Tuesday, 30 January 2007

The one with.. Alip goes to pre-school...

Alip, the kid yang Mama babysits, started his pre-school some time early this year. well not so much of a pre-school lah, he went for a mengaji class actually. normally by the time i went downstairs to go to office, he's gone. but today i happened to wake up (slightly) earlier than normal. and yeay i got to see Alip. he was so excited, all ready to go to his pre-school. so cute!!

notice the spongebobsquarepant's bag? yeah i know! =)

sangat comel.

The one with the magic phrase...

and then the saying goes:

.: Even the word IMPOSSIBLE

Hmmmmm. its all in your head huh.

Monday, 29 January 2007

The one with the (not so) latest news in town.. :P

i’d rather type the main topic i would like to share here in malay & in short forms. just in case, you know, suddenly key words / phrases people type in the space provided at any search engines lead them to here.. huhu touch wood.. (duh me, as always, i’m a paranoid freak :P )

and duh me again, for yeah, br jer dpt tau fr my colleague yg ade 2 org pentulis blog di Malaysia ni kene smn ngan sebuah akhbr temptn. hmm, nmpk sgt memang bz lately sampai tk smpt nk bace paper and tktau pun abt this news.

i mean, there’s nothing i should be afraid of la, of course. i have nothing against other people. this is my own space filled with my own craps. its just that i found it to be a bit shocking. before this memang there were issues about bloggers’ rights n stuff pun kan, but i didnt really bother. so apparently there are people being suuueeed eh. interesting.

hmm, for the record, i declare my space here is clean. heh. :P

ok lah. itu jer. thought i would like to share. sharing is caring maa. besides, am so stressed out for not being able to resolve my client’s financials issues for my analysis, since yesterday lagi. sigh.

monday blues, it is....

Sunday, 28 January 2007

The one with.. fly kite.. heh.

layang layang terbang melayang… terbang melayang di tengah padanggg.. heh ingat lagi rupenye ngan lagu norshila amin nih..

my (chinese) officemates slalu cakap ‘go fly kite’ here.. ‘go fly kite’ there.. hemm sampai arini sebenarnye kureng paham lagi penggunaan yang tepat of that statement :P

anyway, i had a good Sunday today (despite the fact that i am actually doing my homework now, damn tomorrow is Monday – i hate to face she-who-must-not-be-named-here first thing in the morning!!)

woke up early, went out for jogging (read: walking) with Kerol. ingatkan alang2 dah pegi titiwangsa tuh nak jugak naik the ferris wheel (Eye on Malaysia). tapi Kerol cakap naik malam la baru best. come to think of it, betul jugak kan. so after made 2 rounds of walking and talking and laughing, we had breakfast at NZ before each went back home. lazed around in front of the idiot box, did my routine house chores, i.e. melipat kain dengan penuh keayuan :P, and continued with another round of snooze.

already agreed with Kerol to meet up in the evening, but without any particular activity in plan. went out to pick him up at about 5pm, and entah cemane ntah datang ler idea si Kerol ni nak gi main layang2. and yes, saye tidak pernah bermain layang2 all my life.. huhu.. buat layang2 pernahlah – cikgu pendidikan seni suruh.. :P

so we went to this place - Taman Metropolitan in Kepong and my, what can i say, i had a great time !! :) siap berlagak ngan bebudak kat situ lagi once i had my kite in control, sangatlah syiok (hey, give me a break okeyyy). thanks to my sifu, none other than Kerol. :P tapi tu lah kan, tak plan nak pegi, so tak bawak kamera.. so, all the pictures were captured using my handphone....

alritey.. homework..homework..homework... *pukes*

Saturday, 27 January 2007

The one with.. the blood diamond..

no, i am not going to do any movie review here.. if you want to know more, go get your ass off to the cinema near you, NOW.. alternatively, you can check out its official website -

i went to One Utama yesterday after work with Kerol to catch the said movie.. i myself have never heard, or seen the trailer before, and review in few mags didn’t catch my attention either.. i must say, am not really a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio.. the image of how he played Jack Dawson in Titanic is all i have in my mind up until now (i.e. so ‘jiwang’ and ‘jambu’ type of guy), so to see his picture so big on the poster of the said movie is like an error message to me. i mean, yeah i can tell from the poster that Blood Diamond is nothing close to Titanic type of movie. in fact, i’ve never had the interest to catch any Leo’s post-Titanic movies as well (read: the Beach, the Man in the Iron Mask, the Aviator, the Departed; to name a few) coz to me, nampak macam tak kene jer dengan si Leo nih.

