Monday, 12 March 2007

The one with the curfew..

“alaaahhh.. orang dah nak masuk 25 lah this year for god’s sake. kenape nak kene ade curfew lagi. bukannye pegi mana pun. and i’m just what, 5 / 10 / 15 mins late?”

huhu.. thats exactly what i felt like saying every time my mom gave me her piece of mind whenever i reached home slightly later than 12 midnight.


yeah, to some extend i managed to hold myself from not to blurt out all those words for i cant bear the thought of mama saying back to me, “yeah exactly. you are reaching 25 by right you should know how to ..… [referring to all those related to household chores stuff] etc etc etc”

heh. remain silence is the best option then :P

its weird though, that she’s always ok if i need to work till late midnight, even until the morning after, so long i’ve informed and sort of mentally prepared her earlier.

and its also weird that i’ve never had the guts to actually just go hang out with bf / friends till late at night and simply came out with the excuse that i need to work late.

hmm, you know why? because i do strongly believe in the concept and the power of ‘mother’s instincts’ :) and also, the value of trust.

weekend was tiring and monday sucks as always.


  1. In the eyes of our parents..we will always to them..a sweet 16 yr old oblivious to the dangers of life..

  2. hmmm, you know what babe.. a few years ago, if my dad went berserk when i was late, i'd rebel and go mad and was willing to put up with a fight as long as i get my opinion spoken..

    but nowadays, i try very hard to do stuffs which wont anger them. meaning that, eventho i'm 25 and i STILL have curfew, i tend to take it easily and not making a big deal about it.

    sometimes, myself amaze me in ways i can never understand.. :)

  3. Joe, agreed.

    Tina, agreed too. i also try not to make fuss these days. i guess we've grown up to be more calm and compose..arent we..? hmmmm.