Sunday, 7 January 2007

The one with going back to routine: working !!! blearghhh

1. no more waking up late
2. no more spending time at home, laze around in front of TV
3. no more surfing internet at night, particularly friendster site & yahoo mail
4. no more playing with Alip
5. no more doing things suke2 hati at my own pace, my own time, my own schedule

*sangat tak suke*

haihhh life goes on eh? tomorrow am back to work. kerja tak siap. great. oh well, i'm ready, come what may.. (huhu.. ye ye jer).

anyways, had a rather eventful day today. went out for lunch, followed by bowling with Mama & Ajim at Ampang Point. (note: Papa is in Penang, Erin is having training, and well, Liana is in Jakarta). was quite fun though, coz tiga2 tak terer main.. hahaha.. well, to me bowling is all about luck. heh. we had four games, first round i won (tepuk sket), then second round Mama menang (hebat gak Mama rupenyer), third round Ajim plak menang (kire cam tau2 jer kasik chance setiap sorg merase jadik juara, kekekeke) and finally, Ajim menang. lepas main bowling, jalan2 jap then we went back home. not long after we reached, Erin was back as well. out we went for dinner. Erin brought us to this one eating place at SS2. quite a nice place to dine at. not bad la.

hmm, despite of the fun i had, deep inside i dont have the feeling of peace. one reason could be due to the thought of having to go to work tomorrow after such a long break. others?



  1. 2 words.

    padan muka.

    hehe, kejam kan. cos ia datang daripada seorang yang baru 2 bulan bekerja dan takde cuti but penat since 2 weeks mengangkat barang pindah rumah!


    you'll be fine la babe, happy working!

  2. hahaha... no worries. reality bites. what is that 2 words compared to whats gonna be uttered by my bosses.. :P

    owh yeah i read your blog, finally u followed your parents moved to Selayang eh..

    no worries, you'll be fine too.. :)

  3. yes, there's lot in my plates, and stuff I can't eat plak tuh! hahaha.

  4. haha... i know the unease that u felt thinking about work when u r halidaying... anyway, welcome back to the peak period eventho we r doing different stuff, but same difference, really =P