Monday, 30 April 2007

The one with... panic attack.

time passes by like water... so many things to do yet so little time. i think i've pushed myself beyond my body can cope.

officially now, it is.

happy holidays!


The one with... grrrrrumpy...

EeeEeEeEeeee thought its gonna be a good Monday, but turned out my gut feeling went completely wrong.

Well, had a good start initially. Woke up slightly late but I was ‘saved’ by the clear traffic. Managed to reach office just nice at 9am despite waking up at 8.10am. :p Office was empty, just like expected. But boss was around. Need to prepare a proposal for a direct review with him in the absence of manager. Had my cereal while scribbling down my to-do list for the day. All in all, things were practically good thus far.

I hate it the most, if things didn’t go the way I wanted. Erghhh.

According to my list, I first needed to call this one client in Penang to inform them that we have couriered out the report – it went to no avail. Its so damn hard to reach them, starting right from my office itself. All of the operators were on leave perhaps, nobody picked up to transfer my call (out station call needs to go through operator first). So after few times trying, I gave up, and used my own hand phone instead. Again, at the other side itself, no one picked up my call. Haihhhh everyone is taking leave ke? My last resort – sent out an email. Done.

Then, I needed to call another client located in PJ, to ask for their 2006 finalised audited statutory accounts so that I can proceed with the necessary.

Me: Hi good morning Ms. S, this is Lilia caling from [name of my company].

Ms. S: Morning. Yes. (with a very unfriendly tone ok. Menopause ke ape pagi ni.)

Me: Its regarding the [name of assignment]. I need your 2006 accounts because the other day you said it hasn’t been finalised yet. Has it been finalised already?

Ms S: Yes.

Me: Hmm, maybe you can fax to us the accounts?

Ms S: (with a very rude tone). How the h3ll am gonna fax the accounts. Got so many pages.

DUHHHH ??!!! Jawapan bodoh bangang apakah itu? Lazy ass!

I was so dumbfounded that I said, “Hmm.. nevermind. I’ll see what I can do with it”.

EeeEEeEeeee.. If, and only if, I were to follow my anger, I would have called her and blasted her big time. What, she thinks I really want to do work for her is it?! Because that was not the first time she acted very rude. In front of my manager, bukan main baik lagi. Well, I will do something.. Just wait and see. Yeah, I am pissed off.

And I think I really got carried away because I am still feeling annoyed. VERY.

Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. Breath out.

OK, am moving on to the next to-do. Keeping my fingers crossed, please, let this one be smooth sailing.

Till later.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

The one with.. yet another normal Sunday of mine..

Wow couldn’t believe myself that I woke up at such an early time on Sunday :P Its just almost 12 noon, but so far I’ve accomplished quite a number of things, including washing my brother’s clothes. Hmmm.. not bad yeah. Hahahaha. I guess the eldest me just kicked in naturally when mom not at home. She went to her sister’s place in Taiping yesterday, coming back only tomorrow. Initially my sister (Erin) and I thought we could ‘enjoy’ not having my mom around, oh well the next thing we knew, dad and brother coming back la pulak. Luckily they didn’t ask for home-cooked food.. :p Anyway, without mom at home, everyone basically did their own activities.

Yesterday I went to class to take my trial exam. Wasn’t really ready to have one yet, but that’s part of the crash course I registered for. The crash course is meant to prepare us for the coming final exam, and I am looking forward to benefit from it, of course considering the fact that I’m paying for it! The classes going to take place on this coming May 5 until 7 from 9am till 4.30pm; and thereafter I am going to be on study leaves already. So its going to be a good kick start for my study plan I reckon.

After the class, I went back home and got ready to go out with Kerol. Was already 2pm and I haven’t eaten anything yet. I got cranky and moody but Kerol handled me well. hehehe. Reached One Utama at about 3 something, and went straight to have our lunch. I was so hungry that I stopped by at the Roti Boy shop first and bought one to bite on our way to Dome. OU is so big; I didn’t have the energy to walk without having something to munch. So we had lunch at Dome, and after which only I regained the mood and energy to walk around the shopping mall. :)

We went to The Curve after that because apparently only Cineleisure is still showing Catch and Release. OMG, the movie sucks big time ok. The only reason I wanted to watch was because of Jennifer Garner, and obviously I shouldn’t play favouritism. Sigh. On a happier note, I managed to shop for few things yesterday! :))) especially pants. Seriously, its so damn difficult to find pants with a right cutting for me. If I can tried on the one with the right waist size, the hips part is going to be so tight. Otherwise if I tried on the one that’s a bit loose for the hips, the waist part is going to be very loose for me too. My hips and waist are not proportionate in size and thats very frustrating and annoying.

So, all in all, I had a good outing yesterday.

Looking forward to have a good Sunday also. Ciao.

Friday, 27 April 2007

The one with... [blank]

Nothing much in particular.

I'm going for study leaves soon, so i have to clear a lot of things before i go. So scared if things go out of my hands. Sigh.