BUT, i guess, the saying “don’t judge a person by its appearance” wasn’t spread for nothing huh. two THUMBS UP for his performance in Blood Diamond. man the movie is so brilliant ! apart from the so many violent scenes (rating is 18PL fyi), the movie is really.. touching. well peppered with all sorts of humankind elements. and yeah, at some intervals of this 2 hours and a half show, i cried. also, this movie taught me about the global issues once surrounding this one thing known to be every woman’s bestfriend (and man’s headache) – diamond.

even then so, we can never tell which diamond is the conflict diamond.

go and watch for yourself. and you'll know what i'm babbling about.

Friday, 26 January 2007

The one with.. the day i feel like membebel...

i'll follow.. i'll follow.. i will follow youuuuu....

the Digi advert is brilliant man (please pardon me, Maxis.. huhu). its so catchy. and the song got stuck in my head for the whole day today. hah.

ok cut the crap, straight to the point.

hemmm.. oh yeh i so need to membebel now…

though i am not in the position to judge whatsoever, BUT i really need to let this opinion i have out. an opinion of mine, who’s the eldest in the family, who comes from a not-so-perfect family. and more importantly, IN MY OWN BLOG. right.

i just don’t get it, how could a person takes things for granted of his / her family. i’m not talking about the normal take things for granted here. its not those in lines with you answering your parents back, or those normal quarrel you have in between siblings.. i am talking about something MORE than that.

you see, as a child, one doesn’t get to choose one own family. but hey, so do the others. NOBODY gets to choose his own family. so ok, one is raised in a dysfunctional family. its hard, its tough, but what one can do is, make the best out of one own family right. go and do anything, but not to make the whole situation worsen.

i mean, come on, stop comparing your family with other family la as for a start. yeah i myself is a hypocrite if i were to say that i never compare. to compare in fact, is human. but you should know where’s the border. a border you should never cross.

sometime it is just your fate that your parents cannot afford to buy you (expensive) things, but to some extend, they actually and of course, do what they can. just imagine yourself being in parents’ shoes, takkan la you do not want to provide the best for your children kan. so yeah, they sacrificed a lot to fulfill your both basic and extra needs, to the point they are able to.

but hey, the parents are also normal human beings. they make mistakes. they fail to save their relationship. and eventually the whole family is affected. but as a child, are you really in the position to judge them? you know your mom / dad from the child’s point of view, but your dad knows your mom from a partner point view. and so does your mom towards your dad. so of course, they know more than you do, in ways you never thought. so as a child, all you can do is to try to fit in to the whole picture. as cliche as it is, just follow with the flow.

yes, its not easy, i know. along the way there will be times where you just want to run away from the whole situation. but sampai bile nak rase macam tu kan? sudah2 lah. if its not you to volunteer yourself to stick to the family and bring everyone together, then who else? you know you wouldnt want to repeat what you have been through, you swore you wont make the same mistakes your parents did again when you have your own family one day, but the family you already have? takkan nak ditch just like that?

how could a person lives so happy and bersenang lenang without thinking that the family he left behind on the other hand putting so much effort making sure he / she has got all his / her needs fulfilled. the basic needs at least. where’s the empathy bit?

and those who has elder sisters / brothers, who's already working. well, not all of us are lucky to have an elder sibling to give $$$ as and when you need. not everyone can has his / her elder siblings afford to support all the time and give extra than what the parents can give. coz obviously, your elder siblings have more responsibilities, especially of course, to YOUR parents.

haihhh.. don’t know lah kan what in his / her head. this is only one side of the view. on the so many flipsides, we’ll never know.

life is so complicated and inscrutable (new word i learnt from the toastmaster meeting yesterday! :P ).. but if its not us to change and make the best out of it, who else?

i am not perfect, so yeah this is just a mere opinion

Sunday, 21 January 2007

The one with.. purple with rage..

okey, maybe the previous entry doesnt valid anymore.

yes, you can be rest assured that things are less stressful when you are with the people you can click very well. the people you are comfortable to work together with.

