Monday, 19 February 2007

The one with the long weekend..

hmm… cepatnyer mase berlalu.. tinggal 1 hari jer lagi cuti, pasni dah start kerja balik.. haihhh laaa..

oh well, lets not worry about something that hasnt come yet.. (^_^)

i had a good break so far. friday was a bit of a lazy and boring day at work. most of my Chinese colleagues were either on a half day leave or went back home early, leaving office quite empty and dead. dalam malas2 and boring2 tuh, i however managed to rush out one report (finally! huhu), which was due for director’s review, and left office just slightly after 5.30pm – which was considered (wayyy) early to me. had a good time hanging out at the Ikea with Kerol and a dinner at the Curve afterwards. went back home around 11pm, and got refreshed before burning the midnight oil watching desperate housewives (season 3) and ANTM (cycle 7) till early morning. there goes another reason for an obvious dark circle. cant help it! huhu

later of the day i woke up around 2pm, did the routine house chores before getting ready to go for a dinner with family. its CNY break, which means school holiday too, so both Papa and Ajim were at home. Liana was suppose to be at home too, but due to the heavy rain in Jakarta followed by the ugly flood, her trip back home was extended to next week, i.e. 21st Feb. anyhow, we went out to have dinner at The Ship opposite to BB Plaza. the food was delicious, reasonably priced. but nothing great to shout about. the ambiance was beautiful, nicely decorated to reflect the past valentine's day and coming CNY.. the traffic at Jalan Ampang & Bukit Bintang was also surprisingly clear, all of which without a doubt i could conclude that it was a great time spent with family considering the fact of the real case. after dinner, we then went to Ampang Point for a bowling game session, which indeed another blast. (thought of posting some pictures here, but Erin hasn’t uploaded those yet. maybe later when she’s home.) we reached home at 1.30 am after four sets of game. =)

the next day was spent with Kerol.. ;) was a great hangout and that should be enough said. *wink*

and here i am today, feeling so lazy to even move my ass off yet at the same time don’t want to waste the every single second of the (free given) holiday i have. just now Kerol and i went to KLCC for lunch, thought of buying stationeries (my first micpa class is starting next saturday !! :( ) but KLCC was damn packed with people! nevermind then. Kerol asked me to tag along at his normal ‘Kurinam’ session with the Gombak friends but, yeah, i was so lazy to move. plus, the weather is so freaking hot. i am puteri lilin you know. hahahaha. :D

oh yea, wishing all my Chinese friends a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year! sent sms-es to them yesterday and one of the reply, which was from Adrian went like this “anjing pergi, babi mali, sueh pergi, ong mali, untong untong manyak kali, hali hali suka hati, kena ekor kena loteli, GongXi GongXi lu sama famili..”:D

have a heaps of fun holiday people!

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