Saturday, 29 December 2007

The one with... reaching the end of holiday (not yet, but soon)..

Sigh.. Sigh.. Sigh !!!

On my last day at work before I went off for my annual leaves clearance, I told myself not to worry about all the outstanding workloads for I know myself I will be much refreshed after the long break, hence the supposedly higher motivation to start 2008 with a much better (i.e. positive) mindset.

Who knows, I am still feeling dragged by the thought of going back to office soon. Huhu. But seriously, I want to have a brand new start at work. I hope I will be able to do so once I 'start my engine'...

Anyway, lets not worry about tomorrow today.

So, my final holiday destination was.....

Hehehe. Yup. I went to Genting Highland kota keriangan last Thursday.. *wink* I wanted to have a holiday with Kerol, so mana lagi nak pergi without having to spend overnight kan, hence the lame Genting.. boo hoo. But come to think of it, I never had the chance to really explore Genting. Betul, tak tipu.

My first time there was back in year 2004 I think, I went there with Mama, Erin & Ajim. Itu pun pergi sebab nak tengok how things are over there, in terms of the entrance fees and the rides etc etc etc, so that we know how much the spending like over there. Kira senang la nak buat planning if nak datang betul2 untuk berjimba later with the family. Mase tuh memang tak naik rides pun, just walked around and naik benda alah ulat bulu yang pusing keliling Genting dengan kelajuan 1km sejam tuh.. :P

Then, second time pergi early 2005 with my colleagues. Again, went there saje2... tried few rides jer kot. Well, dah la roller coasters and the like are not my idea of having fun, pastu that time takde pulak sape2 nak encouraged suruh naik ke.. cabar suruh try ke.. just like how my Gombak friends managed to convince me to try the roller coaster at the Times Square's Theme Park.. Huhu.

Maka, on Thursday 27/12/2007 off Kerol & I went up to the Genting hill..

We purchased the 'all park' pass, costed us RM51. Hmm.. nak cerita further with the pictures pun a bit segan cause it's gonna be all about us. Kang ada yang muntah darah pulak kan.. :P Tunjuk few je lah ek. Lagi pun, after dah pergi explore betul2 pun, takde lah best sangat. I mean, there are only few thrill rides jer.. Kalau takut nak naik (read: people like me), then the rest will be yang bodoh2 jer kan. Macam the Crazy Space Lab, serious bodoh giler. Pastu yang bende 4D tuh, mak aiii.. Sangat tak best ok. Then go-kart, hmm kalau pergi ramai2 best la... Ni pergi berdua ngan Kerol... Pulak tuh, aku drive belakang makcik tua yang drive slow gile.. Nak overtake pun susah... Hmmmpphh. Memang tak best betul lah. DinosaurLand seriously lagi satu tempat yang hampeh. How the heck do I know all these? Welllll... Sebab kitorg pergi try... Kekekeke.

So all in all, among the thrill rides, I just tried that swing thingy called 'Spinner'. Then the moving ship called 'Pirate Ship'. Yang Space Shot, Cork Screw, and Flying Coaster sume tak berani naik.. :P However, we made sure we fully utilised the RM51 pass by having the indoor games, especially the bumper car.. hehehe. Beratur banyak kali pun tak kisah. Anyway, there were heck a lot of people ok even though we went on weekdays. Huh.

We ended up our day trip at a quite late at night by playing the game machines especially on the Photo Hunt game.. Spent like we have had enough for that more important event... Huhu. Takpe, next year, ikat perut - ni Kerol yang kate... :)

Ok lah.. Enjoy some pictures k.

Dua2 pakai Crocs yang beli kat Singapore :)

Ni kat DinosaurLand yang sangat memboringkan..

Ni with the Cork Screw ride as the background.. Huhu.. Tak berani!

Ni sebelum naik Go Cart. Sangat buduh kena pakai shower cap. Tapi nak buat cemane, helmet busuk. And it's for hygenic purposes.

Ni before flag off.. :)

Ni mase naik the Pirate Ship..

Ni akibat sorang kurang tinggi.. sorang lagi lebih tinggi.. Cubaan menangkap gambar adalah dari pihak yang kurang tinggi... :P

One thing for sure, I had a great time.. In fact, I enjoyed my holiday so far.. Tidur lambat... Bangun pun lambat... Huhu.. Makan junk food, fast food like there's no tomorrow.. Tengok TV sampai lebam... Not healthy for my body, but... sangat stress-free.. I like! Whatever happens with the after math, I'll deal with that later..

Hmm yesterday I went to Mid Valley with Kerol and we watched Alien vs Predator. Best la jugak, walaupun agak serabut sebab I couldn't tell which one is Alien and which one is Predator.. Plus, effect 18SG sangat menterkejutkan.. :O

Ok lah.. I want to go get some sleep now. Besok I have 2 weddings to attend - one during daytime and another one at night.. Till next time!