Anyways. Had a good day off yesterday. Woke up early to accompany Parveen to pick up this one Indonesian maid i normally used to clean my house once in a while. Parveen needed her help so i've arranged for it since last Monday. Supposed to pick her up at about 9am, we reached at 9.15am and she was no where at sight. Waited longer until 9.30am, i finally gave her a call. A guy who claimed he was the husband said that his wife is at home, and that he wasnt with her at that time. So i told about the arrangement and he said he will give her a call, and he'll come back to me. Not long after that, he called me and said the wife was unreachable. EeeEEeeeeEe!! Geramnye! I mean, its fine if it was for me.. but it involved my friend.. boleh pulak dia fly kite. errghhh. Parveen said it was ok, but i wasnt. So on the way back, we decided to have breakfast first.. i quickly called my mom, and got her to call one of our neighbour to 'borrow' her maid. Ahhh, thank god i managed to get Parveen a replacement. Phew. So after had nasi lemak (so nice after so long not having one.. hehehe), Parveen sent me back home, and she happily proceeded with her spring cleaning activities...

Alip was at home, her mother wasnt on leave. So all day i spent time with him.. So nice! watched a lot of cartoons until evening.. =)

Later at 6.30pm, Kerol came and picked me up with his new car. Bestnye the smell of new car.. made me feel like having one too. huhu. banyak la duit ye nak tukar. Anyway, we decided to go to the uncommon place, so we went to the Mines. hmm, didnt really like that place, maybe sebab JARANG gile pegi sane. bought new piece of uncommon cloth, something looks like a dress, very girlish type; thanks to Kerol - he liked it so much, he paid for it. thee hee hee. then we went to watch Wild Hogs. whoaa, i wasnt interested when i first saw the trailer, but after watching it, i must say, damn hillarious and entertaining. A must watch! =) Thats the thing i notice when they dont really make such a big huha about a particular movie. We cinema goers wont expect so much. Unlike those kononnye big hit movies with too much advertisements and promotions, i always end up feeling disappointed after watching them. Like i said, its the expectation they need to play around with.

alritey.. too much ramblings already. Going out for lunch at sOuLed out soon! yumms.

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

The one with... finally !!!

And the real challenge begins...

OK, screw the picture. Basically I pass my workshop. Which means I am eligible to sit for the final exam. Mind my excited-ness, this is after my 4th attempt ok.

The one with.. the another normal Wednesday..

I reached office on time today, just before 9am. Is there anyone bothers to acknowledge that?


Its almost 12 noon but I am just having my breakfast now, taking a break. Things were a bit rushing this morning. The manager I am working for is going for a 3 weeks leave. So she needed things to be sorted out before she goes.

Anyway, had a long day yesterday. As what I promised Oya, she gets to choose any (reasonable) place for dinner as her birthday treat. Since she is now working for an audit client located in the Kompleks Antarabangsa and plus, it has been quite some time since she last had Jap food, she chose to go for a Jap buffet. Saisaki is located in Wisma UOA, which is just next to Kompleks Antarabangsa. Well, I am not sure about others, but both Oya and I are of the same opinion that the place offers value for money when it comes to Jap food. With RM60 per person (after 15% service charge and service tax) you get to choose a wide range of yummylicious sushis, tempuras, and some other Jap foodstuff; inclusive of dessert too. I am not someone with so high standard when it comes to food. So yeah, Saisaki was fairly satisfactory to me. If you go to the normal sushi bar, it can easily costs you an average of RM20++ and you get full easily because most of the sushis are made up of more of rice than the meat put on top. Things like salmon, unagi, and all are thin slice, and expensive too. So you are left with those with veggie, tuna, and some other boring stuff. Lets not talk about the buffet offered by the hotels around ok, though I might say the one in the Legend also is not that bad for the price I have to pay. Oh well, to be truth other than Sushi King, the only 3 places I kept on coming back for Jap food are Saisaki, the Legend’s Gen Restaurant, and Sugimoto in Hartamas.

So, I met Oya after work at about 7.30pm and it wasn’t difficult at all to find a table. We had a good time catching up and taking our own sweet time eating the food. We talked and talked and talked until they announced for the last call for buffet. Heh. Well, I am the type of person who is always making sure that I eat for what I pay. Else, isn’t it gonna be such a waste? [To get worried about weight often come later :P ]

Couldnt take more pics because they told us not to. bummer. Anyway, to find out more about the place, go google for it. :)

Overall, great food, great company.

Sent Oya back home and I was planning to do some work before getting to sleep (yeah I brought back work). Had my bath and all, talked to Kerol on the phone, and when I switched on my laptop, it suddenly occurred to me that I had heroes to watch! *grin*. So in the end, I slept at 3am. There goes my beauty sleep.

Alritey, need to get back to work. It’s a day-off tomorrow and Kerol is coming back too! =)

Daulat Tuanku.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The one with... grrrram!

Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don't like your girlfriend!
No way! No way!
I think you need a new one
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I could be your girlfriend

Hey! Hey! You! You!
I know that you like me
No way! No way!
No it's not a secret
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I want to be your girlfriend

[intro that has nothing to do with what I’m gonna write but being put as an intro just for the fun of it: a stupid song from Avril Lavigne]:P

Don’t get me wrong all of you Avril’s fan, I’m a supporter too. It is just that this time, this song of hers; despite being catchy, has rather stupid lyrics.

Oh whatever.

