Monday, 29 January 2007

The one with the (not so) latest news in town.. :P

i’d rather type the main topic i would like to share here in malay & in short forms. just in case, you know, suddenly key words / phrases people type in the space provided at any search engines lead them to here.. huhu touch wood.. (duh me, as always, i’m a paranoid freak :P )

and duh me again, for yeah, br jer dpt tau fr my colleague yg ade 2 org pentulis blog di Malaysia ni kene smn ngan sebuah akhbr temptn. hmm, nmpk sgt memang bz lately sampai tk smpt nk bace paper and tktau pun abt this news.

i mean, there’s nothing i should be afraid of la, of course. i have nothing against other people. this is my own space filled with my own craps. its just that i found it to be a bit shocking. before this memang there were issues about bloggers’ rights n stuff pun kan, but i didnt really bother. so apparently there are people being suuueeed eh. interesting.

hmm, for the record, i declare my space here is clean. heh. :P

ok lah. itu jer. thought i would like to share. sharing is caring maa. besides, am so stressed out for not being able to resolve my client’s financials issues for my analysis, since yesterday lagi. sigh.

monday blues, it is....

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