Sunday, 14 January 2007

The one with the entry before going to Penang..

its 11.30 am and in about 2++ hours time, i am going to Penang for a one week outstation job..

yesterday Kerol and I had our day out. heh. actually come to think of it, we both agreed that it has been quite some time since we had a proper outing (read: dating .. :P ). all this while, its either dinner or movie after work.

anyhow, so yesterday morning i woke up at about 8.30 am.. (yes, lilia woke up THAT EARLY on a saturday morning..). reason being, i had to send my car to the workshop. something wrong with the petrol indicator, or whatever the thing is called. while waiting, Kerol came and picked me for breakfast. we went to mcD near my house. while we were enjoying the meal, i received call from workshop telling me that there's nothing much they can do at that point of time. they told me that i had to wait for a minimum of 3 weeks time because they need to order the necessary spare parts. so after Kerol and i were done with our meal, i picked my car and off we went back home.

i told Kerol that i wanted to catch the final episode of ANTM at 12 noon first before going out because i wont be able to do so on Sunday like i normally do. hmm i must say that kali ni punye episode tak best sangat. cam takde spark. anyway, soon after the show ended, at about 2 something, i reached Kerol's place, and we headed straight away to KLCC for Aquaria… :) had a good time there, and luckily the place wasn’t that packed..

after spending almost 2 good hours in Aquaria, we had late lunch + early dinner at Kenny Rogers. we decided to catch a movie afterwards but while we were screening through the show time, we agreed that there’s not much of a choice of good movies. as a matter of fact, even the timing also was a bit out. most of the show started at 9.30pm or later 11.30pm. was a bit too late for a movie. suddenly there were 2 guys coming and approaching Kerol:

the guy: abang, abang nak tengok wayang eh, amek la tiket ni, kitorg kasi free.. kawan kitorg tak datang lah.

Kerol: citer ape..

the guy: The Return. Kul 7.30. dah start dah ni. (it was almost 8pm already that time).

Kerol: oh, citer seram kan. takpelah, dia ni tak tengok citer seram (pointing at me).

So the guys left.

Me (being so cheapskate.. huhu) : alahhh, jom je lah. kite memang nak tengok wayang kan. belasah jer.

Kerol (looking at me in disbelieve): citer seram tu, tau kan?

Me nodded in ‘whatever..’ statement read on my face, and we took the tickets. :p

The Return sucks big time okeyyyyy… huhu.

nevertheless i had a good outing yesterday.. :)

okeylah, nak bersiap. Kerol is coming to pick me up soon. i am meeting Parveen, Anushia and Ruben at the office first before going to Penang.



  1. hehehe .... what do you expect from free tickets? hahaha .. lousy movies la!

  2. tickets also complain so much...muahahah pls go take pics of my penang char kuey teow!!