Thursday, 22 March 2007

The one with the updating...

Oi oi…

Hmm, life has been pretty occupied of late. and laziness has been putting off my effort to live and cope up with the busy life as well. and that makes the already hectic life becomes even more tiring. how ironic.

Anyway, here are some updates.

(Warning: May contain excessive and long winded whining and ramblings. Readers’ discretions are therefore advised :P No parental guidance needed though.)

Of the workloads
I have basically 3 assignments on hand, and another one starting next week.

For the benefits of everyone, my job scope (amongst others) is mainly to prepare a report as a defense mechanism for the clients, should they were audited by the tax authorities (read: that’s Inland Revenue or to some, LHDN – Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri). Basically I need to document everything – the numbers and the functional profile of the company to justify the company’s operating profitability. In a layman way of explaining this, I help the company to document what’s necessary to make sure that they make the ‘correct’ profit / loss (i.e. can be justified) and that the tax authorities is collecting the ‘correct’ amount of taxes.

So yeah, I have 3 assignments currently. But one being put on hold, pending for manager’s review. And another one is pending from my junior, for me to review. Its another one assignment that gives me a major headache, cold sweats and the reason I don’t want to wake in the morning to go to work. sigh. it’s a job previously handled by another person. and I need to take over. And manager expects me to liaise with the client directly. Erghh!! Not that I am so scared or what to communicate with the client. Its just that I am so bothered by the fact that I have to have a thick skin to talk to the client about the information that has been provided like, 2 years ago!! Just imagine, client had already so efficiently provided all the needed data, and now only you want to contact him and tell that the figures do not tie to the statutory accounts? And that the information in certain areas are not sufficient? (+_x) But thank God that the client is nice. Already set an appointment with him to discuss over and that should be some time early April. Another pain is the fact that the work has been done half way some time ago, so it was done according to the format during that time. Now the manager wants the report to be consistent with the current format. Bummer!

Next week I am going to JB to start a new job. I’ve always liked a new job, for I can start to plan the direction of the assignment and get things go according to the plan. Hope things will go my way this time.

Of the Toastmaster
Again, for the benefit of everyone, my company has its own toastmaster club. If you are aware enough, this club is an international association. Its an avenue where one can polish its public speaking skills. It’s very interesting. Everyone in the club is very sporting and encouraging. A member of the club will have 10 project speeches to be delivered in order to gain the title of CTM – a Competent Toastmaster. And each speech has its own duration and objective. And you must prepare and deliver your speech in a manner that meets the requirements.

Speech #1 – The ice breaker (4 - 6 mins). Basically you need to talk about yourself.
Speech #2 – Organise your speech (5 – 7 mins). Basically your speech needs to have a proper opening, body, and conclusion.
Speech #3 – Get to the point (5 – 7 mins). Basically you have to talk straight to the point.
Speech #4 – How to say it (5 – 7 mins). Basically you have to use simple words, and avoid any jargons.
Speech #5 – Your body speaks (5 – 7 mins). Basically you need to speak with a proper body language.
Speech #6 – Vocal variety (5 – 7 mins). Basically you need to have a variety of voice projections.
Speech #7 – Research your topic (5 – 7 mins). Basically you have to support you speech with some statistics, facts, etc etc.
Speech #8 – Get comfortable with visual aids (5 – 7 mins). As the objective suggests, you need to talk and use some visual aids as a tool.
Speech #9 – Persuade with power (5 – 7 mins). Basically you have to deliver such a convincing speech.
Speech #10 – Inspire your audience (8 – 10 mins). Yeah, you have to give such an inspirational speech.

There you go, the 10 project speeches. As a member, you are encouraged to complete those 10 so that by the end of the 10th speech, you get to gain all the confidence in the world to perform a public speaking. Which is true. I agree. Public speaking is never easy.

But things become less interesting when my company imposes the rule that in order for you to be promoted from a senior associate (Senior Associate Consultant) to an assistant manager (Consultant), you need to complete the 10 speeches first!! Ouch! And now that everyone starts to realise the needs to complete the speeches as soon as you can, they impose another rule, whoever wants to deliver a speech, he / she must at least takes two roles during a particular meeting.

Hmm.. confuse? Let me try to explain that in the simplest way it can be explained. Toastmaster meeting is held once in every two weeks. So that’s 2 meetings in a month. And every meeting, there’s only 3 – 4 speech slots, i.e. only 3 – 4 persons can deliver the project speech. So that’s 6 – 8 project speakers in a month. You see, its very limited. And the roles I’m talking about, during a particular meeting, there are few role players:

So the new rule is, for you to gain a speech slot, you need to take up one of the roles, for 2 times (i.e. 2 meetings). Sounds fair, but now everyone is fighting for the roles!! haihhh.. that creates another political world.

