Friday, 5 January 2007

The one with points of annoyance..

1. bile nak masuk website blogspot asyik hang half way. pastu kalau successful pun, part shoutout box tuh ‘temporarily unavailable’. duh.
2. hari2 terakhir cuti before masuk balik kerja dihabiskan dengan menyiapkan ‘homework’. why on earth mesti ade homework in the first place ??!
3. takleh nak check yahoo mail.
4. bile tengok cerita Cicak-man. indah khabar dari rupa. tapi thumbs up la for the technology used. jalan cerita jer kot cam hampeh and lawak pun takde lah lawak sangat. (don’t get me wrong, am still a fan of KRU ;P )
5. bile dapat tau yang kalau nak save kan pictures from PC ke dalam CD bukan as straight forward as macam save ke dalam thumbdrive / disket. kene ade dia punye application la plakkkk. (yeah, saye sangat buta IT)
6. refer no. 2.
7. bile teringat iklan kat astro “itu cikgu skolah Ani.. malunyeeeee” pastu disahut oleh si bapak dengan gaye yang sangat prosa klasik “baiklah.. terima kasih lah, kerana menegur saye”. *pukes* (pastu bleh plak eh yang bawak watak si bapak tuh glamer la plak skang ni.. dalam citer Cinta dia ade. dalam citer Cicak-man pun dia ade.. adehhhh)
8. masih back to the point no. 2.
9. bile realize its only the 5th day of January, tapi duit dalam bank bleh plak dah tinggal sket. am on leave since 21st December some more, for that matter. pastu bile nak itemized kan balik all the gone RM, bleh plak track. results: toiletries, patrol and some other miscellaneous expenses. damn we are having a high living costs here in KL.
10. still, that freaking point no. 2 !!!!

on another grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side note, i just got back from being kidnapped by Kerol tadi.. ;P was doing my freaking homework at the living room when he told me that he’s done with his work for the day, and that he’s on the way to my place. he reached at 4.30 pm and off we went to watch Night at the Museum (Kerol nak tengok Tentang Bulan sebenarnyer :P next time k?) at MBO cinema in Plaza Galaxie Ampang. it was still early for dinner when the movie ended, so we decided to drive around first. ended up at Titiwangsa. was quite happening with all the preparation for tomorrow’s launching of the ‘Eye of Malaysia’ in view of the Tahun Melawat Malaysia 2007.. there was quite a number of food stalls being set up as well. ferris wheel tu nampak cantik menarik tertarik tapiiii, errr don’t think i have the guts to try. tinggi sangat for a not-so-tall me. ;P after wandering around Titiwangsa, we then went to the naan cheese place opposite to Ampang Point and had our dinner. waaaaa sejak cuti aritu makan memang amboi amboi amboi celet sket betul… huuuu~~!

alritey. nak siapkan homework. nanti takleh enjoy the weekend; the final one before back to work. *yawn in irritation*


  1. point no 5????

  2. eh eh, berani encik / cik anonymous ini duh kan saye.. ish ish ish.

  3. c'est moi, concorde...kekekeke...
    tatau cane nk publish myself since i didn't hv any blog's acc. frenster blog bleh ke??
    i knoe u gonna 'duh' me bck!!
    wut a cruel world isk isk...;p

  4. ohhhhh concorde ke.... hehehehe.. duh! opssss.. :P

    anyway, i also not sure how to allow u to comment by putting your own name, instead of anonymous, even the fact that u dont have blogspot account...


    we are equally duh now.. :)