BUT, not when someone took the meaning of comfort & familiar way too far. as comfort as coming in at 1.30pm when the others were already there at 10.30am because that person told them so. and as if thats not inconsiderate enough, that person even (cold-heartedly) said that we will only be going at 6 pm later.

what da. *very pissed off*

The one with.. err again, another post before going to Penang. heh.

"We are, if anything, creatures of habit drawn to the safety and comfort of the familiar."

quotes from Episode 9 of Heroes.

hmm.. maybe that explains the less-stressful environment i’m in for the current Penang job - being in the same boat with those partners in crime of mine. heh. one week down, another week to go for field work. hopefully this job is going to be just fine, given a very smooth beginning. oh well, you will never know kan. but i am keeping my fingers crossed.

alritey till later. i am too tired to write.

Sunday, 14 January 2007

The one with the entry before going to Penang..

its 11.30 am and in about 2++ hours time, i am going to Penang for a one week outstation job..

yesterday Kerol and I had our day out. heh. actually come to think of it, we both agreed that it has been quite some time since we had a proper outing (read: dating .. :P ). all this while, its either dinner or movie after work.

anyhow, so yesterday morning i woke up at about 8.30 am.. (yes, lilia woke up THAT EARLY on a saturday morning..). reason being, i had to send my car to the workshop. something wrong with the petrol indicator, or whatever the thing is called. while waiting, Kerol came and picked me for breakfast. we went to mcD near my house. while we were enjoying the meal, i received call from workshop telling me that there's nothing much they can do at that point of time. they told me that i had to wait for a minimum of 3 weeks time because they need to order the necessary spare parts. so after Kerol and i were done with our meal, i picked my car and off we went back home.

i told Kerol that i wanted to catch the final episode of ANTM at 12 noon first before going out because i wont be able to do so on Sunday like i normally do. hmm i must say that kali ni punye episode tak best sangat. cam takde spark. anyway, soon after the show ended, at about 2 something, i reached Kerol's place, and we headed straight away to KLCC for Aquaria… :) had a good time there, and luckily the place wasn’t that packed..

after spending almost 2 good hours in Aquaria, we had late lunch + early dinner at Kenny Rogers. we decided to catch a movie afterwards but while we were screening through the show time, we agreed that there’s not much of a choice of good movies. as a matter of fact, even the timing also was a bit out. most of the show started at 9.30pm or later 11.30pm. was a bit too late for a movie. suddenly there were 2 guys coming and approaching Kerol:

the guy: abang, abang nak tengok wayang eh, amek la tiket ni, kitorg kasi free.. kawan kitorg tak datang lah.

Kerol: citer ape..

the guy: The Return. Kul 7.30. dah start dah ni. (it was almost 8pm already that time).

Kerol: oh, citer seram kan. takpelah, dia ni tak tengok citer seram (pointing at me).

So the guys left.

Me (being so cheapskate.. huhu) : alahhh, jom je lah. kite memang nak tengok wayang kan. belasah jer.

Kerol (looking at me in disbelieve): citer seram tu, tau kan?

Me nodded in ‘whatever..’ statement read on my face, and we took the tickets. :p

The Return sucks big time okeyyyyy… huhu.

nevertheless i had a good outing yesterday.. :)

okeylah, nak bersiap. Kerol is coming to pick me up soon. i am meeting Parveen, Anushia and Ruben at the office first before going to Penang.