I am not saying I am too good or what to be promoted, but I am thankful enough that I am in a department where my bosses are very supportive that they will ensure that everyone will be promoted at least until the Consultant level whenever the time is due. So yes, my time is due this coming June. And I have completed only 4 speeches and another one to be done in April – that’s 5 in total. I (desperately!) need another one before June. (Oh yeah, there’s another exception, now the requirement is that you have to complete at least 6 speeches to be promoted, and another 4 is to be completed within 6 months after promotion). But its so difficult to get that one speech slot. Everyone is like queuing for that.

As you can see, the objective of each speech becomes more challenging as it progresses to the next level. Haihhh macam main video game pulak. Anyways, I am a person who's never ever in life has done any public speaking or stage performances before. So I feel very much intimidated. Especially after seeing my colleague performed his final 10th speech yesterday. I felt that I cant do this. But my hands are tight. If I don’t comply, I will be stuck at this position for as long as forever. As the experiences count, of course I’ll have to do the next level of job, but then i'll be earning the current level of salary. Its going to very unfair right! ngaaa~~!! Bencinya… Some of my friends took the most extreme escape – they resign. Errghh I am so not ready to resign. I have to complete my exam first. and that’s another pain in the you-know-where.

Of the MICPA exam
Haihhh about this one.. hmm entahlah.. I’ve been whining about it for zillionth times dah by now. As for now, I am just going to try my best. We shall see when the results are out some time next month. Oh about my exam right, unlike any other professional exams, we have to pass the class before we are allowed to take final exam. Its very unfair, but they said that’s to ensure the qualification is that of a high quality. Entah la.. I am so tired to explain how does the ‘must pass the class’ works, so yeah I am gonna leave the statement as it is. For those who are in the same boat, they’ll know what I’m talking about. For those who are not, trust me you wouldnt want to bother.

Ok lah.. I am so stressed now. I am so hungry. I am so pissed off. And my dark circle is definitely not going to be any 'lighter'.

Monday, 19 March 2007

The one with.. the Monday blues.

Monday blues.

why Monday blues? is it because the day 'Monday' itself ? if it so, i doubt there’s any logical rationale behind it.

or is it because of the day Monday being the first day of the working week? well, if it so, people who works in state like Kelantan and Terengganu will have Sunday blues then?

and it seems like only working people experience Monday blues. because i cant recall having the feeling of Monday blues when i was in high school or in uni.


and what does a ‘Monday blues’ really means? as far as i am concerned, it’s the feeling of unhappiness. a gloomy feeling to some extent. which driven by the fact that you just had your own time over the weekend, and the next thing you know you have to face the whole killing week of the working days. its the change of feelings, from high to low.

i do, sometime feel that i have Monday blues. but i only have that feeling when i’m working on a difficult assignment. of which i have no choice but to get it over done with. well, not so much because of ‘difficult’ as in difficult. challenging assignment brings satisfaction in the end. i’m cool with that. its worth having the stress for. (at least its your own assignment).

what i’m rambling here is something more like a shitty job. like the leftover assignments from other people. that you have no choice but to continue the half-way-done job. that makes you pray hard weekend wont pass by so fast because you just don’t want to face Monday back again. the feeling of disappearing for a little while. its like the feeling when you were in the kindergarten or primary school. the feeling of wanting to play sick and getting your mom to whisper, “its ok.. you don’t have to go to school today. i’ll call your teacher to inform this”. the feeling of running away from responsibility. and getting other people to be responsible for your action.

i'm not good with words but yeah, that’s Monday blues to me.

and today, i’m having Monday blues. sigh. why i have to take on people’s half way job? (~_~)


Friday, 16 March 2007

The one with the drawings and my short-term memory lost incident..

normally kan, what’s shown on tv, the way a psychiatrist / psychologist analyse their patient (amongst others) is via their drawings.

hmm, this morning i had a training at office. it was interesting in the beginning, but it got a bit of humdrum after the brunch break. it was so boring that a bunch of us tax consultants (Adrian, Kristy, Rachel, Eddie Chew, Joanne n myself) quietly played this drawing game thing, where one of us started by drawing one object on a piece of paper, then others continued by taking turn one by one. (just so happened our group was given crayons, when every other groups received marker pen :P )

the verdict?

