Friday, 2 February 2007

The one with.. happy vs unhappy feelings i have..

Saye sangat happy..

  • Harini hari Jumaat, yeay!
  • I had a good break.. went back early on Wednesday after work - had a good rest - abiskan Heroes episode 12 & 13 (Hiro Nakamura is so adorable! :P and yes, the storyline gets more & more interesting) - had a massage on early Thursday morning, niceeee - went for an outing with Kerol at Mid Valley - watched Epic Movie (damn funny and utter stupid, but entertaining) – and yeah, basically had a good time hanging out with him.
  • Malaysian team won the first ever Amazing Race Asia !! and another Malaysian team got to third place. so proud of them.. :) i was all the way supported Joe Jer & Zabrina (JJ’s sister) and its so excited to have them won the race, for they made it to the first all-girl team to ever win an Amazing Race. wee hoo.. girl power!
  • I had McD’s breakfast this morning.. absolute good kick start for the day..
  • Next week ade department trip – we are going to Hyatt Regency Kuantan.. looking forward to!

Saye tak berape happy...

  • Had a misunderstanding with a colleague and i was offended and i know she was too, but i couldn’t get it - why the fuss? she herself is the type who’s never really bothered with ppl’s feelings.. oh. right.
  • Kerja banyak !!! :( :( :(
  • I’ve just registered for MICPA May 2007 examination.. classes are starting from the end of this Feb.. haihhh.. so intimidating..
  • My good friend, Zuriyanti is warded.. apparently she had some blockage in her intestine.. and she will be having a major operation today and i was told that she could lose her baby.. so poor thing.. i really hope the surgery will go well.. i plan to go give her a visit tomorrow.
  • I feel like i’ve been eating a lot these days.. huhu.. i really need to be strict with my food intake! and yeah, drink a lot of plain water.

need to get back to work. bummer.

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