Sunday, 28 January 2007

The one with.. fly kite.. heh.

layang layang terbang melayang… terbang melayang di tengah padanggg.. heh ingat lagi rupenye ngan lagu norshila amin nih..

my (chinese) officemates slalu cakap ‘go fly kite’ here.. ‘go fly kite’ there.. hemm sampai arini sebenarnye kureng paham lagi penggunaan yang tepat of that statement :P

anyway, i had a good Sunday today (despite the fact that i am actually doing my homework now, damn tomorrow is Monday – i hate to face she-who-must-not-be-named-here first thing in the morning!!)

woke up early, went out for jogging (read: walking) with Kerol. ingatkan alang2 dah pegi titiwangsa tuh nak jugak naik the ferris wheel (Eye on Malaysia). tapi Kerol cakap naik malam la baru best. come to think of it, betul jugak kan. so after made 2 rounds of walking and talking and laughing, we had breakfast at NZ before each went back home. lazed around in front of the idiot box, did my routine house chores, i.e. melipat kain dengan penuh keayuan :P, and continued with another round of snooze.

already agreed with Kerol to meet up in the evening, but without any particular activity in plan. went out to pick him up at about 5pm, and entah cemane ntah datang ler idea si Kerol ni nak gi main layang2. and yes, saye tidak pernah bermain layang2 all my life.. huhu.. buat layang2 pernahlah – cikgu pendidikan seni suruh.. :P

so we went to this place - Taman Metropolitan in Kepong and my, what can i say, i had a great time !! :) siap berlagak ngan bebudak kat situ lagi once i had my kite in control, sangatlah syiok (hey, give me a break okeyyy). thanks to my sifu, none other than Kerol. :P tapi tu lah kan, tak plan nak pegi, so tak bawak kamera.. so, all the pictures were captured using my handphone....

alritey.. homework..homework..homework... *pukes*


  1. Aiseh..can i dare say that i m a proud user of the "fly kite" phrase..must thank Kerol..such an inspiration idea to go dating by flying kites..i wonder if it would work if i asked my gf out to fly kite..eventhough i got no idea how to fly 1...

  2. lia...i so wanna go tapi everytime i tgk all the cars congested at the entrance of the park, terus tukar pikiran..nvm, this sunday, i confirm pegi gak..jeles tgk u main kite.. wawawawawa...

  3. someone who is constantly craving a.k.a Joe & Tina, silalah penuhkan waktu lapang anda di hari minggu by flying kites.. heh.

    Joe, its another form of exercise you know. and yeah, its fun too. once in a while doing outdoor activities - am sure ur gf gonna like it. since you already confessed that you are a proud user of the 'fly kite' phrase, am sure you wont have any problem to actually fly one.. hahaha :D

    Tina, datang awal (dalam kul 5.30 camtuh) and surely you will find a good spots! - both the spot to park your car and the spot for you to fly kite as well.. :)

  4. btw,
    they sell the kite kat situ kannn? it's not like we gotta bring our own kites kan??

  5. a'ah they sell the kites there.. kalau bawak sendirik lagi best sebenarnye, so that yours will be lain dari yang lain.. so macam cool sket. heh.

  6. bestnyer main layang2!! teringat zaman kecik2 dulu... huhu... main dgn my brothers... must go one of these days nih...