Sunday, 21 January 2007

The one with.. purple with rage..

okey, maybe the previous entry doesnt valid anymore.

yes, you can be rest assured that things are less stressful when you are with the people you can click very well. the people you are comfortable to work together with.

BUT, not when someone took the meaning of comfort & familiar way too far. as comfort as coming in at 1.30pm when the others were already there at 10.30am because that person told them so. and as if thats not inconsiderate enough, that person even (cold-heartedly) said that we will only be going at 6 pm later.

what da. *very pissed off*


  1. it seems like somebody is taking his/her own sweet time... hmmm... wut to do... sabar2...

  2. that's part of dealing with ppl..some are just too selfish to bother on other people's feelings.. sabarnya lilia.. :)