Thursday, 22 February 2007

The one with taking a break from work..

blearghh, am so sick with the food options around the office area. or maybe am so sick with myself not knowing what to eat for lunch, yet feeling hungry at the same time. *Gollum behaviour alert*

the office is alive back again today. most of the people are back from CNY break. the gang went to the Bangsar Village to have lunch at Marmalade. i opted not to tag along purely because i’ve just had my lunch there yesterday. oh could also be due to the hot weather nowadays – i am to lazy to get my ass off out of the office. hmmm.

on Tuesday i went to the Cineleisure to catch a movie with Kerol and the Gombak clan. was suppose to watch Ghost Rider but somehow ended up watching the bimbo movie, Norbit. heh. was an utter stupid show, but quite hilarious and most important, entertaining. very light and required zero usage of your brain. and there goes my last day of holiday. sigh.

first day at work, as always, feeling so blue. office was rather empty yesterday. i, on the other hand, despite feeling lazybones and all, had no choice when the manager already agreed with the client to have a meeting. it was scheduled at 2.30pm at the client’s premise in Shah Alam, but this manager, i think also having no mood to work (itulah sape suruh fix a meeting right after CNY kan..) suggested for an early lunch. takkan nak say no, kan. so, around 12 like that, we went out and stopped by at the Bangsar Village to have lunch at Marmalade. i myself felt like having sandwich, so there’s no complain about that. the food was nice and tasty, oh well how far delicious a sandwich can be.. you get what i mean? so after lunch we went to the client, talk the talk, and everything was done deal at about 4 something. terus balik rumah sudahhh. it’s the manager’s call, takkan nak object.. >;P i sent her off at her place in Bukit Bintang and headed straight to KLCC. went to the Maxis Centre to change Mama’s number from pre-paid to post paid and registered it as a supplementary line to my billing. KLCC was still crowded with people, as always. so i didn’t really have the mood to shop or wander around. Kerol came at about 6pm, we spent some time eating 1901 at the park, and at about 7.30pm off we went back. he had dinner plan with his family and i myself planned to dig out all the lecture notes and the necessary for my class soon.

and hell i did my digging. huhu. lame dah rupenye tak usik buku2 and notes. berabuk sume. from planning just to compile those study stuff, i ended up cleaning my room. haha. relevant tak? i threw some junks and did some wiping also. i was so close to vacuuming also but decided not to after i kept on sneezing furiously :P so after all the clearout, i was so delighted to have my notes and study materials, all in order. so whats next? layan TV sudah…. :D eeee apesal laaa malas sangat nih!

not long after that, around midnight time my family reached home. they went to KLIA to pick my sister Liana. so the house was alive for a while, we were chatting merrily before everyone’s gone up to the room. but for us the sisters, it didn’t end there. we continued our chat till later only to realize it was already 3am!

so that should explain why i was late today. :P

its already 2.43pm now and i have so much to do. sigh. why are there so many requirements in life?

on another note, i would like to share this –

“Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow”..

very true, huh? so don’t forget, that you are not alone in this world.

oh ye, another thing, remember, live a healthy lifestyle. pesanan daripada kerajaan: fast food is bad for your health. (huh kenape baru skarang nak talk about banning the fast food advertisement? macam a bit too late jer?)

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