Sunday, 4 February 2007

The one's outing.

disclaimer: today as in, Saturday 3/2/2007.

i had a good night sleep yesterday, a good 8 hours sleep; despite the late night stay having some talk with dad about family matter (sigh its so tough to be the eldest). woke up around 11 this morning, and started to call friends, arranging for a visit to Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaysia. my dear friend, Yanti is warded there. she just had an operation yesterday.

pushed off from home with Kerol around 2pm only to reach there at about 3pm. Famie was already there, and Tina & Ajib were still on the way. some others couldn’t make it due to prior commitment, and some others would only be coming late evening later.

the moment i reached there, we saw her husband was sleeping on the chair situated next to her bed, and Yanti was lying on the bed, looking so pale and weak. nevertheless, she greeted us with a smile. and the husband at once woke up, looking a bit restless, to entertain the guys. Yanti and i - we had a brief talk. with a slow pace, some pauses here and there, she told us how the whole thing happened. apparently the doctor was saying that the reason her intestine had some complication could be due to her previous surgery - to remove the cyst she had. it all started with some nauseous feelings, followed by continuous vomiting after meal. but Yanti and the husband thought maybe that was a normal morning sickness (Yanti is in her 2 months pregnancy). even the clinic they first went to also came out with the same conclusion – morning sickness. but Yanti’s condition worsen, she even had a severe stomachache, so they went to the hospital, went through the scanning procedure, and that was when only the doctor noticed that her intestine was in tangled, something looked like this:

……………… *sheeeesh*

ok my drawing sucks. forget about it. point is, the intestine was in tangled, there was a knot at one position. so, the food she consumed cannot be processed out – which explains the vomit and the pain in her tummy. she was warded and was given some medicines, but the doctor tried not to opt for surgery, bacause it will be dangerous to the little, hence very fragile baby in her. but in the end, everyone had to agree that, it was dangerous for the mother too. so, a tough call was it, they agreed that its important to save the mother first. so doctor said she must go through an operation to ‘untie the knot’ in her intestine. Alhamdulillah, the operation went well. and the baby was in safe too but a bit unstable. Yanti said she was too weak, but she must be strong in order to help the baby to be strong too. else potentially she could have a miscarriage at any point in the nearest time.

lets pray that both Yanti and the baby will be able to survive in the coming days and eventually fully recovered.

Yanti showed me and Tina the scar she had on her tummy. the stitch was quite long. (~_~) ngeee so 'ngilu' to see that.

not long after that, came some other relatives of Yanti. so we made our move. bid goodbyes and said some words of comfort, and we left her, hoping she will get well soon, together with the baby.

it was already 4.30pm and i was so hungry for i haven’t had my lunch yet. not knowing where to go for lunch, Kerol and i finally agreed to go to GE Mall to have our late lunch at Cozy Restaurant. its either the food was really delicious, or was it us who were too hungry, because we really did enjoy our meal so much. at some point of our discourse over the meal, we decided to go to Titiwangsa later. since GE Mall is so near to my place, we went back to my house to take our camera first. on the way back home, Mama sms-ed saying that she was alone at home. so apelagi, angkut Mama terus sudahhh. heh, Mama agreed and she even wanted to bring Alip. nasib baik Alip’s mother agreed as well.

so, Kerol, myself, Mama & Alip, off we went to Titiwangsa. Alip was all excited, he talked non stop throughout the drive. as usual, there was a crawl on the road but however we managed to make our way through and were even able to find a parking spot.

we initially showed Alip the ferris wheel and talked about the height and stuff so that he would get some idea (dont want to invite some unwanted scene in the gondola later! huhu), and guess what he said “Alip tak takut aaa”. heh. and yeah, so brave he was. i, on the other hand, takut nak mampus okey. huhu. apelagi, membatu kan diri jer la. boleh la plak ferris wheel tu pusing 6 KALI !! waaaa.. tapi tu lah, we were so lucky. they allowed only four of us to sit in the gondola (means no strangers sitting together), and it was just nice that they had some water performance, followed by some fireworks. and we got to enjoy all that while we were in the gondola still. boy, Alip was so stunned in excitement. and seeing him like that made us felt the same too.. :)

but when we got down, there were more and more fireworks performance. and it was becoming so intense we felt the sound of the burst coincided with our heartbeat. and Alip was getting scared he wanted to go back home. snapped some pictures (oh yeah btw i forgot to charge the battery – bummer!! so we used my phone instead) and headed back home. Alip was fast asleep before we reached his house.

hmm, was quite an eventful day i would say.

but like always, good things must come to an end. tomorrow am going to Penang, again! but this round, it’ll only be a two full working days trip. haihhh, hoping that everything will be just fine, and smooth per our work plan.

alritey. going to have some (beauty) sleep now. couldn’t afford to have that during working weekdays… huhu.

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