Friday, 12 January 2007

The one with the nature of life...

yesterday i had a conversation with a friend, i told that person about my grandma.

friend: so sorry to hear about your grandma.

me: thanks.

friend: you are so lucky pernah rase kasih sayang dari atuk and nenek.

me: tak merasa kasih, tak terasa kehilangan.

friend: tapi, dapat rase kasih dan sayang tu, that matters the most.

me: hmm, pros and cons.


to live without having and experiencing love, one is a lonely number.

but to live with sharing and giving love, we are preparing ourselves to hurt and to be hurt.

the more you avoid love, the more you bring yourself towards it.

the more you love someone, the deeper the cuts you are going to feel, should you be hurt.

everything comes in package i suppose. the ups and the downs. the thick and the thin. the positive and the negative. the love and hurt.

"Bagai manapun hidup...
Memang hanya cerita..
Cerita tentang meninggalkan dengan ditinggalkan..."

- OST Cinta by Misha Omar & Jaclyn Victor -

life is full of twists.

Thursday, 11 January 2007

The one with s.l.e.e.p.i.n.e.s.s

damn i am so freaking sleepy today.

and i didn’t even stay back late yesterday.

i had a good 6 hours sleep for whatever sake.

and damn the time seems to pass by very freaking slow.

oh well its not that i want it to move so quick anyway.

there's so much on plate, but i am too full to swallow.

i plan to go back early today for i want to catch up with the Amazing Race Asia tonight…

go Malaysian teams go !!

now its almost 5pm but, sigh i don’t think i’ve achieved that much.

they said don’t count every hour in the day, make every hour in the day count.

i did, but why this workload keeps on building up upon me, never of any lesser amount.

haihhhh i want to go back home, thats all i know.

for i am so sleepy, i need my pillow !!!

.: an attempt to come out with something that rhymes la konon. huhu. ngantuknyer (-_-)/ :.

Wednesday, 10 January 2007

The one with.. hmm, one of the many normal working days...

i was feeling (literally) so suffocated from the workload i have that i requested for ‘quotes of the day’ from the maxis easy access menu in my phone, hoping to get inspired, and this is what i received:

"work joyfully & peacefully, knowing that right thoughts & right effort inevitably bring about bright results…"
- James Allen -

hmm.. macam tau2 jer eh?

on a separate note, a forwarded email on 'office skills' entertained the hell out of me. heh.

nyampah plak nengok muke mamat kat atas nihhh.. :P

haihhhhhh.. happy working!!

Tuesday, 9 January 2007

The one with.. while i was driving to work earlier today..

^ i passed by the place where the pakcik jual ikan parked his lorry at, and nampak Mama. so i stopped, turunkan tingkap, had a brief talk with her – about Alip, about Ajim’s registration etc. and salam cium tangan before continue driving.

^ i called Kerol and we chatted for a while (to pak polisi, i talked on loudspeaker k.. and lagipun tengah jem mase tuh, so i wasn’t really on the phone while driving :P )

^ i got stucked in the jem.. bugger.. was already 8.45am when i was still in Keramat area. nevertheless, i reached office just nice at 9am..

^ i was so bored being stucked in the traffic that i took out my lotion and started to apply on my arms... i used to do that often actually.. pernah skali dah letak losyen kat tangan skali bleh plak tibe2 traffic dah start gerak, ape lagi, sapu losyen kat stereng sudahhh.. :P

^ Parveen called telling me that she will only come after lunch.. alaaaa… i’ll be bored then during the first half of the day.. Joanne & Jean are still on leave..

^ i saw the traffic officer busily doing his job, and all of sudden the thought of “how is it like working as a traffic officer eh” came into mind..

^ i listened to and like always got excited when the ‘yes.. no.. Game’ was aired.. heh.. this morning, still, no one beat JJ & Rudy…

^ i got disturbed thinking that next week i’ll be outstationed to Penang.. sigh..

^ and i got further disturbed thinking that by all means, i need to get this one report done, before i go to Penang next week.. double sigh..