On a separate note, I had a bad start this morning. I mean, not THAT bad, but for someone who is so emo like me, you can go figure. I wasn’t drama queening about the situation, trust me. It all started when I reached office quite late (i.e. 9.45am) due to some emergency at home. Sister fainted in Putra train on her way to work so obviously I need to do the needful. Being a good employee, I followed the office rules – first thing I did was I called the secretary to inform that I will be coming in late. And the moment I came in, the secretary said, “I think today is not your day, the boss is moody, he asked you to write him an email explaining why you were late and cc to big boss as well”. WHAT DA???! I was so offended (told you I am emo person) so all I did was I wrote a short and simple one, and sent to the small boss only; without cc-ing to the big boss.

I didn’t want to create unnecessary impression to my big boss, especially after this one incident. Not again! Some more he’s not in office. Imagine what would he be thinking if he retrieved an email from his blackberry only to read about an insignificant ‘disciplinary issue’ of his staff. I mean, you know lah kan. Tak pasal2 terkejut orang tua tu.

Anyway, as usual, I cant help it but to let the whole world knows about it. My colleagues of the same gang were on the theory that the boss actually wanted to teach a lesson to this one junior. Well, yeah, these days she’s quite daring to come in late without informing the secretary beforehand. And it just so happened that I was late too today, so to be fair, I also kena lah. Bugger!

Apparently they were right. Later of the day after the small boss came back from his meeting, he informed the secretary that actually he wanted only that junior to write the email, not any other person. DUH! Thank god I didn’t cc to the big boss. Huh.


On a lighter note, heroes is back! Yattaiii!! :)))

Monday, 23 April 2007

The one with.. the time management..

Why am I still at work during this hour?? Why? Why????

Yada yada the key issue here is: time management.


Fair enough, I have no one else to blame but myself. Ultimately its all about how one manages his / her own time. BUT.. (yeah I believe there's a but), I feel that the cause can be extended to the whole chain of other people in the eco-system, so to speak. From the top to the very bottom, from the bottom back to top, external parties to internal, so on and so forth.

It's a never ending issue, isnt it?

Enough said, getting my ass back to work now. Going for dinner soon with Parveen.

Oh yeah talking about dinner right, for those who doesnt really know me, I always have dinner outside after work before heading back home. Mom doesnt really cook because there's only herself, me and my sister at home. The rest of the family members are staying at some other places - working (dad) and studying (lil bro and sis). So normally if there's no other plan, I'll have my dinner with Kerol. Every now and then, especially now that Kerol is out stationed right, suddenly it occured to me, if I were to ask any of my friends to go out for dinner, will they say I took them for granted? Cause I have that fear you see. I always have the idea that they will say, "Oh now that your bf is not around only you want to ask me out". I believe that true friends wont, and shouldnt, have such an assumption, but again you'd never know. People talk. Not that I have encountered any such situation. But this dilemma has been playing in my mind ever since I started working and even more after I started to have a bf. I am so sorry if any of my friends have ever felt that way. But trust me, at this age, a friendship should be nourished based on a mutual respect and understanding. Its the quality of time spent that counts rather than the quantity. Thats how I view my friends, especially those who already started to have their on family. Respect one's way of living. Understanding one's life commitment. Balancing time between works, family, bf, study, time for ownself, and friends from different walks of life - now that is a real time management challenge. Anyway, to be on the safe side, I'd rather skip dinner or settle for maggie mee or cereals and that I reckon as, time for myself. heh.

Am I thinking too much? :P Hmmm.

The one with.. this laziness...

Its Monday and I’m feeling rather lazy. Not that I don’t have things to do, obviously, but… yeah. Just being a plain lazy-ass. Maybe its Monday? OR maybe I’ve started my work week since yesterday, i.e. SUNDAY??? yeah, I’d go for the latter for my own personal reasoning. It really is, a personal feeling, because seriously, who gives a rat’s ass I had to work on Sunday right?

Anyway, the first half of today was filled in by doing all sorts of appraisal forms. Upward (i.e. me for managers) and downward (i.e. managers for me) and I would say its more of a copy-and-paste-and-customise work. Heh. Then I started doing my to-do-list for this week and after that, wham bam the laziness came and creeping up and the first thing that tempted me was, blogging. Muahaha :D But before I could do that, people started to ask where’s for lunch. Thank god today there wasn’t so much hassle in coming to an agreement as to where to go. Everyone was ok to go to have ikan bakar at this one favourite place of mine in Kampung Baru. Yeay!

Hmm, there’s nothing much to talk about my weekend. My Gombak friends planned to go Sunway Lagoon on Sunday, didn’t realise about it until much later because couldn’t really get into the Yahoo!Group to check out for the updates. Anyway, I had to work on Sunday and Kerol wasn’t around as well, so I didn’t go.

Oh yeah by the way on Friday while trying to get hold of myself from not crying, at about 5.45pm or so I was informed by a colleague to go and remove my car from the car park. Guess what, due to the heavy rain, our car park was flooded! (Ours is those open area type). My car was one of those that stranded in the flood water and the water level, at the time I was informed, was almost reaching the lower part of my car door. What da. So there was a bit of chaos in office when everyone was rushing down to get their cars. Anyway, not all cars were affected – it depends on where they parked the car. So yeah, I had to go through the flood (the water was just at about below my knee level. Oh yeah I am 1.52m tall fyi). Yucks! The last time I went through a flood was when I was 8yrs old I think. What an incident huh.

