Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The one with... the AFS.

Sigh am having AFS now.. After Food Syndrome – that is.

Went to Kampung Attap for the delicious ayam madu.. When my officemates decided to go there, I thought that it was OK for me to tag along for I decided to just take the chicken. But well oh well, when the dishes were presented all in front of your eyes, it was hard to resist! Huhu. Ended up having the full set of rice with some other dishes!

And now that I am back in office, to focus on work is becoming really hard. See, its 3 oclock now, means I managed to stay put for 1 hour only. Some more there’s no form control now – no managers, no directors. Hah.

Hmm no particular issue to blog about, what I have in mind is more about my personal life. I should have done this entry last Friday, but I was waiting for the pictures to be uploaded first. So here goes.

Last Friday I attended Kak Ila’s wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda. She’s my senior of one year older at MRSM Terendak and also, my neighbour. So that was my first time attending an outsider’s wedding together with my mom and her friends from the neighbourhood. Hah. Anyhow, mom decided to go with the other makcik2 and pakcik2, so I was there with Kerol as early as 8pm. I was lucky that I was on leave on that day; most people I heard got caught in the traffic because it was after work on a Friday night coupled with the fact that it was raining too. Called Tina as soon as we were seated but she was still on her way. Dewan Perdana Felda was beautifully decorated as always, and I could see the other few tables were already filled in with those familiar faces from school last time. Only thing was, they were all my seniors. Well, cold hard fact remains a fact – I didn’t really get along with the seniors last time. And I studied there for 3 years only. So to me it was kind of awkward also. A good awkward, nothing bad or what – if you know what I mean. Tina finally reached soon later and we were the only two from my batch. Mom was seated quite far from my table, so I didn’t really see her throughout the night.

The wedding went well. Kak Ila and her newlywed husband were cheerful all night long. Kak Ila looked great that night. It was good to see somebody you know got married. Made me into thinking will my time ever come too. To be truthful, everytime I attended a friend’s wedding, the first thing went into my mind would be how on earth to do all the preparation? It is both time and money consuming, isn’t it? Haihhh… Anyhow people say when the time comes, life will find its way. Congrats Kak Ila. Here are some of the pictures taken that night.

I was seated quite far from the stage, so thats the best pic of Kak Ila and the husband I managed to capture. Dah abes zoom dah tu. I couldnt stay any longer to have an upclose picture of me and the newlyweds because I had to quickly go back home and prepare for my final class the next day morning. And the last picture was on me with the aunties from my neighbourhood. heh.

Ok, I better get back to work!

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