Thursday, 4 January 2007

The one with me trying to avoid from doing work.. huhu..

tengah2 mlm cenggini, tibe2 terpikir, to some extend, every person in this world, including myself, is alone. such a strong statement eh. but true. reasons being, we are the navigator of our own life journey. we are the one who is responsible for the consequences resulting from our own behaviours. not other people. but our ownself.

when things happen, no matter how many good friends we have around us, no matter how closely attached we are to our family, no matter how happily married we are, no matter how loving & caring our partner is, in the end, its us and us alone.

people can give advices, people can comfort us, people can suggest, people can talk, people can be there by your side, listening to you, giving you their shoulders for you to cry on, but still, its us who are suppose to face the reality. its down to us to feel the feelings. its down to us to decide whats next.

ok, you were dumped by your boyfriend / girlfriend. you failed exam. you did not finish you assignment. you broke your mom’s favourite vase. so on and so forth. the involvement of other people is limited to giving words of comfort, lending their ears, be by your side, provide you with the money, suggest you solutions, etc. but who is suppose to overcome the whole situation if not yourself?

even when you were a kid, when you cant finish your homework, the mother can only stayed up together with you, but the next day, it was you who had to go to school, and present the homework to your teacher, and had a tiring day because you stayed back the night before. not your mother.

there’s no one can help us to improve, but ourselves. not even Him, the Creator of all of us.

alritey, now i have got my brain thinking, i better start doing my work. sebab ape? sebab nanti saye yang kene marah ngan manager. manager yang baik ngan saye plak tuh. manager yang duduk sebelah saye. and saye yang kene stay back late till night in office sebab buat kerja last minute. saye yang takleh gi dating after work sebab kerja tak siap lagi. saye yang risk my own reputation in office.

bukan orang lain.

bukan Kerol saye yang cakap petang tadi "malam ni make sure buat kerja eh?". bukan Oya yang baru jer comment "enjoy your holiday while it lasts.. takyah ingat kerja tuuhhh". bukan Parveen yang comforted me this morning by saying "dont worry, you wont get into trouble. what is yours compared to mine? you surely can do.."..



  1. adakah ketika itu awak berada di ofis? best nyer. kalaula saya dapat lepak di ofis sampai memalam buta, akan saya buat. but ofis saya, by 6pm dah sunyi and selalu saya pulang after maghrib pun, tinggal 2 orang je.

    saya pun takleh gi dating lepas kerja .... cos saya takde sape nak date dengan saya. hahahahahahaaha.....

    boss in not in but she have called to stay in progress with what I've been doing. heh. well, I still do my job. just with my Y!Msgr on.

  2. yes... so true lia... so.. buat lah keje... concentrate, so that u dun have to spend so much time on the homework.. advice from me who are reading blogs and surfing net during office hour ;-)

  3. oh tidak sekali2 cik abby,saye bukan berada di office ketika itu.. saye di rumah sorg ketika org lain sedang tidur, or tengok tv.. *isk*

    and oya, whats so new about reading blogs and surfing net during office hour eh? *wink* oya, bile nyer nak update blog???