^ i started to plan my day.. and yeah, blogging wasn’t included then.. so i am technically diverted away from the original plan now.. huhu. :P

Sunday, 7 January 2007

The one with going back to routine: working !!! blearghhh

1. no more waking up late
2. no more spending time at home, laze around in front of TV
3. no more surfing internet at night, particularly friendster site & yahoo mail
4. no more playing with Alip
5. no more doing things suke2 hati at my own pace, my own time, my own schedule

*sangat tak suke*

haihhh life goes on eh? tomorrow am back to work. kerja tak siap. great. oh well, i'm ready, come what may.. (huhu.. ye ye jer).

anyways, had a rather eventful day today. went out for lunch, followed by bowling with Mama & Ajim at Ampang Point. (note: Papa is in Penang, Erin is having training, and well, Liana is in Jakarta). was quite fun though, coz tiga2 tak terer main.. hahaha.. well, to me bowling is all about luck. heh. we had four games, first round i won (tepuk sket), then second round Mama menang (hebat gak Mama rupenyer), third round Ajim plak menang (kire cam tau2 jer kasik chance setiap sorg merase jadik juara, kekekeke) and finally, Ajim menang. lepas main bowling, jalan2 jap then we went back home. not long after we reached, Erin was back as well. out we went for dinner. Erin brought us to this one eating place at SS2. quite a nice place to dine at. not bad la.

hmm, despite of the fun i had, deep inside i dont have the feeling of peace. one reason could be due to the thought of having to go to work tomorrow after such a long break. others?


Friday, 5 January 2007

The one with points of annoyance..

1. bile nak masuk website blogspot asyik hang half way. pastu kalau successful pun, part shoutout box tuh ‘temporarily unavailable’. duh.
2. hari2 terakhir cuti before masuk balik kerja dihabiskan dengan menyiapkan ‘homework’. why on earth mesti ade homework in the first place ??!
3. takleh nak check yahoo mail.
4. bile tengok cerita Cicak-man. indah khabar dari rupa. tapi thumbs up la for the technology used. jalan cerita jer kot cam hampeh and lawak pun takde lah lawak sangat. (don’t get me wrong, am still a fan of KRU ;P )
5. bile dapat tau yang kalau nak save kan pictures from PC ke dalam CD bukan as straight forward as macam save ke dalam thumbdrive / disket. kene ade dia punye application la plakkkk. (yeah, saye sangat buta IT)
6. refer no. 2.
7. bile teringat iklan kat astro “itu cikgu skolah Ani.. malunyeeeee” pastu disahut oleh si bapak dengan gaye yang sangat prosa klasik “baiklah.. terima kasih lah, kerana menegur saye”. *pukes* (pastu bleh plak eh yang bawak watak si bapak tuh glamer la plak skang ni.. dalam citer Cinta dia ade. dalam citer Cicak-man pun dia ade.. adehhhh)
8. masih back to the point no. 2.
9. bile realize its only the 5th day of January, tapi duit dalam bank bleh plak dah tinggal sket. am on leave since 21st December some more, for that matter. pastu bile nak itemized kan balik all the gone RM, bleh plak track. results: toiletries, patrol and some other miscellaneous expenses. damn we are having a high living costs here in KL.
10. still, that freaking point no. 2 !!!!

on another grass-is-always-greener-on-the-other-side note, i just got back from being kidnapped by Kerol tadi.. ;P was doing my freaking homework at the living room when he told me that he’s done with his work for the day, and that he’s on the way to my place. he reached at 4.30 pm and off we went to watch Night at the Museum (Kerol nak tengok Tentang Bulan sebenarnyer :P next time k?) at MBO cinema in Plaza Galaxie Ampang. it was still early for dinner when the movie ended, so we decided to drive around first. ended up at Titiwangsa. was quite happening with all the preparation for tomorrow’s launching of the ‘Eye of Malaysia’ in view of the Tahun Melawat Malaysia 2007.. there was quite a number of food stalls being set up as well. ferris wheel tu nampak cantik menarik tertarik tapiiii, errr don’t think i have the guts to try. tinggi sangat for a not-so-tall me. ;P after wandering around Titiwangsa, we then went to the naan cheese place opposite to Ampang Point and had our dinner. waaaaa sejak cuti aritu makan memang amboi amboi amboi celet sket betul… huuuu~~!

