath and all, talked to Kerol on the phone, and when I switched on my laptop, it suddenly occurred to me that I had heroes to watch! *grin*. So in the end, I slept at 3am. There goes my beauty sleep.

Alritey, need to get back to work. It’s a day-off tomorrow and Kerol is coming back too! =)

Daulat Tuanku.


  1. btw..its 10% service charge..goes to Saisaki..5% service tax..goes to sales tax la boss..u sure u didnt get cheated?? saisaki for the never ending flow of sashimi..

  2. hahahaha excuse my lack of focus.
    yada yada yada you are the best when it comes to tax.. :P

  3. thanks for the wonderful dinner and company... and also for the support... tak sangka mkn dr kul 7.30 smpi kul 10... ish ish ish...

  4. yummy.. too bad i live too far!!
    btw, u both look cute!! baju samer kaler.. hehe

  5. Oya, my pleasure :)

    Dalie, itulah.. kebetulan pakai baju same. hihi..