Hmm.. come to think of it, I really shouldn’t give in to laziness huh. Sigh. work work work. Is there any work in the world that doesn’t require so much of your energy and time?? YOU WISH!

Friday, 20 April 2007

The one with.. at the moment..

At the moment...

1. I am so stressed.
2. I hate doing slides.
3. I hate having to summarise notes of meeting in which i didnt go. (I wasnt being involved. Not that i didnt want to go).
4. I hate having to interpret other people's notes of meeting.
5. I miss Kerol so much.
6. I want to go Penang and meet him. The temptation is rising high! But I cant, realistically.
7. I hate having to stay back on Friday just to prepare the freaking slides..
8. I just wana....So that,SIGH.

Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The one with.. panic.. panic..

Isk. I just so happened to realise that the junior who’s helping me with both of my current assignments is going for her study leaves starting from tomorrow and will be back in early May. And the manager of one of the job pulak is going for her holiday starting next week and coming back to office mid May. And me myself, if things with my class go well, I’ll be on my study leaves starting early May. Sheeeesshhh. My life’s so gonna be screwed soon. Well, actually it had started already earlier. I was rushing the whole day reviewing my junior’s work so that she can do the necessary amendments. Oh yeah few hours were actually taken up just to discuss whats for freaking lunch! Coz today we thought of ajak-ing others in the group for lunch as well, since somebody was voicing his doubt how come 'the gang' always go lunch together2 without getting others to join. So yeah, to cater the needs of an army troop, we had to consider everyone. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, halal, non-halal, not so far because some people had meeting after lunch hour, not so expensive because its mid month already, and the list goes on. Thank god we didn’t have to take dinner together, else that’s gonna be another freaking brain cracking session! lol.

Anyway, at 5.30pm I had to excuse myself to go for my toastmaster meeting (phew i’m done with my 5th speech, half more to go!) and I was back at 8.00pm. Felt so bad having to make my junior to wait for me, so we worked until 9.45pm like that and in the end I told her that I’ll get somebody else to help me with the amendments. Its like not nice like that making your junior to stay back for you (read: I’m a very good senior :P ). Some more she stays in Subang and she travels by public transport. (hmm on a second thought, was I being too nice??) So anyway I gave her a lift back to the commuter station, which is not far from office, then on the way back when I passed by the office, I was like, heck I have so much to do and tomorrow I have got other things to be done as well. So yeah, I stopped by and decided to continue work. Seriously, I have no peace already, must do the max I can do for today. And the reason am blogging now coz I’m taking a break to eat, damn hungry didn’t have dinner yet.

Kerol is out stationed for 2 weeks, so he’ll be away even during the weekend. Isk. So sad… Whats more with this weekend is my first free weekend after 7 weeks occupied with classes.. And in view of his increasing work requirement also, finally he bought a car. To me which means an additional commitment coming in our way. huhu.

Alritey. I’m having panic-attacked.

Oh yeah, its 10 minutes to 12am - marking the start of 19 April 2007. Happy Birthday Oya !!!! =)

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

The one with... the AFS.

Sigh am having AFS now.. After Food Syndrome – that is.

Went to Kampung Attap for the delicious ayam madu.. When my officemates decided to go there, I thought that it was OK for me to tag along for I decided to just take the chicken. But well oh well, when the dishes were presented all in front of your eyes, it was hard to resist! Huhu. Ended up having the full set of rice with some other dishes!

And now that I am back in office, to focus on work is becoming really hard. See, its 3 oclock now, means I managed to stay put for 1 hour only. Some more there’s no form control now – no managers, no directors. Hah.

Hmm no particular issue to blog about, what I have in mind is more about my personal life. I should have done this entry last Friday, but I was waiting for the pictures to be uploaded first. So here goes.

Last Friday I attended Kak Ila’s wedding at Dewan Perdana Felda. She’s my senior of one year older at MRSM Terendak and also, my neighbour. So that was my first time attending an outsider’s wedding together with my mom and her friends from the neighbourhood. Hah. Anyhow, mom decided to go with the other makcik2 and pakcik2, so I was there with Kerol as early as 8pm. I was lucky that I was on leave on that day; most people I heard got caught in the traffic because it was after work on a Friday night coupled with the fact that it was raining too. Called Tina as soon as we were seated but she was still on her way. Dewan Perdana Felda was beautifully decorated as always, and I could see the other few tables were already filled in with those familiar faces from school last time. Only thing was, they were all my seniors. Well, cold hard fact remains a fact – I didn’t really get along with the seniors last time. And I studied there for 3 years only. So to me it was kind of awkward also. A good awkward, nothing bad or what – if you know what I mean. Tina finally reached soon later and we were the only two from my batch. Mom was seated quite far from my table, so I didn’t really see her throughout the night.

The wedding went well. Kak Ila and her newlywed husband were cheerful all night long. Kak Ila looked great that night. It was good to see somebody you know got married. Made me into thinking will my time ever come too. To be truthful, everytime I attended a friend’s wedding, the first thing went into my mind would be how on earth to do all the preparation? It is both time and money consuming, isn’t it? Haihhh… Anyhow people say when the time comes, life will find its way. Congrats Kak Ila. Here are some of the pictures taken that night.