alritey. nak siapkan homework. nanti takleh enjoy the weekend; the final one before back to work. *yawn in irritation*

Thursday, 4 January 2007

The one with me trying to avoid from doing work.. huhu..

tengah2 mlm cenggini, tibe2 terpikir, to some extend, every person in this world, including myself, is alone. such a strong statement eh. but true. reasons being, we are the navigator of our own life journey. we are the one who is responsible for the consequences resulting from our own behaviours. not other people. but our ownself.

when things happen, no matter how many good friends we have around us, no matter how closely attached we are to our family, no matter how happily married we are, no matter how loving & caring our partner is, in the end, its us and us alone.

people can give advices, people can comfort us, people can suggest, people can talk, people can be there by your side, listening to you, giving you their shoulders for you to cry on, but still, its us who are suppose to face the reality. its down to us to feel the feelings. its down to us to decide whats next.

ok, you were dumped by your boyfriend / girlfriend. you failed exam. you did not finish you assignment. you broke your mom’s favourite vase. so on and so forth. the involvement of other people is limited to giving words of comfort, lending their ears, be by your side, provide you with the money, suggest you solutions, etc. but who is suppose to overcome the whole situation if not yourself?

even when you were a kid, when you cant finish your homework, the mother can only stayed up together with you, but the next day, it was you who had to go to school, and present the homework to your teacher, and had a tiring day because you stayed back the night before. not your mother.

there’s no one can help us to improve, but ourselves. not even Him, the Creator of all of us.

alritey, now i have got my brain thinking, i better start doing my work. sebab ape? sebab nanti saye yang kene marah ngan manager. manager yang baik ngan saye plak tuh. manager yang duduk sebelah saye. and saye yang kene stay back late till night in office sebab buat kerja last minute. saye yang takleh gi dating after work sebab kerja tak siap lagi. saye yang risk my own reputation in office.

bukan orang lain.

bukan Kerol saye yang cakap petang tadi "malam ni make sure buat kerja eh?". bukan Oya yang baru jer comment "enjoy your holiday while it lasts.. takyah ingat kerja tuuhhh". bukan Parveen yang comforted me this morning by saying "dont worry, you wont get into trouble. what is yours compared to mine? you surely can do.."..


Tuesday, 2 January 2007

The one with... err nothing in particular..

am at home.. so boring.. takde bende nak buat.. citer kat TV pun tak best sangat.. keep on switching channel between astro ria - Remp It & HBO - Richie Rich. channel lain takde citer best.. hmm, pastu, bleh plak tibe2 ujan kan.. langsung, terus tak dapat astro.. haihhh...

anyhow, this is of course, a GOOD boring, hehe.. i am 5 days away from coming back to work... erghhh!! these few days kept on having dreams about officemates lah, report lah, manager lah... waaaaa *panic attack* !!! tonight i'll have to start on the homework.. huuu~~

oh yeah, yesterday i attended 2 barbeque events, one during lunch, and another one during dinner.. yang lunch punyer was a bit boring - was dad's occasion. he had a reunion thing with his old friends at Batu 14 Hulu Langat. and he dragged the whole family all along. the interesting part was i bumped into my friend, Farah’s dad as well (finally). Farah is my childhood bestfriend, known her since we were in standard 6 in Kuantan and we are still in good contact till now despite of the distant (Farah lives and works in JB). her parents were already separated when i met Farah in 1994, so she did tell me things about the family. never thought my dad is a (good) friend of her dad. anyway, Farah’s dad was nice, he does aware that her only daughter is a good friend of mine. he asked me about work, about life, etc and i told him that i just met Farah in JB during the recent fasting month.

and the second barbeque was held by my Gombak friends, took place at Ezal's house. Kerol told me that the barbeque dinner is such a must-have annual event for them. so yesterday night was my first time involvement. BBQ started a bit late yesterday, Zul, the person in charge of the raw materials, i.e. marinated chickens, lambs, sausages, etc. arrived at about 9pm when everyone was already there since after Maghrib. nevertheless, we were all stuffed with good food in the end.. siap ade extras lagi. heh.

