Friday, 2 March 2007

The one with.. killing the lunch hour time..

its lunch hour on a yet another hectic friday of mine. (=_+)

had an early ones with my colleagues just now. and now am back at my workplace but my brain just refuses to send signal to every part of my body to start to do work. instead, i was told to update blog. heh.

anyway, life has been very busy of late. and i find myself having a difficulty to have a work-life balance. ironic eh. i’m working in a field where i have to make sure the numbers and financials are all tied with the right sources and balanced, yet i cant even balance my own life.

today i am reaching my limit i guess. i am losing my mojo. yesterday i went back as early as 6pm. i was just tired to continue with work. thought of catching up some sleep before started studying and doing my assignment. the verdict? i slept at 6.30pm only to find myself waking up at 6am the next day (i.e. this morning) !!! wahlau, 11 hours of sleep. i didn’t even realise that i told Kerol that i didn’t want to go dinner with him when he called me at 8 something yesterday night. errk..

and you bet i’m all refreshed today? nah. since when over-sleeping can do good to your body ? i am more stressed out thinking about those hours lost just like that. sigh. that’s going to give more reasons to another late night stay today. well, bring it on! :P

been blog hopping since i came back from lunch just now. noticed that everyone’s (mostly) being tagged to list down 6 weird things about themselves. reading those (such as this and this and this one also amongst others), in a way, got me into thinking what would be my 6 weirdest things / encounter.

for the fun of it, so here goes, without being tagged by anyone (not that am asking for it though), the 6 weirdest thing, or rather unique lah kan, about me \(^_^)/:

1. i think most of my friends know whats the first one already. heh. yep, i don’t like to drink water. especially plain water. i can even live up one day without drinking. its all started when i was dieting back then during my uni days. prior to that, i was so addicted to carbonated drink, especially coke. i must have coke everyday. and whenever i was thirsty, i’d opt for carbonated drink. and i never like plain water, simply because, its tasteless. but at some point of time in my life, i started my ‘dieting program’ with my best friend. so, as it is already known, the first rule to dieting is, you have to cut down your sugar intake. that means i had to rule out carbonated drinks in my daily consumption. and when i did that, technically i was ruling out drinking as well. huhu. and ever since, i developed the i-don’t-drink-water behaviour. but i know its not good, so i am trying to stick to my resolution – must drink plain water.

2. i am so sensitive that without fail, i’ll cry towards a movie. even during 2 fast 2 furious. but i guess i am still in the normal realm, for i didn’t cry for a comedy. oh yes, i didn’t cry when i watched Norbit okeyyyy.

3. i don’t like if my stationeries go missing. even an eraser lost also can warrant for tears in my eyes and invite an anger out of me. huhu. talking about being unique huh.

4. i’m sure that everyone daydreams. but i always ‘dray-dreaming’ about the worst of everything. say, while driving, the picture of me getting into an accident flashes before my very eyes. while swimming, i’ll have an imagination of drowning. when i'm about to get to sleep, i’ll imagine of dying. etc. etc. etc. but all those will be for a while only. its like each of those imagination i have kinda works as a reminder to me. putting me back into reality, helping me to reassess certain things, and getting my brain to work for a solution / decision when it comes to a what-if situation.


ok, i cant think of any other. i guess, the uniqueness of a person lies on the eyes of the beholder. so those people around me perhaps can identify the unique / weird things about me. and after all, this proves that i am not some kind of weirdo. =D

alritey. till then.


  1. No need to b so down lar...u can do it 1..saying hi from london..hope it doesnt make feel more down lar..shitty weather here haha..c u nxt week

  2. hey !!! i was just finished writing a comment at your blog. heh. u better come back faster, your beloved manager is surely cant wait. hahahah =D

    (hope you are having heaps of fun over there!)

  3. hurm .... 2 fast 2 furious ... hurm ... very very weird ... hey, can I tag myself? hehehehe

  4. abby! :) heh, sile.. sile tag kan diri sendiri.. make urself at home.. :P