Monday, 19 March 2007

The one with.. the Monday blues.

Monday blues.

why Monday blues? is it because the day 'Monday' itself ? if it so, i doubt there’s any logical rationale behind it.

or is it because of the day Monday being the first day of the working week? well, if it so, people who works in state like Kelantan and Terengganu will have Sunday blues then?

and it seems like only working people experience Monday blues. because i cant recall having the feeling of Monday blues when i was in high school or in uni.


and what does a ‘Monday blues’ really means? as far as i am concerned, it’s the feeling of unhappiness. a gloomy feeling to some extent. which driven by the fact that you just had your own time over the weekend, and the next thing you know you have to face the whole killing week of the working days. its the change of feelings, from high to low.

i do, sometime feel that i have Monday blues. but i only have that feeling when i’m working on a difficult assignment. of which i have no choice but to get it over done with. well, not so much because of ‘difficult’ as in difficult. challenging assignment brings satisfaction in the end. i’m cool with that. its worth having the stress for. (at least its your own assignment).

what i’m rambling here is something more like a shitty job. like the leftover assignments from other people. that you have no choice but to continue the half-way-done job. that makes you pray hard weekend wont pass by so fast because you just don’t want to face Monday back again. the feeling of disappearing for a little while. its like the feeling when you were in the kindergarten or primary school. the feeling of wanting to play sick and getting your mom to whisper, “its ok.. you don’t have to go to school today. i’ll call your teacher to inform this”. the feeling of running away from responsibility. and getting other people to be responsible for your action.

i'm not good with words but yeah, that’s Monday blues to me.

and today, i’m having Monday blues. sigh. why i have to take on people’s half way job? (~_~)



  1. hahaha is this one of your cravings also?? :D

    hey duduk rumah study laaaa.. make sure its worth taking the unpaid leaves!!