Friday, 16 March 2007

The one with the drawings and my short-term memory lost incident..

normally kan, what’s shown on tv, the way a psychiatrist / psychologist analyse their patient (amongst others) is via their drawings.

hmm, this morning i had a training at office. it was interesting in the beginning, but it got a bit of humdrum after the brunch break. it was so boring that a bunch of us tax consultants (Adrian, Kristy, Rachel, Eddie Chew, Joanne n myself) quietly played this drawing game thing, where one of us started by drawing one object on a piece of paper, then others continued by taking turn one by one. (just so happened our group was given crayons, when every other groups received marker pen :P )

the verdict?

hmmm.. wonder how would a psychiatrist / psychologist judge us by the drawings eh? too stressful perhaps? =D

after the training ended at 1pm, my colleagues decided to have a non-halal food for lunch, so i headed back home (was on a half-day leave). but i was so hungry also and i had the cravings for Burger King’s mushroom swiss for the past few days. so completely driven by that fact, i drove to KLCC instead. thought of getting Alin and Munir to join as well (since they’re working in KLCC) but Alin was at the hospital – her mother had this growth somewhere at the foot which needed to be removed (not sure about the details, but Alin said everything’s under control though). so i had lunch with Munir instead.

hmm nak dijadikan cite lah kan, we parted at about 3 something like that. i went to tapao Dunkin Donuts for Mama and Ajim, paid for my parking tix, took the lift, and… there i was, standing in the lift having the blonde-est moment of my life thinking which floor should i go !!! my goodness. i couldn’t believe myself that i had no idea where the hell did i park my car !! what an utter stupidity.

being myself, i tried not to panic and all. and also i didnt want to ask for help (not yet) for i didnt want to make a fool of myself. so i went to the P3 level and walked around and it went to a total failure. i went to P4 level pulak, again the search for my car went to no avail. i was doomed! i called Kerol, but yeah, nothing can be done. he was in the office. in the end, i went to the auto pay machine, and dialed the KLCC parking management office number as stated there, and they asked me to go to their office, which is located at P2 level. again, another round of walking to find their freaking far office. by then i was all sweat. erghh~!!

and if you are someone regular at KLCC, you will notice that there’ll be patrol guards riding their bikes time and again at the parking lot. tapi tadi takde la pulakkkk. haihhh.. but by the time i spotted the management office, i saw one guard, he must have noticed something was wrong with me, so he stopped by and asked. i explained and gave my car plate number and all, he went away saying he’ll try to locate my car but insisted me to go to the office still. so i went in the office, and as expected, the moment i opened my mouth “errr.. saye ade problem lah.. saye tak ingat saye parked keta saye kat mane”, i could see the change in the faces of those officers. its like they were saying “stupid girl!”. i was damn sure i'll be their laughing stock thereafter. (~_x)

so a guy was ‘assigned’ to ‘handle my case’. which i found to be so ridiculous.

Officer : okey, so u masuk entrance mane tadi, pintu 9 ke pintu 11?
Me : (dalam hati: wth??? mane la aku tau). hmm, saye masuk from elevated highway.
Officer : ok masuk2 tadi u pergi P3 ke P4.
Me : saye rase P4. (seriously, i couldn’t remember!!! screw myself!).
Officer : mase masuk2 tadi awak nampak tiang warna ape?
Me : hahhh??
Officer : awak nampak office ke ape ke sebagai landmark?
Me : (sh*t do people really notice all that when they enter a parking lot? ke aku yang memang bodoh?). err entah la.

by then i could see that the guy was almost losing his patience towards me. its like i was a gone case or something. and i didn’t blame him though. i mean, what a stupid case did i have?? bummer.

tiba2 the patrol officer i mentioned earlier came by and told me that he found my car. what.a.relief !! so i said my thanks and byes to the officers and went to go get my car. (memang tempat ceruk mane ntah.. kate datang mase lunch hour on a working day :P)

i swear i felt like never wanting to drive my WNE 6882 to KLCC ever again. never. huhu. a total embarrassment.


  1. hahahahah... memang lawak la lia... tp dh nak wat camne... mabbe that day is 1 of those days where everything is off... or in ur case, ur memory is off... hehhe.. i'm sure later when u look back, u will laugh too...

  2. so happen i was just thinkin to myself when did i get an idiot as a fren when my father did the same thing!!..thank god he remembered the signs being red and after going up the escalators we found our how did ur test go?..n thanks for the small little hints u put on my assignment haha..

  3. Oya, hahaha itu lah.. benci betul! maybe sebab aritu park kt tempat lain, bukan tempat yg slalu park.. haihhhh sign of aging huh? :P

    Joe, :D that was one of the idiot-est time of my life.. huhuhu.. and the hint i put can be used meh? cause that one was per Malaysian FRSs..

  4. penah tgk cite knight rider?..a very long time ago TV series.starred by david hasselhof kot..there is a talking black sporty car named can drive by itself when teh driver calls him...."KIT meh sini amik aku kat entrance jap ..." tak tau la kat mane nk beli mende2 alah gitu....kuikuiki

  5. Usop, hahahaha kan best kalau ade bende tuh kan.. :D (tak, tak penah tengok citer knight rider.. ghost rider pun tak tengok, ppl said its not nice).