Friday, 29 December 2006

The one with..the Xmas Gifts Xchange dinner & the Singapore trip (part 1)..

its 2am and i’m still awake. i’ve just finished having 5 sticks of chicken satays and two glasses of ice-cream soda.. hemm, memang takleh tido laa jawabnye. normally other people bile dah kenyang bleh tido kan, but that doesnt happen to me.

anyway, its been a week since i last updated my blog. and within that one whole week, a lot of things happened in my life. i shall start from the beginning…

20/12/2006 – Xmas Dinner

had a dinner with my colleagues at Atlantis Seafood Restaurant in Damansara Perdana. there were 16 of us; myself & Kerol, parveen & bf who just came back from China – Ryan, Jean, Ruben, Eddie & wife Siew Shan, Adrian & gf Phoebe, Joe Boy & gf (cant remember the name), Kristy, Angela, Jasmine, and Patricia. poor thing Joanne couldnt join us due to work requirement. anyhow, we went there after work and i cant really remember exactly what we had, but it was such a great selection of seafood dishes, reasonably priced. after ourselves were really stuffed with good food, we started to come out with ideas on how the xmas gift xchange thing should be done. in the end we agreed to draw lots. we put in names in a bowl and started to pass around. funny thing was everyone was like wishing and hoping that they wont get Jean’s pressie because initially she didnt want to participate but decided to bring something in the end. she was like walking around during the office hour earlier the day and showing off to people how proud she was being able to buy ‘something’ at the very last minute and all of us was sort of can tell that the ‘something’ looked rather some kind of junky stuff. haha. and Parveen, being the ‘lucky’ ones, picked Jean’s name not only once, but twice!! haha.. and as guessed, it was few packs of fragranced condoms. lol. nevertheless, it was such a great dinner..

.: tak sempat nak tangkap gambar the food before being eaten. tau2 jer dah after. heh. :.

.: Kerol and the yummy crab :.

.: Joe Boy tengah picking names :.

.: Parveen kecewa dapat hadiah Jean.. :D :.

.: I myself got a nice mug from Angela ;) :.

21/12/2006 till 26/12/2006 – trip to Singapore with my girlfriends :))))

there was a saying, “old friends remind of who you were once, and new friends bring out the hidden you..” To me, these girlfriends of mine fit both categories ;) Alin, Dayana, and Tazz were my friends when we had our form 1 to 3 education in mrsm Terendak. i then left for mrsm Taiping and hence ever since parted with them physically but somehow, someway, or another; we are still close at heart. i guess the teen life we explored together once binding us really tight, and i am so glad that we can still click despite of the different hectic life we lead and live in.

Dayana’s parents are working in Singapore (read: means they have a place to stay there *wink*), so setelah sekian lama omong2 kosong, finally we managed to merealisasikan the plan to go Singapore. some others cant make it, so it was down to Alin, Tazz and myself. Dayana was already there since the start of the school holiday, so three of us joined her later.

hmm, its gonna be one whole freaking long entry, i’ll try to make it short and simple.. ;P

Day 1 - Alin & myself went there first on the 21st December coz Tazz was only manage to get her leaves approved starting 22nd December onwards. Alin & myself departed from Corus Hotel at Jalan Ampang by bus as early as 8 in the morning and reached Singapore at about 1 pm. Dayana was already there waiting for us. we were like so excited seeing each other like we’ve never met before. heh. punyalah susah nak gather in KL, alih2 kat Singapore jugak berjumpe. :) Dayana brought us to her (damn nice & big) house and we settled down. not long after that, Dayana’s mom asked us to join for lunch, and after that, without even getting ourselves changed, tanpa berlengah lagi, to Orchard Road we went! hari first jer dah (ter) shopping. haihhhh… :P we went in and out of one shopping mall after another and went back only at almost midnight. Orchard Road had such a nice view at night. penuh ngan christmas trees and bling bling lightings. kire cam happening jugak laa.. we chatted until 4 in the morning before going out to pick Tazz at the bus station.
.: me & Dayana :.

.: Alin & Dayana towards the end of the day – penat tapi happy :.

.: ‘hasil tangkapan’ hari pertama :P :.

Day 2 – Hari kedua we went to the Orchard Road (yup again!). kali ni hasil tangkapan laaaagi banyak. uwaaa!! i tried to control tapi nak wat cemane kan, dah rezeki… *eceh* even hujan pun (yup, kat Singapore pun ujan.. bummer) tak mampu nak prevent us from going 'tawaf' the whole stretch of Orchard Road :P

.: Dayana yang tak plan nak shopping pun TERshopping :.

.: ‘rezeki’ hari kedua lol :.

.: me & Tazz in front of one of the many christmas trees :.

Day 3 – we went to Sentosa Island! was such a tiring day, yet a memorable ones. hemm, i guess i’ll just let the pictures say it all… :P

.: posing while waiting for our turn to hop into the cable car that’s gonna bring us to the Sentosa Island :.

.: Alin & myself in the cable car. me sebenarnye tengah kontrol jer muke tuh… huhu… scared of height laaa. gayat! :.

.: first stop – Underwater World :.

.: second stop – Cinemania. mase ni tengah beratur. ramai giler manusia, kate school holiday and it was Saturday some more. tapi its really worth queuing. best! :.

.: third stop – skyrides. again, was such a thrill (scary) experience for me.. huhu :.

.: forth stop – dolphin lagoon. ade dolphins show and Tazz was lucky enough to be called upon out of the crowd and got the chance to spend some time with the dolphin. yang kiss Tazz tu name dia Splash. awwww :.

.: sixth stop – Siloso beach. before that we actually went to the Trapeze place, Tazz nak try. but unfortunately she didnt get her shot for she was all wet after spending time with Splash. next time yea Tazzm :) :.

.: seventh stop – 4D virtual reality cinema :.

.: eighth stop – the Merlion place (half mermaid & half lion, tapi tak sempat nak kaji plak the history behind it). susah giler nak setting camera at night to get a nice shot :.

.: ninth stop – musical fountain show.. hermm time ni pun susah nak get a nice shot :.

it was already late when we left Sentosa Island. itu pun tak sume tempat kitorg cover. well, at least next time datang tau la nak timing betul2 kan. anyway after that we went to Esplanade, took some more pictures, before having a late dinner at the restaurant near Dayana’s house…


*to be continued then* ;)


  1. “old friends remind of who you were once, and new friends bring out the hidden you..”

    its a good saying, and somehow its true.

    I'm swamped with sadness. Too bad. There'll come a day. huhuhu. nana's mom even spoke to my mom when my mom went there, that I can come over anytime. lagi sedih!

  2. waaa... bestnyer shopping!!! bestnyer boleh gi jln2!!!

  3. dear abby, tammo laaa sedih2 key.. like i said, there's always next time ;) even dayana's mom already gave such a strong and comforting statement, u can always go there anytime. oh well, fret not, lets start the travel budget plan, like NOW ! its the beginning of the year babey, perfect timing!

    and cik oya, shopping memang best, but that is equivalent to, lesser RM, which is tak best.. huhu~~