Thursday, 22 March 2007

The one with the updating...

Oi oi…

Hmm, life has been pretty occupied of late. and laziness has been putting off my effort to live and cope up with the busy life as well. and that makes the already hectic life becomes even more tiring. how ironic.

Anyway, here are some updates.

(Warning: May contain excessive and long winded whining and ramblings. Readers’ discretions are therefore advised :P No parental guidance needed though.)

Of the workloads
I have basically 3 assignments on hand, and another one starting next week.

For the benefits of everyone, my job scope (amongst others) is mainly to prepare a report as a defense mechanism for the clients, should they were audited by the tax authorities (read: that’s Inland Revenue or to some, LHDN – Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri). Basically I need to document everything – the numbers and the functional profile of the company to justify the company’s operating profitability. In a layman way of explaining this, I help the company to document what’s necessary to make sure that they make the ‘correct’ profit / loss (i.e. can be justified) and that the tax authorities is collecting the ‘correct’ amount of taxes.

So yeah, I have 3 assignments currently. But one being put on hold, pending for manager’s review. And another one is pending from my junior, for me to review. Its another one assignment that gives me a major headache, cold sweats and the reason I don’t want to wake in the morning to go to work. sigh. it’s a job previously handled by another person. and I need to take over. And manager expects me to liaise with the client directly. Erghh!! Not that I am so scared or what to communicate with the client. Its just that I am so bothered by the fact that I have to have a thick skin to talk to the client about the information that has been provided like, 2 years ago!! Just imagine, client had already so efficiently provided all the needed data, and now only you want to contact him and tell that the figures do not tie to the statutory accounts? And that the information in certain areas are not sufficient? (+_x) But thank God that the client is nice. Already set an appointment with him to discuss over and that should be some time early April. Another pain is the fact that the work has been done half way some time ago, so it was done according to the format during that time. Now the manager wants the report to be consistent with the current format. Bummer!

Next week I am going to JB to start a new job. I’ve always liked a new job, for I can start to plan the direction of the assignment and get things go according to the plan. Hope things will go my way this time.

Of the Toastmaster
Again, for the benefit of everyone, my company has its own toastmaster club. If you are aware enough, this club is an international association. Its an avenue where one can polish its public speaking skills. It’s very interesting. Everyone in the club is very sporting and encouraging. A member of the club will have 10 project speeches to be delivered in order to gain the title of CTM – a Competent Toastmaster. And each speech has its own duration and objective. And you must prepare and deliver your speech in a manner that meets the requirements.

Speech #1 – The ice breaker (4 - 6 mins). Basically you need to talk about yourself.
Speech #2 – Organise your speech (5 – 7 mins). Basically your speech needs to have a proper opening, body, and conclusion.
Speech #3 – Get to the point (5 – 7 mins). Basically you have to talk straight to the point.
Speech #4 – How to say it (5 – 7 mins). Basically you have to use simple words, and avoid any jargons.
Speech #5 – Your body speaks (5 – 7 mins). Basically you need to speak with a proper body language.
Speech #6 – Vocal variety (5 – 7 mins). Basically you need to have a variety of voice projections.
Speech #7 – Research your topic (5 – 7 mins). Basically you have to support you speech with some statistics, facts, etc etc.
Speech #8 – Get comfortable with visual aids (5 – 7 mins). As the objective suggests, you need to talk and use some visual aids as a tool.
Speech #9 – Persuade with power (5 – 7 mins). Basically you have to deliver such a convincing speech.
Speech #10 – Inspire your audience (8 – 10 mins). Yeah, you have to give such an inspirational speech.

There you go, the 10 project speeches. As a member, you are encouraged to complete those 10 so that by the end of the 10th speech, you get to gain all the confidence in the world to perform a public speaking. Which is true. I agree. Public speaking is never easy.

But things become less interesting when my company imposes the rule that in order for you to be promoted from a senior associate (Senior Associate Consultant) to an assistant manager (Consultant), you need to complete the 10 speeches first!! Ouch! And now that everyone starts to realise the needs to complete the speeches as soon as you can, they impose another rule, whoever wants to deliver a speech, he / she must at least takes two roles during a particular meeting.