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

The one with... post holiday update #3 - Pangkor & Langkawi trip..

Hello! Am back from the sea... :P After my trip to PD with officemates & Singapore with friends, this time around its a trip with family to Pangkor & Langkawi. Ala Cuti2 Malaysia gitu... Went there from 22/12/2007 till 25/12/2007, together with another 2 families from the neighbourhood. One family of 8 members plus another family of 4. We were joined later in Pangkor by another family of 6. Sah lagi sahih tiada keraguan di situ, with this huge numbers of people in a trip, we fit into the "Rombongan Cik Kiah" category. LOL.

Sedikit info - my mom told me that we are going for a cruise from Lumut to Langkawi. I didn't bother asking about the details. Then after all has been paid and confirmed, the next thing I knew, mom said might as well we go to Pangkor a day in advance. Again, I didn't bother to ask for further info. Then when I told around that I'll be going for a cruise, with a cost of RM110 per person for 3 days & 2 nights, people started to ask this and that. Especially what ship am I going to take, Virgo ke.. Queen Mary ke.. and whatnot. Seriously I had no idea then.

The day before we went only all the information came into light. Turned out, we were actually joining the cruise trip held by the TLDM (i.e. Royal Malaysian Navy) for their members. Huhu. So, it's not that type of cruise you and I generally had in mind ok...

Nevertheless, it's the time with family that matters. Sure, there were hiccups here and there, but I had a great trip. And it really put me into perspective in the sense that it's never easy to hold a family trip, especially when it comes to $$$$. So to those who always have the luxury to go for holiday fully funded by parents, sila lah hargai ok... The slightest remark (read: complaint) though was unintentionally spoken, can really hurt it right to the spot, huhu.. Trust me, parents would always want to provide the best of everything, but some things are beyond anyone's control... Enough said. (Ye saye poyo :P)

Ok lah... as always, I'll let the pictures tell the story... Here goes..

The girls with the luggage before pushed off on Saturday morning.. :)

Just reached the Jetty Point at Lumut. Was so freaking hot!
My sister Liana & I. We were waiting for the dads to go park the cars.

In front of our room at the Havana Beach Resort, Pangkor Island. The place was quite nice actually.

First activity - snorkelling. These are some of the people from the neighbourhood yang form part of the trip. Dulu mase kecik2 main same2, tapi skang dah besar sume cam buat hal masing2. Paling rapat pun setakat senyum dari jauh jer bile terserempak kat depan rumah. Tau updates masing2 pun from the mothers. Anyway, it's very comforting to know we could still click, judging by how well we mingled around together during the trip.

My sisters Erin & Liana, and I.

With brother Ajim, and Liana. Hmm, bukan nak kate ape la.. but snorkelling at Pangkor sucks! Huhu. It made me wanting to bring my family to Perhentian Island next year..

During the island tour after snorkelling. This is crocodile's head-lookalike rocks.

Second day. Hmm... with the parents around, rest assured proper meals for breakfast are guaranteed! Hehehe.

Ajim in front of the resort.

Activity hari kedua is kayaking.

Its my first time ever kayaking. Not bad, but I would say, not my cup of tea.. Heh. Penat dowhhh.

My family at the jetty, to go back to Lumut.

The downside of going for a holiday during school holiday coupled with public holiday - freaking a lot of people!

The pose from the rombongan while waiting for the ferry.. :)

It's my turn to pose to kill the time..

Ini lah kapal cruise nye - kapal MV Fajar Samudera.. Huhu.

All aboard...!

Atas kapal.

When the ship started cruising - sangat windy ok...

Activity waktu malam - merenung bulan... :P tapi best la jugak, lepak kat luar, looking at the dark sea, wondering about the 1001 mystery lies beneath..

Adik2 ku yang poyo dan menghiburkan..

Waktu pagi the next day.. very calm and peaceful.. Anyway, tak pernah2 le pulak bangun awal gile during holiday tau.. That's 7 something in the morning ok. I was all ready to go by then.

My family... :)

Sun rise...

Found an old friend there... (Hehehe.. Concorde, is that really you? :P)

Perlukah aku elaborate?? :D

Sampai2 Langkawi, rombongan cik kiah sume berpecah.. Every family went into separate ways according to own planning. As for our family, since not all have been to Langkawi, we decided to cover the sort of must place to go - the cable car. As expected, orang ramai nak mampos and it was damn freaking hot.

Posing while waiting for our turn..
Just before we hop into our 'gondola'...

The scenery when we reached the top.. Huhu... Saya sangat gayat, tak enjoy pun the scenery while we were in the cable car.

Posing jangan tak posing...
After cable car, we went to the Langkawi Underwaterworld.. Apart from the fact that there were penguins, the place sucks big time ok! The place was very much overrated. Aquaria was way better than this place.

