Tuesday, 2 January 2007

The one with... err nothing in particular..

am at home.. so boring.. takde bende nak buat.. citer kat TV pun tak best sangat.. keep on switching channel between astro ria - Remp It & HBO - Richie Rich. channel lain takde citer best.. hmm, pastu, bleh plak tibe2 ujan kan.. langsung, terus tak dapat astro.. haihhh...

anyhow, this is of course, a GOOD boring, hehe.. i am 5 days away from coming back to work... erghhh!! these few days kept on having dreams about officemates lah, report lah, manager lah... waaaaa *panic attack* !!! tonight i'll have to start on the homework.. huuu~~

oh yeah, yesterday i attended 2 barbeque events, one during lunch, and another one during dinner.. yang lunch punyer was a bit boring - was dad's occasion. he had a reunion thing with his old friends at Batu 14 Hulu Langat. and he dragged the whole family all along. the interesting part was i bumped into my friend, Farah’s dad as well (finally). Farah is my childhood bestfriend, known her since we were in standard 6 in Kuantan and we are still in good contact till now despite of the distant (Farah lives and works in JB). her parents were already separated when i met Farah in 1994, so she did tell me things about the family. never thought my dad is a (good) friend of her dad. anyway, Farah’s dad was nice, he does aware that her only daughter is a good friend of mine. he asked me about work, about life, etc and i told him that i just met Farah in JB during the recent fasting month.

and the second barbeque was held by my Gombak friends, took place at Ezal's house. Kerol told me that the barbeque dinner is such a must-have annual event for them. so yesterday night was my first time involvement. BBQ started a bit late yesterday, Zul, the person in charge of the raw materials, i.e. marinated chickens, lambs, sausages, etc. arrived at about 9pm when everyone was already there since after Maghrib. nevertheless, we were all stuffed with good food in the end.. siap ade extras lagi. heh.

^ did nothing while waiting for the BBQ to start ^

^ finally... :P ^

^ si Lynn rajin betullll :) ^

^ the whole gang ^
^ muke2 happy makan dessert - ice creams & tiramisu.. yummy ^

^ the extras.. banyaknye....! ^

alritey.. citer Remp It dah abes, citer Richie Rich pun dah abes. need to go and get ready, Kerol is coming to pick me up, we are going to do some toiletries shopping at Carrefourre & maybe afterwards go jalan2 makan eskrem.. :P


  1. huhu... bestnyer cuti dier... bestnyer cuti panjang2... enjoy it while it last... yg keje2 tuh... jgn ingat...

  2. memang laaa tanak ingat, tapi dok teringat2 jugak.. huhu~~~