Tuesday, 13 February 2007

The one with the incident this morning...

i was a bit pissed off this morning..

ok see what happened was, i was driving at Jalan Jelatek to go to office.

as seen above, there are 2 lanes on both side of the roads, with a divider in the middle. and there are trees along the divider.

me need to go to the most right of the lane, and me saw there was quite a distant between that stupid red Myvi and the car in front of her. (yeah, it was a lady driver). so me gave a signal, and dan2 tu jugak laaaa that stupid Myvi nak sped off. DUH!

the traffic light turned to red, and me got stuck in the middle of the road. with the front part of my car in the right lane and the back part in the left lane. i couldn’t move any further because the car previously behind me had already moved ahead.

natural reaction:
feeling so pissed off and panicked because there were a chain of motorcycles coming in the middle from behind, me made sure me pressured that moronic Myvi with a plate number K* 2# until she moved towards the most right, almost near to the divider.

the moment has come:
tadaaa… few ranting pokok kat divider tuh jatuh on top of her shiny Myvi. ranting2 pun, there were thuds and thumps jugakla.. muahahaha. rase macam ade super power plak.. sebab tengah feeling pissed off tuh, tibe2 ranting2 kayu tuh boleh plak jatuh. sort of my feelings were shown out in the open. \(^_^)/

considered we were even then. *wink*

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  1. amboi.. lilia mcm ada super power la... heheheh...

    rude drivers suck!!!! hehe