Tuesday, 13 March 2007

The one with nothing in particular..

SPM’s results were out yesterday. i pity the kids nowadays. the pressures the society put on them. their quest on scoring the A’s. a friend of mine was complaining to me yesterday, that his sister was devastated that she got 9A1 and 1A2. what da ?? and another one felt i was being sarcastic when i congratulated her for scoring 5A1. seriously, i feel sorry for the kids. i hope the parents wont heat up the already stressful education environment. i don’t know how about others, but i do feel that the value of an A is distorted nowadays. very much overrated. hmm, maybe the kids are getting smarter. maybe. [oh terasa sangat sudah tua.. huhu~~].

hurmmm ok i’ve lost my chain of thought.


  1. i agree with "Someone who is constantly craving"....

    but by thinking about it,
    as much as we think like nowdays "people" intend to pressure the student to have more A's.... we ourself in the gud old times also face the same situation. With the banner & motivational lecture... 10A1 or 9A1 is more or less the same.

    i must say student nowdays actually more brilliant than we espect with the fact that few new format already being apply & no past year review can be provided.

    udah... udah... bicara ilmuan lak aku nih =P

    -= out =-

  2. i thot the 6As that my lil' bro got was good enuf, but apparently org lain lagi bagus... soooo different dr zaman ade aggregate dulu2... huhuh...

  3. Oya, itu lah kite dulu siap target mane nk dpt A mane nk let go jer.. heh asalkan xde yg fail n aggregate single digit.. :P