Saturday, 27 January 2007

The one with.. the blood diamond..

no, i am not going to do any movie review here.. if you want to know more, go get your ass off to the cinema near you, NOW.. alternatively, you can check out its official website -

i went to One Utama yesterday after work with Kerol to catch the said movie.. i myself have never heard, or seen the trailer before, and review in few mags didn’t catch my attention either.. i must say, am not really a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio.. the image of how he played Jack Dawson in Titanic is all i have in my mind up until now (i.e. so ‘jiwang’ and ‘jambu’ type of guy), so to see his picture so big on the poster of the said movie is like an error message to me. i mean, yeah i can tell from the poster that Blood Diamond is nothing close to Titanic type of movie. in fact, i’ve never had the interest to catch any Leo’s post-Titanic movies as well (read: the Beach, the Man in the Iron Mask, the Aviator, the Departed; to name a few) coz to me, nampak macam tak kene jer dengan si Leo nih.

BUT, i guess, the saying “don’t judge a person by its appearance” wasn’t spread for nothing huh. two THUMBS UP for his performance in Blood Diamond. man the movie is so brilliant ! apart from the so many violent scenes (rating is 18PL fyi), the movie is really.. touching. well peppered with all sorts of humankind elements. and yeah, at some intervals of this 2 hours and a half show, i cried. also, this movie taught me about the global issues once surrounding this one thing known to be every woman’s bestfriend (and man’s headache) – diamond.

even then so, we can never tell which diamond is the conflict diamond.

go and watch for yourself. and you'll know what i'm babbling about.


  1. yeah, the advert/ trailer didn't catch my attention either...i also didn't follow Leo's career after the titanic and also not a big fan of his... will get a dvd of it though...

  2. Sesungguhnya... rugilah terhadap kamu sekiranya kamu hanya menonton dvd bg movie ini. Inilah kali pertama satu cerita yg membuat "org tuh" Eee..cite ape nih-nangis-rileksjap-mataberkaca2-nangis

    pehtu smlm ajak gi tgk lg sekali early birds...