Ni hari last... They held a tour around the kapal2 perang. Liana and I didn't join, we stayed in the room sleeping... :P

Due to time constraint, we could only cover that two places at Langkawi. Bummer. Well, at least we got to spend some quality time together.. Oh did I tell you that on the first day right after we hop into the ship. We were gathered at the dining hall, and there was a briefing on the RULES to be observed around the ship.. Huhu.. Kene pakai baju berkolar setiap hari la, tak boleh pakai selipar / sandle, kene punctual, etc etc etc. Sangat army-like. But of course, it's holiday for God's sake... Rules what? :P

I like the fish satay very much! We bought a lot of these when we were back in Lumut after the Langkawi trip.

And these are what we bought from Langkawi.

Hmmm cuti + a lot of junk food.... Nice! :P

Will start off next year with food fasting, I promise myself.

Ok lah.. nak tido.. I have another (last) holiday trip soon before go back to work! :)

Thursday, 20 December 2007

The one with... just another normal Hari Raya Aidiladha..

Hmmm actually truth is, my family never had any mega celebration when it comes to Hari Raya Qurban.. Don't know why. But at least last time when my late grandma was still alive, there'll be rendang and whatnot. Now, things are even more plain.

I woke up late today - at about 10am.. Huhu. When I went downstairs, Mama was there watching TV alone. Papa was in front of the computer in his full baju melayu. Apparently the rest of my siblings weren't awake yet. Ish3x. Oh yeah, Liana my sister who studies in Jakarta is back.. She'll be here until January 7. So, it's a full house now. Everyone is at home.

Mama cooked bihun sup and laksa... Yummy~!

At about 4.30pm, Papa asked us to go back to his kampung at Hulu Langat.. Mama didn't follow as she needs to look after the unwell atuk who is staying with us now. Liana decided to keep Mama a company. At Hulu Langat, Mak Lang made ketupat daun palas & rendang ayam... Nice..

Now am back at home and bored. Kerol is coming later, but until then, I decide to conquer the PC as I know I won't be able to do so later.. :D Dah kate full house kan... Sume pun nak pakai PC. Papa dengan game perang dia.. Ajim dengan game ape ntah... Me & the other 2 sisters Erin & Liana - friendster, chatting, facebook & youtube... Haaaa camno tuh? :P

Hmm now that I remember, I didn't blog on what happened to my weekend last week. It was so damn packed with activities. Not that it matters much, but now that's something I can blog about at this moment... :)

On Saturday, I had to attend 2 weddings - Lin's wedding (my Taiping friend) at Kajang & Intan's wedding (my friend who used to work in the same firm) at PJ. At the same time I actually had agreed long time before that I'm having dinner with Parveen & her fiance, plus I have agreed to meet Muni too. Adoiiii. Just imagine how hectic I was on Saturday. Nevertheless, things went on smoothly... :)

At Lin's wedding. Penat jugak la mencari jalan sebab I couldn't remember where did I put her wedding invitation card. Plus, I went there with Kerol alone. Couldn't plan with the others.. Apparently everyone has few weddings to attend as well, so everyone had to stick to their own planning.

Pastu boleh pulak I bumped into my Terendak friend Roxie kat Lin's wedding.. Hehe. So happy ok! Very semangat Terendak gitu.. :)

At Intan's wedding.

I was back at hoome at about 5pm.. had some rest, before getting ready to go out for dinner with Parveen & her fiance Ryan. We had dinner at the Sushi Groove in One Utama. The four of us (Kerol & I, Parveen & Ryan) had a good time catching up over the nice meal. Parveen gave me a nice gold bracelet!! I was so touched... *isk* Hmm, she'll be leaving for Kuching soon, and after getting married in March 2008, she'll be settling down in China... So sad that things are not the same anymore in office, but at the same time am so happy for her.. :) [Parv, say something. Stop being a silent reader! Hehehe]

We kissed goodbyes at about 9.30pm, and both went to separate ways. I dropped Kerol at his house, and drove straight to Muni's house at the Desa Putra apartment. Irna, Oya & Has were there already. Apparently, Muni cooked Thai food for dinner! Huhu. They were all done when I reached there. We had a sleep over at her house that night and had a pillow talk session until 4am! Hehehe.. kesian Famie had to give way to Muni and us, he had to stay still in the room while us girls got to conquer the living hall... Sangat sporting :P Tapi taktau la kan after this dia can use that as an excuse to invite his guy friends to watch football match at their house pulak.. Kata ada big LCD TV kan... Well, itu masalah rumah tangga diorang lah kan... :)

The junk food that kept us stay awake till 4am.. :) Had a really great pillow talk session that night.. Haihhh rindunya zaman Uni!

OK lah.. that's all for now... Will update more if I get the chance to use the computer... Don't forget, it's TARA day today!! I have a strong gutfeeling that Pamela & Vanessa will still be in the race.. We shall see later ya.