I was seated quite far from the stage, so thats the best pic of Kak Ila and the husband I managed to capture. Dah abes zoom dah tu. I couldnt stay any longer to have an upclose picture of me and the newlyweds because I had to quickly go back home and prepare for my final class the next day morning. And the last picture was on me with the aunties from my neighbourhood. heh.

Ok, I better get back to work!

Monday, 16 April 2007

The one with...the freaking Monday.

The Mother Nature is really feeling sick these days. Within one day we can experience two types of the extreme weathers – so freaking hot and thereafter so freezing cold. This morning I was all sweat just by getting ready to go to work. Well maybe the fact that I was rushing also was another contributing factor. Oh yeah, Kerol sent me to office again today. :) and I was late this morning! The moment he sms-ed me to tell that he was already making his move, I was just about to take bath. Huhu. How not to sweat lah kan?

And now just after having lunch, its raining outside. Not the cats and dogs type, but so much so the office is so cold now. And that made me so lazy and sleepy. Huhu. Help! I have so much to do for crying out loud. And I guess all other colleagues of mine also were feeling the same too. Parveen started to ask us to play the 3 words game. You know the one with someone starts by writing 3 words, and the other continues one by one with another 3 words, to make up one interesting story. So we did. Through the internal chat room. :D Talking about Monday blues hah?

Erghhh this has to stop. NOW.

Back to work it is. Will be writing more crap soon if still cannot continue concentrating on work.

The one with.. the weekend.

Weeee hooo.. I had my final class yesterday. It was so self relieving. The test went well and so did the presentation.. (or so I thought). Anyway, whats done is done. I did the best I could. As to whether I can take the final exam or not, I’ll leave that to my fate. Though I am putting so much high hope that I can, the fact remains the same, my fate is all already written. After class, I didn’t do much. Thought of watching movie to celebrate, but the queue was so long! And KLCC was damn packed with people. Obviously because of the PC Fair. I didn’t go there this time around, too little time and too little patient to get stuck in such a crowded place. After so much deliberation on what to do, I decided to go back home and get some sleep. I was practically all awake the night before, and woke up early for that final class. So sleep was all I need to start with.

Woke up at about 9pm, and went out to KLCC to watch Mr Bean with my family. Was not THAT funny I would say. The first movie was way better. Went to Ampang to have dinner thereafter. Didn’t eat much, was more of looking forward to get back to sleep! :P

The next day woke up early and was all ready to sort of celebrate.. hehehe.. Really, I was so happy that the class has ended. And as I truly believe that I really put my best effort this round, I want to have myself rewarded for that matter. So I had this:

Went to have lunch at Alexis with Kerol. Had fried calamari for starter, pepperoni pizza for main meal, vanilla milk shake for drink, and tiramisu cake for dessert.. I did have the pics of the calamari and the pizza, but with me in the pics, very ugly looking gobbling those foods (thanks to Kerol for the candid snaps), so yeah I decided to share only the pic of the yummylicious tiramisu cake. :)

After that, we went to One Utama. Thought of shopping for jeans and maybe some clothes, but really, the options suck! I mean, its either the clothes were too revealing for my liking, or the jeans is too simple for the price offered. My mood to shop was officially turned off the moment after we were out from the 4th outlet. Anyway, it was also just nice for us to get into the cinema. The Shooter was so cool! Only thing, it was a bit too technical, and I didn’t like the ending. But it was worth watching. A very brilliant storyline.

Alritey, that’s all about my weekend. I better go catch my sleep now. Waking up early tomorrow for yet another freaking Monday!


Friday, 13 April 2007

The one with.. holiday bonanzas..

Am at home today, so I get to spend some time reading newspaper. One thing that captured my interest was the report on how Malaysia is having too many public holidays. And that, according to the report, is affecting the economic development and productivity. And to my surprise, most of the public comments shown are in agreeable with that. (Maybe they purposely disclose those agreeing only kot? I don’t know.)

I mean, seriously, hello? Wah I never thought there are so many dedicated employees here in Malaysia. An obvious sign of modern slavery? I mean, come on, give yourself a break. One thing for sure, I do know that I need a break. Why cant people view the extra holidays as compensating those extra hours spent at work without having the OT allowance claimable? And also those times when part of the annual leaves had to be spent at home doing the leftover workloads? Or having the annual leaves cancelled even because something urgent came in. Reality speaking, I am sure that’s the normal working environment for most of the professions here in Malaysia. Auditors, accountants, doctors, lawyers, IT people, engineers, architectures, to name a few; they are all 'expected' to work beyond required normal working hours – well, if not everyday, maybe on certain days. But still, ish, I don’t understand lah. Why is that an issue in the first place? Hmmm. Maybe I am too self-centered when it comes to masalah negara. Maybe.

So I better not to argue more. One thing for sure, I could not be any happier with the given 26th April, 1st & 2nd May hols ! :)

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

The one with.. life goes on..

This is going to be a quick one. Just thought of blogging (read: procrastinating) for a while despite the fact that the only reason I decided to come back to work after dinner was to continue my work.

Yes, I went out for dinner and now here I am back at work doing my second shift. Oh well sometime you just have to deal with things and move on with life.