hmmm.. wonder how would a psychiatrist / psychologist judge us by the drawings eh? too stressful perhaps? =D

after the training ended at 1pm, my colleagues decided to have a non-halal food for lunch, so i headed back home (was on a half-day leave). but i was so hungry also and i had the cravings for Burger King’s mushroom swiss for the past few days. so completely driven by that fact, i drove to KLCC instead. thought of getting Alin and Munir to join as well (since they’re working in KLCC) but Alin was at the hospital – her mother had this growth somewhere at the foot which needed to be removed (not sure about the details, but Alin said everything’s under control though). so i had lunch with Munir instead.

hmm nak dijadikan cite lah kan, we parted at about 3 something like that. i went to tapao Dunkin Donuts for Mama and Ajim, paid for my parking tix, took the lift, and… there i was, standing in the lift having the blonde-est moment of my life thinking which floor should i go !!! my goodness. i couldn’t believe myself that i had no idea where the hell did i park my car !! what an utter stupidity.

being myself, i tried not to panic and all. and also i didnt want to ask for help (not yet) for i didnt want to make a fool of myself. so i went to the P3 level and walked around and it went to a total failure. i went to P4 level pulak, again the search for my car went to no avail. i was doomed! i called Kerol, but yeah, nothing can be done. he was in the office. in the end, i went to the auto pay machine, and dialed the KLCC parking management office number as stated there, and they asked me to go to their office, which is located at P2 level. again, another round of walking to find their freaking far office. by then i was all sweat. erghh~!!

and if you are someone regular at KLCC, you will notice that there’ll be patrol guards riding their bikes time and again at the parking lot. tapi tadi takde la pulakkkk. haihhh.. but by the time i spotted the management office, i saw one guard, he must have noticed something was wrong with me, so he stopped by and asked. i explained and gave my car plate number and all, he went away saying he’ll try to locate my car but insisted me to go to the office still. so i went in the office, and as expected, the moment i opened my mouth “errr.. saye ade problem lah.. saye tak ingat saye parked keta saye kat mane”, i could see the change in the faces of those officers. its like they were saying “stupid girl!”. i was damn sure i'll be their laughing stock thereafter. (~_x)

so a guy was ‘assigned’ to ‘handle my case’. which i found to be so ridiculous.

Officer : okey, so u masuk entrance mane tadi, pintu 9 ke pintu 11?
Me : (dalam hati: wth??? mane la aku tau). hmm, saye masuk from elevated highway.
Officer : ok masuk2 tadi u pergi P3 ke P4.
Me : saye rase P4. (seriously, i couldn’t remember!!! screw myself!).
Officer : mase masuk2 tadi awak nampak tiang warna ape?
Me : hahhh??
Officer : awak nampak office ke ape ke sebagai landmark?
Me : (sh*t do people really notice all that when they enter a parking lot? ke aku yang memang bodoh?). err entah la.

by then i could see that the guy was almost losing his patience towards me. its like i was a gone case or something. and i didn’t blame him though. i mean, what a stupid case did i have?? bummer.

tiba2 the patrol officer i mentioned earlier came by and told me that he found my car. what.a.relief !! so i said my thanks and byes to the officers and went to go get my car. (memang tempat ceruk mane ntah.. kate datang mase lunch hour on a working day :P)

i swear i felt like never wanting to drive my WNE 6882 to KLCC ever again. never. huhu. a total embarrassment.

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

The one with nothing in particular..

SPM’s results were out yesterday. i pity the kids nowadays. the pressures the society put on them. their quest on scoring the A’s. a friend of mine was complaining to me yesterday, that his sister was devastated that she got 9A1 and 1A2. what da ?? and another one felt i was being sarcastic when i congratulated her for scoring 5A1. seriously, i feel sorry for the kids. i hope the parents wont heat up the already stressful education environment. i don’t know how about others, but i do feel that the value of an A is distorted nowadays. very much overrated. hmm, maybe the kids are getting smarter. maybe. [oh terasa sangat sudah tua.. huhu~~].

hurmmm ok i’ve lost my chain of thought.

Monday, 12 March 2007

The one with the curfew..

“alaaahhh.. orang dah nak masuk 25 lah this year for god’s sake. kenape nak kene ade curfew lagi. bukannye pegi mana pun. and i’m just what, 5 / 10 / 15 mins late?”

huhu.. thats exactly what i felt like saying every time my mom gave me her piece of mind whenever i reached home slightly later than 12 midnight.


yeah, to some extend i managed to hold myself from not to blurt out all those words for i cant bear the thought of mama saying back to me, “yeah exactly. you are reaching 25 by right you should know how to ..… [referring to all those related to household chores stuff] etc etc etc”

heh. remain silence is the best option then :P

its weird though, that she’s always ok if i need to work till late midnight, even until the morning after, so long i’ve informed and sort of mentally prepared her earlier.

and its also weird that i’ve never had the guts to actually just go hang out with bf / friends till late at night and simply came out with the excuse that i need to work late.

hmm, you know why? because i do strongly believe in the concept and the power of ‘mother’s instincts’ :) and also, the value of trust.

weekend was tiring and monday sucks as always.

