Monday, 5 March 2007

The one with.. the highlights of my weekend..

first and foremost, i really hate Monday, i always do.

anyway, weekend was quite eventful.

woke up early and went for my class. that time around, when i did my quiz, the first thing i did was checking out whether were there any questions at the back of the paper. ceh, takde la plak. time aku tak check time tu lahhh nak provide questions at the very back of the paper. bugger. after class, i went back home straight away. attended a neighbour’s (Nurul) wedding. she used to be my teman sepermainan mase kecik2 dulu. her house is just on the same road with mine - 2 houses away, i felt so bad i didn’t really lend a helping hand the night before and also on the day itself due to my own commitment. at night, attended another wedding (its like a wedding boom - everyone is getting married this year) at Dewan Merak Kayangan, it was Kerol’s officemate. first time attended a wedding yang siap ade tazkirah sume. the ironic part was, i bumped into Farah (previously mentioned here) and her family! punye lah susah nak jumpa, heh. was so happy to see her and the mother.

Nurul and her newlywed husband

Me with Farah & her mother

Kerol & myself with the lovebirds

managed to wake up early and go Titiwangsa with Kerol.. :) had breakfast later afterwards and went back home. after few hours lazed around in front of the idiot box, the girls at home (mama, Erin and Liana) decided to go to the Curve. heh, i would say ‘the bad (very!) at direction’ genes really run in the family. it took us almost 2 hours to reach there. don’t ask and don’t duh us. :P once we reached there, bought us movie tix for the Pursuit of Happyness and had a late lunch at Italiannies.

With my 2 sisters - Erin & Liana

Erin with Mama

ok last but not least, the documents at my workplace are piling up so fast they serve as my side table now. bummer.

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