Hmm.. confuse? Let me try to explain that in the simplest way it can be explained. Toastmaster meeting is held once in every two weeks. So that’s 2 meetings in a month. And every meeting, there’s only 3 – 4 speech slots, i.e. only 3 – 4 persons can deliver the project speech. So that’s 6 – 8 project speakers in a month. You see, its very limited. And the roles I’m talking about, during a particular meeting, there are few role players:

So the new rule is, for you to gain a speech slot, you need to take up one of the roles, for 2 times (i.e. 2 meetings). Sounds fair, but now everyone is fighting for the roles!! haihhh.. that creates another political world.

I am not saying I am too good or what to be promoted, but I am thankful enough that I am in a department where my bosses are very supportive that they will ensure that everyone will be promoted at least until the Consultant level whenever the time is due. So yes, my time is due this coming June. And I have completed only 4 speeches and another one to be done in April – that’s 5 in total. I (desperately!) need another one before June. (Oh yeah, there’s another exception, now the requirement is that you have to complete at least 6 speeches to be promoted, and another 4 is to be completed within 6 months after promotion). But its so difficult to get that one speech slot. Everyone is like queuing for that.

As you can see, the objective of each speech becomes more challenging as it progresses to the next level. Haihhh macam main video game pulak. Anyways, I am a person who's never ever in life has done any public speaking or stage performances before. So I feel very much intimidated. Especially after seeing my colleague performed his final 10th speech yesterday. I felt that I cant do this. But my hands are tight. If I don’t comply, I will be stuck at this position for as long as forever. As the experiences count, of course I’ll have to do the next level of job, but then i'll be earning the current level of salary. Its going to very unfair right! ngaaa~~!! Bencinya… Some of my friends took the most extreme escape – they resign. Errghh I am so not ready to resign. I have to complete my exam first. and that’s another pain in the you-know-where.

Of the MICPA exam
Haihhh about this one.. hmm entahlah.. I’ve been whining about it for zillionth times dah by now. As for now, I am just going to try my best. We shall see when the results are out some time next month. Oh about my exam right, unlike any other professional exams, we have to pass the class before we are allowed to take final exam. Its very unfair, but they said that’s to ensure the qualification is that of a high quality. Entah la.. I am so tired to explain how does the ‘must pass the class’ works, so yeah I am gonna leave the statement as it is. For those who are in the same boat, they’ll know what I’m talking about. For those who are not, trust me you wouldnt want to bother.

Ok lah.. I am so stressed now. I am so hungry. I am so pissed off. And my dark circle is definitely not going to be any 'lighter'.


  1. ur fren here is dying in starbucks..attempting to eat everything in the display bcoz he cant do stupid journal entries on cash flow hedging and fair value hedging..!!!!

    anywayz knw how u feel bcoz i m feeling it good rite now..

  2. very well expressed....
    nice to read even though they are just komplen...kuikuikui

  3. firstly, it sounds soooooo, prinsip akaun. heh.

    secondly, I have yet to register for toastmasters, too many things going on plus the kepenatan traveling back and forth selayang-putrajaya, I dont know how to add in one more activity. but the practices I'm getting right now is emceeing events at the foundation. paling challenging, events with tun m and tun siti.

    thirdly, I dont know when I'll be able to apply for my ICSA course. penat sangat. still adjusting.

    fourthly, I'll check on dates for NZ open table ya.

  4. wei wei...masak masak visited my blog i m still stressed...

  5. Joe,
    I am still stressed too!! i have final presentation to be done and also new assignment as well. and i'm going to JB next week. i really need a strong willpower to study in hotel at night.. *tsk* anyway, yeah i noticed u have got new readers now.. so good hah? tak sia sia revealkan your pictures... kakakaka :D

    Firstly, its not really a prinsip akaun thing.. coz i dont prepare company's accounts. but yeah i know, as if you care heh. :) so nvm then.

    Secondly, cepat2 lah masuk toastmaster !! then i can do speech at your club. and that counts you know.. but anyway, you take your time. emceeing is not easy too especially in front of the big shots. all the best!!! so proud of you... :)

    Thirdly, its always better now than never. so plan properly!

    Fourthly, i'll wait for you to buzz.. lame tau tak lepak borak borak with you and the other girls.

    Thanks for reading. so i guess its more like 'very well complained' instead of 'very well expressed' then? ;)

  6. u gone to jb d?? my last focus session in an hrs time..haha..after that got one more online quiz to cramp for dis fridy..then i can slack for 1 weekend before the work piles on again...u betta still blog in jb k..yeah yeah..i got some readers..masak masak actually put a link to my blog in her blog hehehehe