Tuesday, 9 January 2007

The one with.. while i was driving to work earlier today..

^ i passed by the place where the pakcik jual ikan parked his lorry at, and nampak Mama. so i stopped, turunkan tingkap, had a brief talk with her – about Alip, about Ajim’s registration etc. and salam cium tangan before continue driving.

^ i called Kerol and we chatted for a while (to pak polisi, i talked on loudspeaker k.. and lagipun tengah jem mase tuh, so i wasn’t really on the phone while driving :P )

^ i got stucked in the jem.. bugger.. was already 8.45am when i was still in Keramat area. nevertheless, i reached office just nice at 9am..

^ i was so bored being stucked in the traffic that i took out my lotion and started to apply on my arms... i used to do that often actually.. pernah skali dah letak losyen kat tangan skali bleh plak tibe2 traffic dah start gerak, ape lagi, sapu losyen kat stereng sudahhh.. :P

^ Parveen called telling me that she will only come after lunch.. alaaaa… i’ll be bored then during the first half of the day.. Joanne & Jean are still on leave..

^ i saw the traffic officer busily doing his job, and all of sudden the thought of “how is it like working as a traffic officer eh” came into mind..

^ i listened to and like always got excited when the ‘yes.. no.. Game’ was aired.. heh.. this morning, still, no one beat JJ & Rudy…

^ i got disturbed thinking that next week i’ll be outstationed to Penang.. sigh..

^ and i got further disturbed thinking that by all means, i need to get this one report done, before i go to Penang next week.. double sigh..

^ i started to plan my day.. and yeah, blogging wasn’t included then.. so i am technically diverted away from the original plan now.. huhu. :P


  1. the one with abby reading.

    got out of the house at 6.30am. Ramai kengkawan dah join on the road. So, that is NORMAL and NOT early. Traffic at Selayang going to KL is horrendous, passing by 2 pasar borong! (one pasar borong selayang and apparently a pasar borong kuala lumpur happen to be situated nearby there).

    don't listen to I don't know why I despise RUDY so much! He look like a very disturbed with perasan hebat attitude as a person. But hey, being the judgemental person that I am, I feel no guilt saying that. Thats just my honest opinion. JJ, dunno. I listen to Indonesian Nu Jazz and Happy Feet soundtrack to work. (",) Everyday.

    Outstation supposed to be fun. Me, I'll be here in KL but helping with the Global Peace Forum, so in a way, I'll be visiting international set of minds while not going anywhere. To others, please feel free to browse my blog as you are invited to come and join the Peace Conference. Regardless religion, thats the only thing we all can be united to agreeing on, right!

    Owh, job ... hurm. Talk about writing articles, re-writing it for another 5 times when your boss edits it and she happens to be a writer as well and wanted things more her way. Hurm, she's very encouraging with me liking to write, but when 2 writers clashes style (mine with my poetry/philosophy based, hers with her straight England english based), somehow, hurm... okay, no need to elaborate on that. this is not my blog. heh. owh, she's an LSE grad, you can imagine la how strict she can be with her England English. Her boss is harvard grad, so, the level of writing quality is somewhat, top notch, way up there, to a simple minded uitm grad like me.

    owh, again, this is not my blog. heh. sorry babe.

  2. hehehe.. funny.

    anyways,its very nice of you not to just drop by and read, but also to the extend of blogging! my pleasure girl.. :)

    on a totally different channel,dont forget to watch axn tonight and support JJ's sister's team - Zabrina & Joe Jer !!

    cheers to the Malaysian teams for making it this far.

  3. ehhh silap.. not tonight...

    damn i thought its already thursday.