Friday, 16 February 2007

The one with.. borrrrinngggg ~ !

1. Three names you go by
a) lilia
b) lia
c) lulu

2. Three screen names you've had
a) edlinalia
b) liaedlina
c) lilia

3. Three things you like bout yourself
a) errr..
b) humm..
c) haaa..

4. Three things you don't like bout yourself
a) its for me to know
b) and for me to deal with it
c) and try to improve

5. Three things that scare you (or mostly creeps you out)
a) death
b) insects + ghost story
c) being alone

6. Three of your everyday essential
a) doing basic needs – makan, minum, mandi, tidur, sembahyang
b) meeting Kerol ;P
c) watching TV series

7. Three things you're wearing right now
a) baju
b) seluar
c) tudung

8. Three of your favorite bands (or artist at the moment)
a) Justin Timberlake
b) Gwen Stephanie
c) Nelly Furtado

9. Three of your favorite songs at the moment
a) I’ll Follow Him – Little Peggy March
b) Amazed - Lonestar
c) Say It Right – Nelly Furtado

10.Three feelings you are having now
a) missing Kerol
b) boring
c) cant wait to finish my work

11. Three new things you'd like to try in the next 12 months
a) passing my Module D & E
b) holidaying
c) more and more holidaying

12. Three things you want in a relationship (love included in the package)
a) love
b) understanding
c) give and take

13. Two truths and a lie
a) i am the eldest in the family
b) i have my own business lines
c) i am taken

14. Three people who have to take this quiz now
a) anyone
b) any friend of mine
c) any other bloggers

haihhh boringnya!!

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