Monday, 1 January 2007

The one with welcoming the two-double 0-seven..

such a hard fact, but true, its the starting of the year 2007 already. how fast time flies.. rase macam baru jer aritu kecoh2 pasal millennium laa, Y2K laa, skang dah 2007 dah.. ish.. i’m gonna be 25 soon! huhu.. macam tak percaya jer..

whatever it is, i am so glad that i am still alive, breathing and surviving.. i really learnt a valuable lesson from experiencing the loss of my opah the other day.. pemergian opah mengajar erti keinsafan.. mengingatkan bahawa dunia ni semua sementara.. and menyedarkan bahawa maut boleh datang bila2 mase saja.. bukannyer tak pernah sedar semua ni.. tapi, biase lah manusia.. hidup dalam kealpaan dan kelalaian.. *isk* wishing for His blessings and guidance, semoga tak terlalu jauh sesat di dunia nih.. amin..

and with that, my resolution for this year of 2007, is to become a better servant of His, and to lead and have a better life than the previous years..

down to the specifics, my resolutions this year (amongst others) are:

to drink more of plain water (a carried forward resolution hehehe)
to be more positive
to get my MICPA exam done, once and for all
to do my audit secondment
to finish my Toastmaster speeches
to improve my savings $$$$

hmm, itu jer yang mampu ingat skang.. or maybe thats really all the things i have in mind for my short-term goal in life.. well, i am not so much the type of person yang will come out with a list of resolutions then working towards achieving it..

its already 1.45 in the morning, but i am not sleepy yet. maybe sebab dah banyak tidur dah siang tadi.. went back to Port Dickson yesterday night in view of the Hari Raya Haji. did nothing much on the Raya day itself. had some dishes, then went to visit kubur arwah pagi tadi and in the evening went back to Langat.. by 8.30 pm i was back in KL. lepak2 kejap then i found myself on a constant sms with Kerol and we talked about plans for New Year Eve. surprisingly tahun ni takde laa rase macam nak celebrate ker, ape ker.. in fact few years back pun memang rase macam ni.. its like “ year” and thats it. tapi ntah cemane sms punye sms, datang idea nak gi tengok bunga api from bukit kat Jalan Ampang tuh. ntah bukit ape ntah namenyer. sbb rasenyer it wont be as crowded and bleh nampak a wider coverage of the KL view. we tried to invite some other friends to join us but none can make it. too last minute perhaps.

so Kerol came and picked me up at about 10.45pm, and we went to McD to buy some food before heading there. jalan clear tapi by the time we reached keta dah banyak kat sane. managed to get a good spot laa jugak.. so sementara menunggu detik 12 tengah malam, kitorg borak2, sambil melantak McD. topic paling hangat berkisar on these two questions - “eh tahun lepas kite celebrate kat mane eh? ker kite tak celebrate?” :D and bile dah penat berborak we tried to get a nice shot of KL view at night.. the best we captured was this one:

well, kire ok lah kan.. bak kate Kerol, ni bukan pakai kamera harga ribu2..

all in all, takde la best pun tengok bunga api from bukit kat Jalan Ampang tuh. tengok dari padang umah lagi best. heh. tapi takpe, tak pergi, taktau, ye tak. and sampai kesudah tak dapat nak recall what happened on the New Year Eve last year.. ^misteri….^ LoL.

Happy New Year !!!


  1. owhhh... tgk bunga api ek... kiter kat trg x de bunga api la... huhu..

  2. alahhhh ape sangat laaa tengok bunge api tuhhh.. macam laa dia tak pernah tengok zaman2 muda duluuuu.. heh.. ;P