Sunday, 25 February 2007

The one with complaining...

why? why there are SO MANY requirements in life??? i am talking about all those peraturan duniawi.. all those rules created by human beings.. the pressures put on us girls.. well, i do believe that it’s a matter of one’s choices as to whether to give in to all this or not. BUT.. sometimes we are left with no option, aren’t we? as much as we want to stick to the WHATEVER IT IS, BE YOURSELF cliché, i guess there are always exceptions to the rules in order to make the life goes a lot easier huh? of course, unless you are one of those big shots you can use $$$$ like nobody’s business to get everything you want, in your own way.. so yeah, i am not in the position to be so demanding. what i can do is, comply faithfully TOGETHER WITH, a lot of complaining and whining and b*tching and the list goes on.. huhu.. :P

so here goes my main complains at the moment:
  • bencinye nak kene abeskan professional exam, yang tak abes2 lagi since 2004 :(
  • bencinye nak kene comply with the toastmaster requirement :(
  • susahnyer nk lose weight!! i am getting older, my metabolic rate is getting slower :(
  • nak diet balik, TAPI, with the stressful working life i’m having, i tend to reward myself with good food.. (read: cheese, chocs, ice-cream, oh well you get the idea)
  • lecehnye nak stick to a constant beauty regime.. i am starting to worry about having wrinkles! huhu
  • dah jage muka, pastu nak kene jage badan plak.. i cant complain much on the dry skin though.. sape suh tak drink a lot of plain water kan.. sheeesshh.
  • seems like i can never get rid off my dark circles.. :(
  • susahnye nak carik mase untuk exercise..

oh well, despite of all the above complains, deep down i know those things are for my own good. so yeah, i’m complaining for the fun of it. heh. :) and obviously i am making excuses kan. and because i feel like doing so. and that shows i am normal. don’t normal people complains? :P

of course, i am grateful for what i have now.. for the life i am living.. for the way its heading to.. can never feel thankful enough…… really, i am.


  1. Lilia, yes it's hard to exercise!! But make it a point that you must do it!! Do it regularly. Of course you will feel very reluctant initially, but believe me, once you got into it, you will miss if you don't do it. Come joint me & thousands others every Sat. & Sun. morning at Tasik Titiwangsa. I've stopped exercising for years, but now, I make it a MUST every Sat & Sun morning.

  2. Hi anonymous (why anonymous la? tak syiok!),

    Thanks, yeah i used to make it a point to go Tasik Titiwangsa every Sunday..but sometimes, its impossible to do so with the hectic life i'm living in. resting at home VS exercising? go figure. and now that i have classes on Saturday... sigh.

    Anyway, thanks. i know, if there's a will there's a way. i'll sort that part out myself. :)