^ did nothing while waiting for the BBQ to start ^

^ finally... :P ^

^ si Lynn rajin betullll :) ^

^ the whole gang ^
^ muke2 happy makan dessert - ice creams & tiramisu.. yummy ^

^ the extras.. banyaknye....! ^

alritey.. citer Remp It dah abes, citer Richie Rich pun dah abes. need to go and get ready, Kerol is coming to pick me up, we are going to do some toiletries shopping at Carrefourre & maybe afterwards go jalan2 makan eskrem.. :P

Monday, 1 January 2007

The one with welcoming the two-double 0-seven..

such a hard fact, but true, its the starting of the year 2007 already. how fast time flies.. rase macam baru jer aritu kecoh2 pasal millennium laa, Y2K laa, skang dah 2007 dah.. ish.. i’m gonna be 25 soon! huhu.. macam tak percaya jer..

whatever it is, i am so glad that i am still alive, breathing and surviving.. i really learnt a valuable lesson from experiencing the loss of my opah the other day.. pemergian opah mengajar erti keinsafan.. mengingatkan bahawa dunia ni semua sementara.. and menyedarkan bahawa maut boleh datang bila2 mase saja.. bukannyer tak pernah sedar semua ni.. tapi, biase lah manusia.. hidup dalam kealpaan dan kelalaian.. *isk* wishing for His blessings and guidance, semoga tak terlalu jauh sesat di dunia nih.. amin..

and with that, my resolution for this year of 2007, is to become a better servant of His, and to lead and have a better life than the previous years..

down to the specifics, my resolutions this year (amongst others) are:

to drink more of plain water (a carried forward resolution hehehe)
to be more positive
to get my MICPA exam done, once and for all
to do my audit secondment
to finish my Toastmaster speeches
to improve my savings $$$$

hmm, itu jer yang mampu ingat skang.. or maybe thats really all the things i have in mind for my short-term goal in life.. well, i am not so much the type of person yang will come out with a list of resolutions then working towards achieving it..

its already 1.45 in the morning, but i am not sleepy yet. maybe sebab dah banyak tidur dah siang tadi.. went back to Port Dickson yesterday night in view of the Hari Raya Haji. did nothing much on the Raya day itself. had some dishes, then went to visit kubur arwah pagi tadi and in the evening went back to Langat.. by 8.30 pm i was back in KL. lepak2 kejap then i found myself on a constant sms with Kerol and we talked about plans for New Year Eve. surprisingly tahun ni takde laa rase macam nak celebrate ker, ape ker.. in fact few years back pun memang rase macam ni.. its like “ year” and thats it. tapi ntah cemane sms punye sms, datang idea nak gi tengok bunga api from bukit kat Jalan Ampang tuh. ntah bukit ape ntah namenyer. sbb rasenyer it wont be as crowded and bleh nampak a wider coverage of the KL view. we tried to invite some other friends to join us but none can make it. too last minute perhaps.

so Kerol came and picked me up at about 10.45pm, and we went to McD to buy some food before heading there. jalan clear tapi by the time we reached keta dah banyak kat sane. managed to get a good spot laa jugak.. so sementara menunggu detik 12 tengah malam, kitorg borak2, sambil melantak McD. topic paling hangat berkisar on these two questions - “eh tahun lepas kite celebrate kat mane eh? ker kite tak celebrate?” :D and bile dah penat berborak we tried to get a nice shot of KL view at night.. the best we captured was this one:

well, kire ok lah kan.. bak kate Kerol, ni bukan pakai kamera harga ribu2..

all in all, takde la best pun tengok bunga api from bukit kat Jalan Ampang tuh. tengok dari padang umah lagi best. heh. tapi takpe, tak pergi, taktau, ye tak. and sampai kesudah tak dapat nak recall what happened on the New Year Eve last year.. ^misteri….^ LoL.

Happy New Year !!!