It’s a matter of one’s choices and this is mine. Some people may prefer to continue their work at home, but that is so against my principle. No matter how busy I am, I WILL TRY NOT to continue doing my work at home. Reasons being, first thing first I really cannot do work at home – too much distractions.. and secondly, I just cannot bear the thought of how would my mom feels having me coming back home, and yet still have to do work instead of spending some time with her. So I’d rather having her seeing me coming back late, because then she knew that I had work to do in office. And that whenever I’m back and she’s not asleep yet, I can just go and join her watching TV or, have some talk with her while I do my ironing for tomorrow’s working attire.. Its like I’m putting myself in her shoes you see.. The same thing would apply if ever my mom is working.. I would have felt frustrated to see her coming back home but still spending her time finishing the office work..

Anyway, today was a bit tiring. I started off the day with an internal training, i.e. training for my department only. Normally one can take training quite lightly, but NOT WHEN the boss is joining too. Well, so much so, managed to learn new things from the training. There goes the first half of the day. The second half was filled up with the forever mounting work. Sigh. So many things to do, yet so little time. Time passes by so quickly it was already 6pm when I was asked by Jean what would be the time to make a move for our dinner. Today is Parveen’s birthday, so we have planned to give her a dinner treat at Kampachi Japanese Restaurant, Equatorial Hotel.

So went there with the rest of the office gang, with Joe cannot make it at the very last minute. hahaha, that’s something new about him. Normally it was him who complaints about people doing the last minute cancellation. So I guess now he understands that sometime workloads can be very unpredictable. Right Joe? =) Anyways, had a good time having dinner with the gang. Food was so-so given the fact how pricey the meal was (very!). But then, again and again, it’s the company that matters. We even had the traditional candles blowing by the birthday girl.

So yeah, basically that’s about it for my day today. There are few more things to be settled in office in view of the fact that I’ll be on leave this Friday. So technically I only have tomorrow left for me to get things done. Kerol is still at work too. He’s going to come and fetch me soon. This is so nice. =) Had some deal that he'll be sending me off to work and later picking me up also for these 3 days (yesterday, today and tomorrow). Oh I like the feelings. heh.

Alritey back to work, that is.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The one with the.. kids.

Isn’t this so poor thing?

Hot water spilled onto his body when he was eagerly and impatiently insisting his mother to prepare him the milk. His mother had just finished pouring hot water into the milk bottle when he furiously grabbed his mother’s arm, causing the mother to lose control over the milk bottle. Oh well, accidents do happen. Alip is a ok now, he was happily running around in my house this morning when I walked out of the house to go to work. I asked him to show his wounded tummy, hence the picture shown above. I asked "Sakit tak?". He answered "Sakit" in a very weak tone, and then went running to disturb the other boy. Talking about kids and their problem-free lives hah? Really hope that the wound will heal soon, and the scar too.

Anyway, this kind of thing really makes me feel ‘scared’ to have my own. I mean, they are not baby doll you see, they are human being! A small little creature who needs and requires your 100% attention. (Oh, please pardon me for my immature remarks). But really, we never know what they are thinking right. Especially when they are at the stage where they cannot talk and all. How on earth to understand what they are going through? I got irked everytime I'm having all this kind of thoughts. Anyway, yes, lets not worry about tomorrow’s problems today. I am so gonna count on the mother’s instinct inside me when the time comes. If it ever coming la, of course. Now its still too early to talk about this. Heh.

Anyway, talking about kids, my heart goes out to the family of Muhammad Nazrin Shamsul Ghazali (Yin). It has been 10 days since the five year old boy was lost while on a shopping trip to SOGO in the city centre with his family. Let us all hope and pray for his safety, and that he will return back (or be returned) to his family one day. Soon.

Monday, 9 April 2007

The one with.. one of those moment I just feel like blogging.

Here comes the moment I feel like diverting away from work for a while.. and venting out my feelings into writings.. heck, in a nutshell, I feel like blogging.. :P

And there’s no particular topic, none whatsoever, other than about myself.

Weekend was pretty tiring.. and to some extend I would say sucks too. Next weekend is going to be my final class session. People say don’t worry about tomorrow’s problem now, but really, I cant help it from getting panic – will I make it for the final exam this time around? Sigh. There wont be any lecture, instead the first half an hour we are going to have our final test (am so worry to death because the final test covers those topics I’m really weak at) and the rest of the class is going to be our group presentation session. I’ve done my part so far; only thing is this time around the group I am in is a bit of laid back. I am not sure who’s going to prepare the slides, and who’s going to compile the report. Well, whatever it is like I said, I’ve done my part and that should do. Selfish? So what’s wrong if I don’t want to take lead? I am here, ready to take instruction for me to do the needful. That does not mean I’m being selfish, right? Well it better be!

Oh yeah on a separate note, I went to KLCC on Friday to check out for the eye products at those branded beauty product counters. Clarins, SK-II, Biotherm, Clinique, so on and so forth. Yeah, no doubt their sales promoters did a very good job in making me feels that i REALLY need to use their products to treat my dark circle.. I was tempted straight away at that very moment. But really, is using the branded stuff going to make any difference as compared to those on-the-shelves products? I mean, gone were the days where I was so excited to have my own income that I splurged on those high range branded stuffs and yet having the nothing-to-shout-about results. Nowadays I find myself getting settled with the low to medium range of products, and at least I can see the value for the money I spent. So yeah, back to my main question, is using the branded stuff really important? I am still holding myself from spending on those.. I shall see how once my bio-essence finishes. Then I will take on from there. Will do some detail monitoring in terms of the before and after test - will keep it posted here in my blog.. :P

Alritey, I’ve lost my chain of thoughts.