Friday, 9 March 2007

The one with.. out of boredom..

• A-Available /Single? Legally (by religious) yes.. :D naaahh i am fully taken.. \(^_^)/
• B-Best Friend? Too many to mention.
• C-Cake or Pie? I’ll say… both. =)
• D-Drink Of Choice? Err… umm.. oh yeah, ribena!:D
• E-Essential Item You Use Everyday? Contact lense.
• F-Favorite Color? Blue! I’m blue dabedidabedaaaaa..
• G-Gummy Bears Or Worms? Neither nor.
• H-Hometown? Kuala Lumpur.
• I-Indulgence? Ice cream...(amongst others).
• J-January Or February? February. What’s the different? I’d rather prefer December (year end holiday bebeh).
• K-Kids & Their Names? My mom currently babysits Firdaus, Alip, Abu n Amzah (he’s new). And Alip is still my favourite!
• L-Life Is Incomplete Without? Love.
• M-Marriage Date? I cant predict the future. How I wish. :P
• N-Number Of Siblings? Am the eldest out of 4.
• O-Oranges Or Apples? Apples. Oranges have to be peeled – leceh!
• P-Phobias/Fears? High place. Blood.
• Q-Favorite Quote? Kadang2, orang yang paling kita sayang lah, yang susah untuk kita sayang. [from movie Cinta].
• R-Reason to Smile? Kerol :)
• S-Season? Peak season – a lot of job coming in!! sigh.
• T-Tag Three or Four People? I shall go for the max – four that is. Hurmm.. Oya. Abby. Tina. Joe. [others are welcomed to feel tagged too :) ]
• U-Unknown Fact About Me? If I tell you then I have to kill you. :P
• V-Vegetable you don't like? Onion – yucks!
• W-Worst Habit? Easily panicked.
• X-X-rays You've Had? Teeth, chest, and what kind of stupid question is that?
• Y-Your Favorite Food? Sotong.. hurmm sangat high in cholestrol (+_=)
• Z-Zodiac Sign? Leo the white lion…. ;P


Tuesday, 6 March 2007

The one with.. points to ponder..

orang kate, untuk menjage, seelok2 nyer, makan banyak pada waktu pagi, sederhana pada waktu tengahari, and sedikit pada waktu malam.. and makan malam tu should be before 7pm.

boleh ker, kalau pagi tak makan (sebab prefer to wake up late, hence reach office late also, so tak sempat nak breakfast. kang breakfast kang ade laaa yang dengki cakap dah la datang lambat, pastu baru nak breakfast) tengahari makan sikit (sebab malas nak kuar makan, pastu macam taktau nak makan ape - bosan ngan option yang ade, and some more mase tengahari ni dah start masuk gear 4, so macam malas nak stop kan enjin just for the sake untuk makan), pastu melantak pada waktu malam (sebab mase ni dah tensyen yang amat, and bile stress i tend to reward myself with food.)

boleh ke…?

sebab kang kalau breakfast makan banyak, tengahari pun makan, in the end malam pun tendency untuk makan tuh ade.. sebab slalu after work mesti macam nak lepaskan tension. for me lepaskan tension = makan. so ade baik nyer skip the first 2 meals and focus on dinner.

hmm pastu dah melantak waktu malam, balik umah kalau dah penat sangat terus tidur. tak sempat nak tunggu at least 4 hours untuk makanan tuh hadam.

dah la tak minum cukup air (ade la pulak orang nak menyampuk) :P

haihhhhh la. cemane la nak get back my weight mase mule2 masuk pwc dulu.

Monday, 5 March 2007

The one with.. the highlights of my weekend..

first and foremost, i really hate Monday, i always do.

anyway, weekend was quite eventful.

woke up early and went for my class. that time around, when i did my quiz, the first thing i did was checking out whether were there any questions at the back of the paper. ceh, takde la plak. time aku tak check time tu lahhh nak provide questions at the very back of the paper. bugger. after class, i went back home straight away. attended a neighbour’s (Nurul) wedding. she used to be my teman sepermainan mase kecik2 dulu. her house is just on the same road with mine - 2 houses away, i felt so bad i didn’t really lend a helping hand the night before and also on the day itself due to my own commitment. at night, attended another wedding (its like a wedding boom - everyone is getting married this year) at Dewan Merak Kayangan, it was Kerol’s officemate. first time attended a wedding yang siap ade tazkirah sume. the ironic part was, i bumped into Farah (previously mentioned here) and her family! punye lah susah nak jumpa, heh. was so happy to see her and the mother.

