Friday, 12 January 2007

The one with the nature of life...

yesterday i had a conversation with a friend, i told that person about my grandma.

friend: so sorry to hear about your grandma.

me: thanks.

friend: you are so lucky pernah rase kasih sayang dari atuk and nenek.

me: tak merasa kasih, tak terasa kehilangan.

friend: tapi, dapat rase kasih dan sayang tu, that matters the most.

me: hmm, pros and cons.


to live without having and experiencing love, one is a lonely number.

but to live with sharing and giving love, we are preparing ourselves to hurt and to be hurt.

the more you avoid love, the more you bring yourself towards it.

the more you love someone, the deeper the cuts you are going to feel, should you be hurt.

everything comes in package i suppose. the ups and the downs. the thick and the thin. the positive and the negative. the love and hurt.

"Bagai manapun hidup...
Memang hanya cerita..
Cerita tentang meninggalkan dengan ditinggalkan..."

- OST Cinta by Misha Omar & Jaclyn Victor -

life is full of twists.


  1. Lia, i just realised that all your entries punyer topic start with "The one ..." ... mcm tajuk FRIENDS punyer series pulak...

  2. hehe, I know that friends nye series! I collector of the vcd set! heh.

    anyways, I really think you should listen to the original version sang by Melly Goeslow and Kris Dayanti, the video clip sgt mengharukan cos uish, you can so feel the emotions walaupun dlm videoclip tu they look a bit in love with each other, melly and kris, but you can really feel the emotions conveyed through the lyrics.

    nevertheless. love is something sacred and universal. and yes, I think at least knowing and getting the opportunity to have love is better then not at all. becos the pain that cuts deep from the hurt could not compare to those nights where you sit alone in the dark confused and devastated for no particular reason, simply becos your heart have never felt love.