Friday, 6 April 2007

The one with.. the ramblings about work.

Never in my life have I found myself denying the relieving fact that Friday has come.. (~_+). There’s so much to do yet so little time. It feels like the given 24 hours is not enough. Is my time management really that bad? Well judge me and you would say yes by the very fact that I am blogging despite the complaining about lacking of time.

But, seriously, its like there are so many things to do until you pause for a while not knowing where to start. and that for a while time is used up to do what you are best at, i.e. ramblings. Either verbally spoken to other people around you or written, which is what I am doing now. Gosh, I seriously hate the way the manager ‘conned’ you to do job these days. They always started with “Eh, can you help me with something?”. and being realistic you would come out with “Hmm.. its kinda hard la. coz I need to do this by this time.. and that by that time.. etc etc.”.. If the things you are tied up with are that particular manager’s jobs, then that manager would say “oh yeah. Hmm ok lemme try to find someone else to do this”. BUT if the jobs you explained to that manager earlier are not hers / his, then they will always say back “oh then you can do this. coz this one is simple only, you JUST NEED TO [the work description]”. Sh*t la I tell you. I mean come on, since when one job can be very easy? Even photocopying also take up your time la! and you know la how all these in-between jobs are affecting your efficiency and concentration. I hate it the most if I am asked to do things in relation to the meeting where I wasn’t at present. You went to the meeting also never bother to include me or any other colleague you were expecting to report to you, then the next thing was you happily come back and asked me to do the notes or draft emails to client recapping the notes of the meetings or even worst, prepare slides detailing all the points discussed for some moving forward proposal to be presented to the client later. Next, even how best you tried to prepare the needful, there was 100% guarantee that your work was going to be amended. Why? Obviously the manager had the god damn better picture of what was discussed right... Why bother asking other people to do? And that was called an easy job? What you think I’m a robot or what? If really easy then do yourself lah. And there goes another revision of my to-do list. The list never gets to reduce. The items added in are always outweigh the items cancelled off. If later I cant deliver, the blame is all going to be pointed at me. Sigh, I guess thats why a manager is a manager and I remain in my position. And every single thing calls for the whole lot of chain of people, from the highest to the lowest. And the pressure is always downwards. Those at the bottom bear the most. I wonder would people below me feels the same towards me. Sigh. The fact human is always being human will always remain the same I guess. Its a what-goes-around-comes-around world hah.

I am struggling so much to be very efficient WITHOUT having to stay back. but its like I am doing my work in shifts but of course with a single pay. Geram bangat ni deh!

Alritey all talks with no action are pointless kan. Getting my ass off back to work now.

Its all in a day's work huh.

p/s: heck i cant seem to be able to enlarge the cartoon.

Pic 1: (Damn semangat starting the conversation) So i am walking down the street when a guy steps out of a dark alley, points a knife at me and says....

Pic 2: (Still semangat) Your money or your life!

Pic 3: So i showed him my [name of co.] ID badge.

Pic 4: (Wondering) Why'd you do that.

Pic 5: (Plain answer) Well it proves that i work for [name of co.].

Pic 6: (Still didnt get it) So?

Pic 7: (A close ended brilliant answer) Which means I have no money and I have no life.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

The one with... the dark circle..

Once upon a time…

On the first day at work,

But now…

After three years of working,

The dark circle is like a feature of me (quoted from someone. heh.) Help! I so need a product that can help me to reduce the dark circle, that can do wonders given the same level of lifestyle, i.e. dont drink enough water and consistent late nights either at work / home (studying or watching tvs). and that i dont have to apply so much layer of concealer, so much so until i look like.. err.. a panda wannabe?

So far i've tried few products, none giving the satisfactory results. At the moment i'm using the bio-essence, it has been 3 months i think. but, like i said, nothing great about it. I'm thinking of changing, but i have no clue. A friend of being in the same boat suggested the nivea's one. Hmm..

I am still keeping my options open.


Tuesday, 3 April 2007

The one with... of the random thoughts.

Received an interesting email:

"I once had a friend who grew to be very close to me. Once when we were sitting at the edge of a swimming pool, she filled the palm of her hand with some water and held it before me, and said this:

"You see this water carefully contained on my hand? It symbolizes Love."

She then explained..

As long as you keep your hand caringly open and allow it to remain there, it will always be there. However, if you attempt to close your fingers round it and try to posses it, it will spill through the first cracks it finds.

This is the greatest mistake that people do when they meet love...they try to posses it, they demand, they expect... and just like the water spilling out of your hand, love will retrieve from you. For love is meant to be free, you cannot change its nature. If there are people you love, allow them to be free beings.

Give and don't expect.

Advise, but don't order.

Ask, but never demand.

It might sound simple, but it is a lesson that may take a lifetime to truly practice. It is the secret to true love. To truly practice it, you must sincerely feel no expectations from those who you love, and yet an unconditional caring."