Nurul and her newlywed husband

Me with Farah & her mother

Kerol & myself with the lovebirds

managed to wake up early and go Titiwangsa with Kerol.. :) had breakfast later afterwards and went back home. after few hours lazed around in front of the idiot box, the girls at home (mama, Erin and Liana) decided to go to the Curve. heh, i would say ‘the bad (very!) at direction’ genes really run in the family. it took us almost 2 hours to reach there. don’t ask and don’t duh us. :P once we reached there, bought us movie tix for the Pursuit of Happyness and had a late lunch at Italiannies.

With my 2 sisters - Erin & Liana

Erin with Mama

ok last but not least, the documents at my workplace are piling up so fast they serve as my side table now. bummer.

Friday, 2 March 2007

The one with.. killing the lunch hour time..

its lunch hour on a yet another hectic friday of mine. (=_+)

had an early ones with my colleagues just now. and now am back at my workplace but my brain just refuses to send signal to every part of my body to start to do work. instead, i was told to update blog. heh.

anyway, life has been very busy of late. and i find myself having a difficulty to have a work-life balance. ironic eh. i’m working in a field where i have to make sure the numbers and financials are all tied with the right sources and balanced, yet i cant even balance my own life.

today i am reaching my limit i guess. i am losing my mojo. yesterday i went back as early as 6pm. i was just tired to continue with work. thought of catching up some sleep before started studying and doing my assignment. the verdict? i slept at 6.30pm only to find myself waking up at 6am the next day (i.e. this morning) !!! wahlau, 11 hours of sleep. i didn’t even realise that i told Kerol that i didn’t want to go dinner with him when he called me at 8 something yesterday night. errk..

and you bet i’m all refreshed today? nah. since when over-sleeping can do good to your body ? i am more stressed out thinking about those hours lost just like that. sigh. that’s going to give more reasons to another late night stay today. well, bring it on! :P

been blog hopping since i came back from lunch just now. noticed that everyone’s (mostly) being tagged to list down 6 weird things about themselves. reading those (such as this and this and this one also amongst others), in a way, got me into thinking what would be my 6 weirdest things / encounter.

for the fun of it, so here goes, without being tagged by anyone (not that am asking for it though), the 6 weirdest thing, or rather unique lah kan, about me \(^_^)/:

1. i think most of my friends know whats the first one already. heh. yep, i don’t like to drink water. especially plain water. i can even live up one day without drinking. its all started when i was dieting back then during my uni days. prior to that, i was so addicted to carbonated drink, especially coke. i must have coke everyday. and whenever i was thirsty, i’d opt for carbonated drink. and i never like plain water, simply because, its tasteless. but at some point of time in my life, i started my ‘dieting program’ with my best friend. so, as it is already known, the first rule to dieting is, you have to cut down your sugar intake. that means i had to rule out carbonated drinks in my daily consumption. and when i did that, technically i was ruling out drinking as well. huhu. and ever since, i developed the i-don’t-drink-water behaviour. but i know its not good, so i am trying to stick to my resolution – must drink plain water.

2. i am so sensitive that without fail, i’ll cry towards a movie. even during 2 fast 2 furious. but i guess i am still in the normal realm, for i didn’t cry for a comedy. oh yes, i didn’t cry when i watched Norbit okeyyyy.

3. i don’t like if my stationeries go missing. even an eraser lost also can warrant for tears in my eyes and invite an anger out of me. huhu. talking about being unique huh.

4. i’m sure that everyone daydreams. but i always ‘dray-dreaming’ about the worst of everything. say, while driving, the picture of me getting into an accident flashes before my very eyes. while swimming, i’ll have an imagination of drowning. when i'm about to get to sleep, i’ll imagine of dying. etc. etc. etc. but all those will be for a while only. its like each of those imagination i have kinda works as a reminder to me. putting me back into reality, helping me to reassess certain things, and getting my brain to work for a solution / decision when it comes to a what-if situation.


ok, i cant think of any other. i guess, the uniqueness of a person lies on the eyes of the beholder. so those people around me perhaps can identify the unique / weird things about me. and after all, this proves that i am not some kind of weirdo. =D

alritey. till then.