Monday, 12 February 2007

The one with.. the holiday(s)...

my, what a busy Monday morning.. now that i’ve sorted out my workloads (baru sort, not so much of execute huhu), its time to update blog! :D but i cant be long though.. there’s just so much to do, yet so little time.. must get things done before the coming CNY break.

anyways.. here goes.

the holiday story #1
i finally managed to catch the movie! the Holiday, that is. went to watch after work at Cineleisure on Thursday last week with Kerol. the movie was nice. a nice chick flick i would say. not those typical romantic hopeless chick flick. Cameron Diaz is so cute! hm, and as usual, i’m not good with movie review, so its either you go and watch for yourself, or check out the internet to know more about the movie.

the holiday story #2
last Friday was my department annual trip. this year, we went to Hyatt Regency Kuantan. i must say, the best i ever had. quite fun and eventful 2 days and 1 night trip. heh, my good friend Parveen (mostly) and I (to some minor extend) yang organised, of course la kene kate best. :P but seriously, i enjoyed it so much.

pushed off from office at 9.30am on the Friday morning and reached there at about 2pm, after making two stops for breakfast and lunch. there were 6 cars altogether to accommodate 27 of us, including the secretaries’ 2 kids. i was together with my gang, Parveen, Joanne & Jean with Ruben driving.

so basically:

reached there –> check in –> group meeting with the bosses -> played by the beach: volley ball & kite flying :) –> swimming in the pool and played water polo (that’s before i was 'kicked out' by the hotel management and you guess it right – i was wearing tudung and t-shirt and long pant –sigh, ingatkan hotel2 kat Malaysia ni flexible with the terms. i was so close to creating a scene, but then i managed to give in for i realized that i went there under my company’s name. so nanti kang ape2, burukkan name company plak kan (oh-so-loyal.. huhuhu) -> after that had a nice barbeque dinner -> played the charade game at the dinner table with those close gang but ended up with everyone’s joining, which is cool -> a lot of posing -> and a late night stay by the beach playing a lot of games and laughing and chit chatting until it was almost 4am -> woke up in the morning for breakfast -> more posing before go back to KL -> body aching, hahaha. how unfit.

Parveen, Jean and i in the car..

Nice view of Hyatt Regency Kuantan...

The pose from the gang, sementara menunggu process check in..

See at how people looking at me having my time flying kite, heh. the wind was so strong! just nice.

i was able to join them to play the water polo game for a short while only.. bugger!

The BBQ place..

Pose after the dinner..

Parveen and I, during the charade game..

The game where i fell off (exact word: terpelanting) almost all the time! huhu.

Posing game #1: pose as if you are seeing a ghost over there!

Posing game #2: pose as if Paris Hilton is sitting on your lap!

Posing game #3: pose as if you are seeing UFO up in the sky! heh. there are more photos on this posing game thing. tapi tanak lah reveal semua.

The gang, on the last day.

the holiday story #3
thought of going for a holiday before being so tied up with the micpa classes starting end of this month of February and the never ending workload. did the search for any good holiday promotion with Kerol yesterday, but it went to no avail. most of the offers apply only for March travel period, and most of the hotels are charging extras $$$ in view of the CNY break and school holidays.. sigh…

alritey. back to work! it’s a freaking busy Monday.


  1. goshhh.. a vacation in the mid of feb? am so jealous!! me desperately need one.. my bali trip will be on may but that's like ages away.. sigh.. dah bosan dok kL.. :(

  2. time can u pls edit Ruben 1st ar...he looks like he can giv birth d..MUAHAHAH...well nevermind la..i also got my CA paper to study for..but fortunately..i will b going for a holiday 1 more round in MARCH kekeke...

  3. tina... you can always go for a weekend holiday.. *wink*

    and joe, thanks for your comment. how.comforting. duhh~! (hehe i envy you la! enjoy ur trip..)