Sunday, 25 February 2007

The one with...the same old same old Sunday...

uwaaa planned to go jogging this morning with Kerol but i was so tired to realise the plan… Kerol woke me up at about 7am, but when he asked whether i wanted to go jogging or not, i gave a straight no. huhu. and now i regret :( oh well, there's no point crying over spilled milk huh?

but really, i was tired. its all accumulated from the last Thursday. i stayed up late night at home, as late as until 5am in the morning.. then had some sleep, before waking up again at 8.00am to go to office. had a normal day at work, then went to Tai’s wedding at night. it was something new for me, was quite interesting to see all of them shouting out loud the yaaaammm seng phrase ;) but by then i was already all dead beat. nak drive balik pun macam nak terlelap2.. huhu scary! sampai rumah jer i went straight to bed. make up pun tak sempat nak cuci.

i woke up at 5am on Saturday morning, and flipped through the study notes before getting ready to go to class, which started at 8.30am. don’t want to comment further here about the class, its only the first class, but one thing for sure i’ve survived :) we shall see hows the result coming out in April later. huhu. after class i went to KLCC, thought of going to maxis to fix Mama’s sim card. geram betul because the sim card cannot be activated, when i was told last Wednesday by them that there shouldn’t be any problem. pastu bile call maxis senang2 jer diorg cakap suh datang maxis again. eeee ingat i don’t have anything better to do is it but to visit maxis centre everyday? huh. anyway, things were sorted out and Kerol came to KLCC later at 2.30pm. we had Nando’s for lunch and then watched Pursuit of Happyness. the movie was brilliant !! note to all: must watch! ;) after the movie i was all out back again. huhu. went back home and dozed off straight away. ZZzzZZz

got up by the phone call from Muni. she’s in KL so we planned to meet up for dinner. so together with Kerol i went to this one eating place in Ampang and had dinner with Muni, Famie, Oya and Karim with Karim's brother tagging along as well. my, it has been quite some time since i last met them. even Oya yang working in the same firm pun susah nak jumpe ;) anyway, had a great time catching up.

went back home and something happened. huhu. and that’s when i felt what a ‘sueh’ day i had :(

first, when i did my first quiz in class, i didn’t realise that there were another 2 questions at the back of the paper. :( serious tak perasan !! bummer.
then, during the meet up with my friends, i accidentally spilled the drink and kena both of Oya’s and Muni’s pants :(
bila balik rumah, i accidentally broke the stepper of my mom’s exercise machine :(
and lastly (thank God it’s the last bad thing happened to me yesterday), just after i posted my previous entry, the one on complaining, i did something that caused my laptop cannot be switched on, at all! sigh.
oh yeah, i even had a nightmare dream yesterday.

believe me, i wasnt drama-queening based on what had happened above, but really, i felt so down.

but when i woke up today, i felt so much better. my laptop is a okay now, and i have another 5 quizzes to make up for the first one.

a brand new day, a brand new hope :)

alritey, gotta make full use of Sunday.. ciao.

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