Friday, 26 January 2007

The one with.. the day i feel like membebel...

i'll follow.. i'll follow.. i will follow youuuuu....

the Digi advert is brilliant man (please pardon me, Maxis.. huhu). its so catchy. and the song got stuck in my head for the whole day today. hah.

ok cut the crap, straight to the point.

hemmm.. oh yeh i so need to membebel now…

though i am not in the position to judge whatsoever, BUT i really need to let this opinion i have out. an opinion of mine, who’s the eldest in the family, who comes from a not-so-perfect family. and more importantly, IN MY OWN BLOG. right.

i just don’t get it, how could a person takes things for granted of his / her family. i’m not talking about the normal take things for granted here. its not those in lines with you answering your parents back, or those normal quarrel you have in between siblings.. i am talking about something MORE than that.

you see, as a child, one doesn’t get to choose one own family. but hey, so do the others. NOBODY gets to choose his own family. so ok, one is raised in a dysfunctional family. its hard, its tough, but what one can do is, make the best out of one own family right. go and do anything, but not to make the whole situation worsen.

i mean, come on, stop comparing your family with other family la as for a start. yeah i myself is a hypocrite if i were to say that i never compare. to compare in fact, is human. but you should know where’s the border. a border you should never cross.

sometime it is just your fate that your parents cannot afford to buy you (expensive) things, but to some extend, they actually and of course, do what they can. just imagine yourself being in parents’ shoes, takkan la you do not want to provide the best for your children kan. so yeah, they sacrificed a lot to fulfill your both basic and extra needs, to the point they are able to.

but hey, the parents are also normal human beings. they make mistakes. they fail to save their relationship. and eventually the whole family is affected. but as a child, are you really in the position to judge them? you know your mom / dad from the child’s point of view, but your dad knows your mom from a partner point view. and so does your mom towards your dad. so of course, they know more than you do, in ways you never thought. so as a child, all you can do is to try to fit in to the whole picture. as cliche as it is, just follow with the flow.

yes, its not easy, i know. along the way there will be times where you just want to run away from the whole situation. but sampai bile nak rase macam tu kan? sudah2 lah. if its not you to volunteer yourself to stick to the family and bring everyone together, then who else? you know you wouldnt want to repeat what you have been through, you swore you wont make the same mistakes your parents did again when you have your own family one day, but the family you already have? takkan nak ditch just like that?

how could a person lives so happy and bersenang lenang without thinking that the family he left behind on the other hand putting so much effort making sure he / she has got all his / her needs fulfilled. the basic needs at least. where’s the empathy bit?

and those who has elder sisters / brothers, who's already working. well, not all of us are lucky to have an elder sibling to give $$$ as and when you need. not everyone can has his / her elder siblings afford to support all the time and give extra than what the parents can give. coz obviously, your elder siblings have more responsibilities, especially of course, to YOUR parents.

haihhh.. don’t know lah kan what in his / her head. this is only one side of the view. on the so many flipsides, we’ll never know.

life is so complicated and inscrutable (new word i learnt from the toastmaster meeting yesterday! :P ).. but if its not us to change and make the best out of it, who else?

i am not perfect, so yeah this is just a mere opinion


  1. I hope this is not about me yea hahaha...eventhough i always complain about my parents and i m prob better off then alot of ppl..anywayz GOOD JOB ON YOUR THIRD SPEECH FOR TOASTIES...i cant believe u alr on par with me...i tink i better give my ass a lil kick

  2. haha.. nope, of course its not about u.. those normal complains about parents are normal.. i do that also u know.. ;)

    and hey, thanks for coming to give support yest..ala, you already have one slot booked for your next speech, mine not yet.. so,we wont be on par that long. hmm, maybe i should arrange another visit to that client's place of mine in penang.. muahahaha