Such a nice article but seriously, is there such thing as living life without expectation? I guess it is just impossible to not to expect, the twist is, must expect the right thing. must be realistic. must have some common sense, right from the beginning when we deal with ourself. Cannot be too hard right. Cut yourself some slack. The same goes to those around you. Agree? Can i have a show of hands?


Previous entry on expectation.

Monday, 2 April 2007

The one with the quotes...


"we cannot prevent what we cannot predict".

interesting isnt it? especially when we talk about not wanting to repeat the same mistakes again bla bla bla...


"where emotions are concerned, there's no room for logic".

how true eh. especially when we take from the relationship's point of view.

The one with.. minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan..

yuhuuu i’m back.

minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan.

i drove down to JB on Sunday evening with my manager and my junior colleague. had a smooth sailing journey except for few bottlenecks at some parts of the Seremban highway, thanks to the never ending road constructions. reached hotel at about 8pm, and that’s when the minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan officially started.

i had sore throat… plus.. tonsillitis (an infection of the lumpy tissues on each side of the back of the throat)… plus an ulcer at the tonsil itself! it was a very torturing moment for me. and as if that’s not enough, i even had another ulcer at the inner side of my right cheek =( and all of that happened when i was out stationed! very very uncomfortable. i had sleepless nights, and cannot eat well too. to swallow my own saliva was already so hard, so go figure. there goes my chances to eat like a pig for breakfast at the hotel.

Figure 1: a normal view inside of our mouth.

Figure 2: inside my mouth. this, my friend, is hell.

the minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan didn’t stop there. on Wednesday i had no idea what went wrong, but my microsoft office application went malfunction. i couldn’t run my Microsoft excel! bummer. how to do numbers without excel?? and that lead to another problem, how to do my Micpa assignment without excel??!! amat membencikan!! (that’s how a Chinese friend of mine in Uni said in Bahasa when all she meant was, “i hate that!!”. heh. direct translation obviously).

reached KL on Friday evening. wasn’t able to do any revision at all. whats more with the assignment. was so tired, went to have my sleep straight away at 6.30pm only to find myself waking up at 9am the next morning. that’s the aftermath of long journey KL-JB-KL as well as the 45 mins of bumpy road from JB town to Pasir Gudang back and forth.

after took bath and unpacked my things, i gave Kerol a wake up call. we then went out to my office for me to check my office emails (thank God nothing urgent came in) and we had lunch at Madam Kwan’s. by then my throat was so much a-ok, so i had cravings for Madam Kwan’s Cantonese bihun + kuew teow. i was satisfied =) we then headed to Kerol’s office, where i struggled with my assignment and he did his work with his other colleagues. sigh the assignment was tough (consolidation sucks!). i was still no where near completion even the time was already 7pm. and i realllly need excel. so Kerol helped me with that and thank God he managed to save the standard microsoft office application into my laptop. (you see, i’m using my company’s laptop, and they really put a limitation on the can’s and can not’s to the user like me. so its hard when things like that happens). went back home later after that and continued with my assignment until 4 in the morning. ye, minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan…

just after having the 4th hour of my sleep, i had to wake up to go for my class. dragged my exhausted body and soul to the class, and so happened to find out that only 5 – 10 (out of 30) passed the 1st test. sigh. i was almost at the point of breaking down. suddenly i felt like shouting why on earth am i doing all this???!! why on earth i have so much restriction in my life?? i don’t want to do exam. i don’t want to do toastmaster speech. all i wanted is to work for a living without having to worry about all other side things. none other except for the already stressful workloads. i want to go for holiday as and when i feel like going. i dont want to be worried about apportioning my annual leaves. i want to enjoy my weekend. i want to just get settled with the necessary, not for perfection! i’ve complied with the basic needs in life – primary, secondary, and tertiary education and now a job of my choice. what more could i ask for right… by right i should go for the next level – get married and start my own family (woo hoo.. ). but here i am stuck with the ‘side things’ that in a way, yes i know, going to help to complement what i’m having now. but it calls for sacrifices. a lot of them. sigh. i am putting my effort the best i could.. i am being determined enough, at least to the best i can feel. but its so demoralizing when people say back to you “but i feel that you have not been putting enough effort into your studies”.. =( personally i feel that i’ve improved a lot this time around, but yeah except for the test. i know i didn’t do really well. but its very unfair to judge me as not putting enough effort. haiiihhh, lets wait and see for the results lah okey.

after the class, i encountered with another problem. i couldn’t start my car and the alarm went on non stop. what da??? the car park attendant helped me but it went to a total failure. he said its either one of the two things – the battery or the alarm. i called Kerol, but he couldn’t help much also, he was out of town playing water rafting. he asked me to leave my car there, and that he will help me with that once he was back later in the evening. so i went back, had some sleep and woke up again at 5.30pm to get ready to 'pick' my car. after few rounds of checking and testing, Kerol said it’s the battery that caused the whole problem. sigh. i called my car insurance agent, and they sent someone to fix for it. there goes another sum of $$$. sent my car for wash, and both of us went to Carrefour for some groceries and toiletries shopping. by 10pm both of us were all out, Kerol from his water rafting activities, and me from my minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan.

and today i am back to the normal working days.

sekian sahaja karangan saya yang bertajuk minggu lepas adalah minggu yang sangat memenatkan.